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  • Term «haemorrhoids» Translated from Greek means «bleeding» (Haima - Blood and RHEO - flow). With the name of the disease is connected and its main symptom - bleeding from the rectum (in the language of medicine they are called rectal, from the Latin rectum name A rectum).

    Causes of hemorrhoids

    Most often, hemorrhoids suffer from people leading a sedentary lifestyle or performing severe physical work related to lifting weights. Provisible to hemorrhoids Long-term constipation, diseases of small pelvis and other states associated with an increase in intra-abdominal pressure and violation of blood outflow from the rectum.

    Unfortunately, the risk of developing hemorrhoids rises during pregnancy and childbirth. Pregnancy leads to a chronic constation that requires a fitting during defecation, and an enlarged uterus presses on the vein of a small pelvis and the walls of the intestine, making it difficult for blood outflow. During childbirth during battles and sweats, intraperous pressure rises sharply, and the head of the fetus, tightly pressed against the walls of the small pelvis, squeezes the vessels, including veins of the rectum. All this leads to the appearance or increasing hemorrhoidal nodes.

    Statistics show that 7.7% of non-embled women suffer from hemorrhoids, 25.7% of pregnant women and 49.8% just giving birth. Hemorrhoids occurs at the first and second pregnancies - with its subsequent frequency decreases sharply.

    Symptoms hemorrhoids

    Rectal bleeding during defecation is the most important, but not the only symptom of hemorrhoids. This disease may be accompanied by the appearance of itching, discomfort in the area of ​​the rear pass. Pain in the rear pass (at rest or during defecation) with hemorrhoids arise far from always. As a rule, they appear only when aggravating the disease.

    As already mentioned, bleeding during defecation (mostly from internal hemorrhoids) - the most typical and frequent symptom of hemorrhoids. In this case, the amount of blood may be different: in some cases, blood slightly stains toilet paper, and in some there is plenty of blood loss, requiring the adoption of urgent measures.

    Hemorrhoids - We will be familiar!The second hemorrhoids common symptom is the loss of hemorrhoidal nodes. In the initial stage of the disease, the nodes go out of the rear pass during the chair and are direct. At the later stages, the hemorrhoidal nodes who fell during defecation have to go into the rectum, and they are held by the abbreviated muscular sphincter. As the disease progresses, the anal sphincter is weakening, and the filed nodes are not held in the rectum and fall out again. The loss of hemorrhoidal nodes from the rectum is a symptom of the far-sighted stage of the disease.

    Like many diseases, hemorrhoids can flow in acute and chronic forms.

    The rectum is abundantly supplied with blood, and in its ultimately under the mucous layer there is a thick vascular network, which includes veins capable of changing the volume depending on the degree of filling. If the reasons are for reason, these veins are long in the crowded state, they increase in size and deform. Pathological hemorrhoidal nodes are formed. Small in size, such nodes can only succumb to the intestinal mucosa, sometimes not causing a person no concern. As its size increases, the nodes are not only moving, but under certain conditions are capable of slipping out with the mucous membrane, beyond the intestine.

    Acute hemorrhoids is accompanied by a sharp pain, especially during defecation, walking, and sometimes with minor movements - even when a woman turns into bed.

    Symptoms of chronic hemorrhoids - Nest pains in the rear pass, arising during defecation and quickly passing after it, minor rare bleeding during or immediately after the chair and loss of internal hemorrhoids. Frequently, the patient is disturbed by itching and burning in the back pass, mocking and irritation of the skin around the rear passage.

    Diagnosis and treatment of hemorrhoids

    The diagnosis of hemorrhoids is relatively simple. The doctor is sometimes quite a thorough survey, outdoor inspection of the anal area, finger research and in some cases - anoscopy. RectorOcopy or colonoscopy can be carried out additionally.

    Treatment conducted with a given disease depends on its shape and severity, so the doctor should hold it.

    Pregnant women, as well as lactating women with signs of hemorrhoids, it is necessary to comply with certain recommendations, even if they feel good. First of all, it is necessary to adjust the intestinal emptying period: it should be done daily at the same time, without a fitting.

    You can eliminate constipation using a diet. Also laxatives and gymnastics for pregnant women will also help. The diet should be rich in vegetables and fruits with a moderate amount of meat and carbohydrates. Depending on the time of year, it is necessary to eat beets, cabbage, pumpkin, carrots, turnips, watermelons every day. Useful fermented milk products, bran bread. To achieve a planning effect, you can take the collection of medicinal herbs: a leaf of Senna, the grass of the yarrow, the cortex crust, the fruits of the coriander, the fruits of licorice. The herbs are mixed in equal amounts, the infusion is prepared at the rate of 1 st. Spoon on a glass of boiling water, insist 30 minutes, drink a glass overnight. However, it should be remembered that active substances causing the chairs of a woman can cause the same effect and in infants.

