Anal fissure. Operation - the last step to recovery


  • Acute anal fissure: "picture" of life
  • Chronic anal fissure - the indication for surgery

  • Anal fissure. Operation - the last step to recoveryThe agonizing pain during bowel movement,blood in the stool, itching, burning sensation in the anus, constipation and fear of each of the next trip to the toilet - all familiar to people suffering from anal fissures. Picture a small rupture of tissue in the lower part of the rectum, acute anal fissure rapidly complemented by inflammation, pain during defecation, leading to a sharp spasm of the sphincter of the anus. The narrowing of the anal progress and the emergence of fear of pain leads to a deliberate restriction of food, constipation, which further aggravate the course of a disease like anal fissure. What to do to stop the disease? And the danger of anal fissure at all?

    Acute anal fissure: "picture" of life

    The existence of acute anal fissurebriefly. You should know what to do to the wound dragged on, without competent approach to the treatment of the disease is almost impossible to win. Constant stimulation of injured tissues stool promotes inflammation interferes with epithelialization of the wound, and soon leads to the formation of chronic anal fissure, an operation in which it becomes the only way out of the situation.

    Treatment of acute anal fissure. What to do to the wound has healed?

     The danger of anal fissureTreatment should be directed to the relief of pain and infection, normalization of stool. In 70% of cases, these issues are dealt with conservative therapy.

    • diet should be aimed at observancecombating constipation. The diet should include plenty of vegetables and fruits, dairy products, oatmeal, bran, beets, prunes, dried apricots, figs. Excluded are sharp, spicy dishes, marinades, smoked meat, alcohol.
    • If the chair is not possible to adjust the power, use laxatives, such as forlaks, Duphalac, regulaks.
    • Anal fissure, which the picture is supplemented by loose stools, diarrhea requires clarification reasons.
    • After emptying the bowel requires careful hygiene of intimate areas, hip baths with added infusions of herbs that have anti-inflammatory effect.
    • To reduce pain and inflammationshows the combined effect of rectal suppositories. Often the introduction of candles prevent severe pain, which is characterized by anal fissure, how to treat it in this case? In such cases the preferred application of ointment, for 7-10 days using ointments containing steroidal anti-inflammatories, and then - having wound healing effect.

    Usually, anal fissure does not cause complications,dangerous than it is in this case? The penetration of pathogens into the subcutaneous tissue adrectal fraught with development of abscess and fistula formation. That is why in the absence of effect of conservative treatment when diagnosed with chronic anal fissure, surgery becomes necessary.

    Chronic anal fissure - the indication for surgery

    Anal fissure: "picture" of lifeAcute wound is elastic, soft, wellsupplying the region, capable of self-closing. As soon as the conditions are created, anal fissure heal, pain and inflammation, characteristic pictures for an acute process, recede and disappear forever. In chronic fissure so there is no hope, the edges are dense, fibrous, their lack of blood supply to the tissues will not be allowed to grow together, which means that only surgical removal of the affected tissues is able to restore the anatomy of a healthy colon.

    The operation can be performed on an outpatient basis underor local anesthesia in a hospital, under the conduction anesthesia. As traditional scalpel tool can be applied, as well as laser, ultrasound, radio waves, but the essence of the operation remains the same in any case.

    Within 6 months after the operation, therea real risk of recurrence of anal fissure. The risk of this complication? First of all, the fact that tissue is not altered capable of self-healing, and hence there is a question of another operation. Dieting regulating chair contributes to maintaining colon health.

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