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    "For me the devil sits, which makes me steal," - admitted
    young guy, kleptomaniac thief involuntarily. Indeed, when kleptomania
    man run irresistible impulse (mania), and he steals without
    purpose of profit or revenge.

    Immediately prior to the commission of the theft, he feels an increased
    tension in the body, which is replaced immediately after relief or
    even pleasure. As a rule, then he has a sense of guilt and
    remorse for the offense. But not easily affected by the theft of
    that robbed him sick. The thief should be punished for his act - who will understand what causes theft?

    It is unlikely that in this country there are precedents when a thief, especially adolescents
    and young people who first came to thievery make it possible
    pass expertise to kleptomania. Unless, that is would be a kleptomaniac
    relative of an influential or wealthy person.

    When recently I come home after a session with a young kleptomankoy and included
    TV, was pleasantly surprised by the coincidence: on the first channel was
    transfer of kleptomania. Unfortunately, the transmission ended, and I was able to
    only to see the end. But I was struck by the fact that she did not give
    Kleptomania is no hope of salvation from their plight.

    Kleptomania: Is cure possible?
    At the end of the program showed how the two unfortunate young
    students kleptomania courageously fighting with his "criminal"
    illness, supporting himself that were watching each other on the stage,
    so that, God forbid, one of them stole something in a store.
    After this final telecast, of course, I conclude that
    transfer is not lit very important thing that I had to say, in most cases kleptomania treated quickly and easily!

    And if someone from the psychotherapists it can not be done quickly or not
    is able to do at all, it does not mean that he is a bad specialist. Just
    he is not an expert in the treatment of kleptomania. Then we have to look for specialists,
    that have experience in the treatment of mania namely including kleptomania.

    And there is also a very important thing that I must say: kleptomania is not treated with medication - can help only psychotherapy!

    Kleptomania usually develops between the ages of 5-8 years on the background
    minimal brain dysfunction, most often after psihotravm. She can
    occur in waves, when symptoms wax and wane. Somebody
    from kleptomania steal only certain things (watches, buttons,
    hairpins, lipstick, bicycles and so on. d.). Some "specialized" on
    products, especially for sweets. Some are attracted to shiny things
    or they're taking everything that is bad. If kleptomania is not treated,
    they tend to go to prison. Many believe the disease
    social, but it is not so. Among kleptomania often found
    Children from affluent, wealthy, and the wealthy families.

    Unfortunately, the theme of kleptomania poorly understood. In literature
    you can often find a link to the incurability of the disease, which breaks
    the fate of people, making them criminals. Police officers and those who
    working with difficult children, most of them put theft only
    blame the parents, environment, without taking into account that it can
    It is a disease, and therefore, a trouble, not the fault of a small child or
    teenager. Growing up, these people are often unable to adequately assess their
    actions fall, become repeat offenders.

    However, there are some of kleptomania, which can be a lifetime
    podvorovyvat quietly. If they are the target of theft, for example,
    buttons, books, pens or some insignificant trifle, small
    the amount of money that they can avoid a prison sentence. Some very
    intelligent young people from wealthy families suffering
    kleptomania may involve dependent friends and acquaintances to
    theft, justifying their actions a desire to be "cool" to get
    adrenaline and even defy it, due psihozaschitnymi
    mechanisms. They are often justified by the fact that among the
    kleptomania have known foreign pop stars and movie.

    Eyes kleptomaniac

    Here are two typical examples kleptomania teenagers who got rid of
    his unusual and, fortunately, fairly rare disease, which is
    indicate two-year follow-up (any resemblance to anyone
    were they are random).

    Boy 10 years. He started stealing at age 6, when his father died. His father died in
    a drunken brawl in front of his son. Prior to that, the boy was a witness of family
    scandals. Before stealing the scene he remembers his father's murder, his body
    strained, filled with resentment, "magnetizes" and
    "Magnetized" hands stretched themselves beyond the selected thing. After stealing
    voltage drops, the body "demagnetized", resentment gave way
    guilt and shame, hiding stolen thing.

    Girl 13 years. It steals from 6 years old, after his parents divorced. At first
    He is stealing all that fall, but then it became a "pull" to jewelry
    (Gold items). Before you reach for jewelry, girl
    I felt an extraordinary joy, and then heard the voice of his eldest
    friend: "Take earrings (money, etc.)," ​​I feel strong cramps
    body, and her hands "attracted" to the selected object. After stealing it
    I hid the stolen thing, just her body calmed, appeared

    Of course, in the affluent families, where there is no need to steal in order to
    not be hungry and naked, parents are shocked theft
    their children, trying to shame them, to punish, to hide from all this
    problem behavior until it fails, not knowing what to do with it.
    The punishment of these children does not solve the problem of kleptomania, conversely,
    enhances its appearance and leads to even greater neuroticism,

    Instead of punishment, blame and shame, we must try
    understand the motives of behavior of children and adolescents, boys and girls, are prone
    to theft. You can help your loved ones suffering from kleptomania,
    for them to find the right therapist.
    As the experience of working with kleptomania, kleptomania with the problem can be overcome for 1-5 sessions.

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