    If you are worried about the symptoms of hemorrhoids, it is necessary to wash the area of ​​the rear pass with cold water after each intestinal emptying, with pronounced hemorrhoids, it is better to give up toilet paper at all.

    Treatment of this disease arising or strengthened after childbirth is carried out by the same means as during pregnancy, and the exacerbations of chronic hemorrhoids are also treated, as well as acute, which has just arisen.

    In acute inflammation of the hemorrhoidal nodes of the patient, a strict bed regime is prescribed within 7-14 days. Chair preferably detain for 4-5 days. For this purpose, with a tendency to a constation, it is sufficient compliance with a slicing diet, which includes protein omelet, meat or chicken broth, boiled meat, fish, chicken, missed through a meat grinder, mucous rice or tidy porridge (on water with a small piece of oil), White crackers (3 -4 per day) and abundant drink (4-6 glasses barely sweetened tea).

    Hemorrhoids - We will be familiar! In the first 2 days to the place of inflamed nodes, cold rods from a weak solution of potassium permanganate are applied. Cotton swabs moistened in this solution are applied to inflamed nodes every 15 minutes within 1.5-2 hours (3-4 sessions per day). In severe pains, it may be necessary to receive painkillers. After 2 days, there are a wide compress with the ointment of Vishnevsky for 2 days (with severe pains pre-make a novocaine blockade). From the 4-5th day, daily baths are recommended with potassium permanganate (temperature - 32-34 °C), candles and compresses with ointment of Vishnevsky.

    Heavy inflammation with thrombophlebitis phenomena flows long and requires intensive treatment for 3-4 weeks in a hospital.

    To eliminate pain, cessation of bleeding, various preparations introduced into the rear pass in the form of candles, ointments, gels, as well as taken inside. There are many effective funds in pharmacies, in T.C. Combined rectal candles that are better to apply to the appointment of a doctor.

    You need to give advice: the tip of the candle before the introduction you need to lubricate with a petroleum or any liquid oil (for example, sunflower) and enter it in a position lying on the side, without pushing the candle in the ampoule of the rectum, but holding it 1 -2 minutes in the anal channel. I reset the candle from the refrigerator, you should hold it for a while in warm until it becomes soft.

    In the case of stubborn constipation, the cleansing enema is permissible. However, it must be remembered that it is plentiful (!) a lubricated vaseline tip of the enema should be carried out in the posterproken channel on a healthy wall of the posterior hole so as not to touch the dense painful knot.

    Surgical treatment requires no more than a third of patients with chronic hemorrhoids, usually in far concerned. In recent years, various types of operations have been developed and carried out, including gentle. In some cases, it is possible to carry out sclerotherapy in the fact that the internal hemorrhoids introduce so-called sclerosing solutions whose action leads to the replacement of vessels by scar cloth. During pregnancy, surgical treatment and sclerotherapy are not held. The feasibility of applying these methods will be solved after delivery.

    The spectrum of drugs used to treat chronic hemorrhoids as basic or auxiliary therapy (when not to do without surgery) is quite large. In some cases, the MEDICAL THERAPY has become a real alternative to the operation. However, self-examination can be fraught with the hardest consequences - only the doctor may diagnose, choose the right treatment and resolve the issue of the feasibility of the operation.

    Prevention of hemorrhoids

    In order to avoid development or exacerbation of hemorrhoids, it is necessary to implement a number of preventive measures.

    The power regimen is important (frequent fractional, not less than 5-6 times a day), it is required to exclude food from the diet capable of proving local irritation (acute, spicy, oily, fried, alcohol, there are more vegetables and fruits containing plant fiber, bran.

    It is necessary to observe personal hygiene, conducting an outer toilet with cold water after each defecation.

    Two or three times a day (especially if at work a woman has to sit or stand for a long time) should be interrupted and for 5-7 minutes to make gymnastics (the exercises can be recommended to everyone, but it is better to advise pregnant with a doctor; if some of some of The exercises are difficult for you to fulfill, it is better to refuse it):

    • Walking with a high leg raising bent in the knees;
    • Flip movements alternately, right and left forward, backwards;
    • slopes to the sides (legs on the width of the shoulders, arms along the body);
    • The tension of the buttocks with the simultaneous retracting of the rear pass (hands on the belt, heels and socks together; Try to keep this position up to 10 seconds);
    • squats on socks with wide diluted knees.

    Finish this gymnastic complex you need the first exercise.

    In conclusion, I want to give young Mama one advice. As you know, many diseases begin in childhood. Often parents teach a child for a long time to sit on a pot. This can lead to the formation of hemorrhoidal nodes. Therefore, it is necessary to seek the child to get used to empty the intestines at the same time and as quickly as possible. Perhaps this will allow him to avoid such an unpleasant disease in adulthood as hemorrhoids.

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