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  • Starting treatment

    The timing of the treatment of schizophrenia
    They play a huge role. If the diagnosis of the disease put timely,
    it is possible to prevent the development of irreversible at the correct therapy
    changes in the brain. It is believed that the treatment is particularly
    effective if it is carried out in the next two years after
    of the disease. But even if the disease has long existed, can be
    greatly help a person suffering from schizophrenia and people close to him. For the psychiatrist
    it is important that it has suffered as a result of the disease. It is important to determine
    the condition of certain brain structures as
    functioning endocrine glands, cardiovascular organs - cardiovascular
    and digestive systems of the body.
    Of particular importance is the personality of the patient, his attitude to the treatment, the stigma of schizophrenia diagnosis, your doctor. Without full confidence in the physician effComprehensive treatment of schizophreniaprojective treatment of schizophrenia becomesimpossible. It is no accident for the treatment of this disease is necessary to work not only psychiatrists, psychotherapists, social workers, but also regular sessions with a clinical psychologist, who initially spends pathopsychological, neuropsychological and psychophysiological diagnostic memory research, attention, thinking, perception, and only then picks for schizophrenia person required complex psychological trainings.
    Modern drug therapy for schizophrenia I left a long time in the past so populareighties of the twentieth century, antipsychotics and antidepressants. Today, the use of haloperidol for the treatment of schizophrenia, triftazine, Cyclodolum, imipramine and amitriptyline even more evidence of unskilled doctor
    and a large number of complications in various organs
    the patient, particularly when the latter takes a long
    time several medications. Atypical antipsychotics,
    especially appeared recently: rispiridon, kventiapin,
    olanzepin, amisulpirid have significant advantages over
    other drugs used in the early treatment of schizophrenia.
    No side effects of the drug with the correct selection and
    appropriate dosage for a patient, effect not only on delirium and
    hallucinations, but also in isolation, passivity, lack of initiative,
    poverty of thought, a negative attitude to a close, memory, attention and
    the patient's thinking - all this makes the atypical antipsychotics is indispensable
    means the biological treatment of schizophrenia. Experience in the treatment of this disease shows the importance of using for this purpose the modern drugs with respect to brain tissue metabolic effect: mildranat, mexidol berlition, Cerebrolysin, milgama.
    Modern biological therapy of schizophrenia necessarily carried out under the control of the hormonal status of the patient, assessment of its neurophysiological and psychophysiological indicators. There are resistant to therapy forms of schizophrenia.
    But, first, they are not so much, and secondly, there are methods
    overcome this stability: laser irradiation of blood, treatment of light, finally, electroconvulsive therapy.
    Again, here is a question of precise clinical diagnosis of the disease,
    implying predict its course. It is totally unacceptable,
    to schizophrenia has long beenin a psychiatric hospital, especially if there is no operation, and to himself. Cropped acute schizophrenic state can be for two - three weeks and then need a full medical, psychological and social rehabilitation of the patient. It is desirable to use modern methods of rehabilitation, including a variety of methods (psychoanalysis, cognitive and existential therapy, therapy creative self-expression, and others.) And forms of psychotherapy (individual, group, family).


    It is necessary to emphasize the important role of the psychiatrist in patient education in the field of psychiatry. The patient should know what the symptoms of a mental disorder
    he has what must be done to avoid the exacerbation
    diseases, which should be eating and how to behave with
    relatives. When learning the basics of patient psychiatry,
    necessary social skills of self-service, it is desirable to
    group lessons, active use of role-playing games, in particular,
    modeling the relationship with the family of the patient, teaching
    the patient's conflict-solving difficult situations. To effectively treat schizophrenia
    need physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, massage, regular exercise
    Exercising in the pool and the gym. Passivity
    patient leads to chronic disease, contributes to the increase in negative symptoms.
    Of particular importance in the treatment of schizophrenia is therapy aimed at preventing the recurrence of the disease.
    Recently for this purpose are widely used drugs
    having prolonged effect: rispolept - Consta, flyuanksol -
    Depot and less due to a slight effect on negative symptoms
    klopiksol - depot. Almost does not apply DITT - depot
    having a large number of side effects and complications. how
    Typically, maintenance treatment of schizophrenia should
    be long and include a long period of observation
    condition of the patient, taking into account the dynamics of hormonal,
    neurophysiological and biochemical parameters, systematic studies with
    patient psychotherapy. Required to train the patient's relatives,
    correct tactics behavior preventing relapse of schizophrenia.

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