Hemorrhoid treatment


    If someone familiar with the feeling of itching and burning in
    area of ​​the anal hole, and on the toilet paper used were noticed
    Blood smears, this is a reason to go to the proctologist. Perhaps you noticed in time
    Bemorrhoids starting. About how to get rid of this delicate problem and
    Speech will be discussed in this article.

    Therapy I
    Surgery Hemorrhogo

    Hemorrhoid treatment
    With hemorrhoid treatment is possible at any stage. For
    the successful elimination of any disease is necessary, first of all, eliminate it
    Cause. You will have to reconsider your nutrition. Acute and salted food, strong
    Tea, coffee and alcohol must be eliminated from the diet. Eating food
    Vegetables, fruits, products from coarse flour will help to normalize the chair.
    Try not to carry gravity and play sports. This will help improve
    circulation. If you suffer diary or constipation, sign up for reception
    Gastroenterologist. It will help to figure out the reasons and get rid of these
    Unpleasant phenomena.

    In traditional medicine, two main methods are distinguished

    1. conservative;
    2. radical

    Hemorrhoid treatment

    Home Treatment Hemorrhoids at first it is possible,
    But only after prior consultation with a specialist. It is successful
    Helps cope with hemorrotype 1-2. After all, there are effective
    Hemorrhoid treatment agents. With more severe form, medication therapy
    Not effective. It is prescribed only in the case of a categorical refusal of
    Surgical intervention.

    Patients are recommended after each defecation act
    produce a crotch toilet cool water.

    Hemorrhoid treatment
    To increase the tone of vessels, doctors can assign
    Appropriate drugs. They will help to normalize blood circulation, and therefore,
    eliminate one of the main factors for the development of diseases.

    Get rid of unpleasant sensations help well
    Sitting bath. They usually make a chamomile or weak solution
    Manganese. For treating hemorrhoids use painful and anti-inflammatory
    Rectal candles. They are injected twice a day: before bedtime and after the chair. If
    The patient is practiced more than once a day, the candles are used after each
    Act of Defecation.

    With strong bleeding, the doctor may advise
    use candles with adrenaline. He narrows the clearance of vessels, which means,
    Reduces bleeding.

    Must not be forgotten about the treatment of concomitant
    Diseases. Without this special result, treatment will not bring.

    Treatment method Hemorrhogo

    To date, a huge amount has been developed
    Surgical method solutions. For many very word «surgical»
    firmly associated with operation. Indeed, one of the methods of getting rid of
    Hemorrhoids is a bandage of nodes with their subsequent excision. But similar
    Manipulation is carried out only in the most difficult cases. For example, with constant
    abundant bleeding, losing knots, strong pain. Operation suggests
    General anesthesia and stationary postoperative treatment.

    Most surgical methods are
    minimally invasive, that is, providing minimal interference. To them

    • sclerotherapy;
    • infrared
      Photocoagulation of hemorrhoidal nodes;
    • treatment
      Hemorrhoids with a laser;
    • Ligation
      Vessels latex rings.

    Sclerotherapy implies an introduction using a syringe
    Under the control of the ankop (instrument for the rectum inspection) special
    Preparation in hemorrhoidal cones. This medication reduces or stops
    blood supply to knots, and they die after a while. Unfortunately,
    This method is effective only at the 1st stage of the disease.

    With infrared photocoagulation and treatment with a laser
    The essence of the operation comes down to the caustion of the legs of the hemorrhoidal node, which leads to
    Its necrosis and allocation during defecation.

    Lagging by latex rings — Simple I
    Effective way to eliminate hemorrhoids 2nd, sometimes the 3rd degree. On the initial
    Stage bumps are still too small for this procedure. The principle of operation is such. On the
    Hemorrhoids put on rings with lumen 1 mm. Those clause
    Blood vessels, blood supply stops, and the nodes die.

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