The disease Hemorrhoids: "neither to see nor to show people"


  • The main complaints
  • Is there a cure "inconvenient" hemorrhoid disease? That is the question!
  • Which doctor treats hemorrhoids? Answer: pro!
  • Laser - hemorrhoids under control

  • The disease Hemorrhoids - "not to see any people show"The term "hemorrhoids" came from the depths of time, as thethe concept of internal bleeding, the main feature of which is the bleeding from the rectum. The main symptoms of the disease and then, and are now the pain and itching in the anus, the appearance of entities in the form of knots and lumps, blood, sometimes mucous discharge from the anus, pain after defecation.

    Modern medicine treats diseasechronic hemorrhoids, varicose veins as a disease of the rectum to the formation of hemorrhoids, which are located inside or go outside. The peculiarity of the internal hemorrhoid disease is the expansion of the internal arrangement of knots and veins directly into the rectum.

    The main complaints

    It is a slowly progressive chronicdisease with periodic exacerbations bright develops gradually. First, there are complaints of discomfort after exercise, prolonged sitting without movement, bowel disorder, overheating and overcooling, young and old, from thick and thin, men and women, with diet violations.

    The list of symptoms and precipitating factors can becontinue worsening more and more frequently, and therefore quite naturally raises the question: "In general, this disease can be cured?" Hemorrhoids, or rather, hemorrhoidal disease can be avoided only by means of minimally invasive or combined treatments, depending on the severity of symptoms, course associated diseases, disease type and stage. It should be noted that between exacerbations subject of diet, all regulations and recommendations that the doctor treats hemorrhoids patient's state of health is quite satisfactory.

    Is there a cure "inconvenient" hemorrhoid disease? That is the question!

    Is it possible to cure hemorrhoids?First of all, we should define the goals andimmediate goals of treatment of disease, and which doctor - proctologist or phlebologist treats hemorrhoids - it is a question of purely professional, which will be decided at the first visit to the doctor. The main thing to understand the basic steps of the therapy and to achieve a result: to remove edema, relieve the pain and itching of the anus, to accelerate the process of resorption.

    Two approaches are considered to treat and cure hemorrhoids:

    • Conservative treatment includes the use of ointments, baths and candles;
    • surgery - a more active and effective method involves excision of the hemorrhoid.

    Which doctor treats hemorrhoids? Answer: pro!

    The successful treatment of the disease contributes toprofessional diagnosis, modern therapy methods, slight pain and minor trauma, and not the fact, what doctor treats. Hemorrhoids, in the case of regular exacerbations and the absence of results from long-term medical treatment following minimally invasive treatment options are recommended:

    • sclerotherapy;
    • infrared coagulation;
    • ligation of the affected units with special latex rings;
    • bandaging the affected vessels using Doppler ultrasound.

    If all the doctor's recommendations during the postoperative period and maintaining personal hygiene, it is possible to achieve consistent results and avoid relapses.

    Laser - hemorrhoids under control

    Which doctor treats hemorrhoids?In the treatment of the disease in the early stages, whenminor internal nodes or to remove external sites often use laser. Similar to the disease can be easily treated because it is the same knife, but without blood. This new progressive acceptance as a "laser" in the treatment of hemorrhoids has its advantages and of course disadvantages. Surgical procedure also, but with a number of positive aspects: painless, no longer rehabilitation period, a rapid recovery. The patient does not feel any discomfort, just the feeling of warmth. After such an operation is a careful personal hygiene, diet without spicy, salty, compulsory smoking cessation and regular visits to the proctologist. In the case of hemorrhoids laser can remind yourself many years, but still relapses are possible, so a visit to the surgeon-proctologist shown regularly.

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