Spring Distress: how to deal with him?


«…Murmur streams screaming races,
And melts ice and the heart melts.
And even stump in the April day
Birch again becomes dreaming»

M. Wolpin

Spring Distress: how to deal with him?Spring is coming, everything around comes to life and filled with life, and each of us is not alien to the desire for the spring update. Not even realizing him, we are experiencing a state of excitement, incredible lightness and thirst for activity. It seems to turn the mountains, would change everything around, it would be only health…

Spring is a rather difficult period for a modern person burdened with work and everyday troubles. Stress is touched by «Each angle», In the workplace in the person of the strict chief and frivolous subordinates, at home - in the case of your favorite child, conducting days, long for the computer games, a husband, who has been promised to repair a spoiled castle in the door, or a wife who requires a new washing machine. Do you never know in life!? And then there is still rain and slush, then snow and ice, then hypovitaminosis and cold. Inspeat arthritis woke up, the ulcer aggravated, the pressure rides, and the heart began to stitch. Vacation is still far away, and the strength and desire to work on the outcome. What is the update here, what spring, would live!

Stressing reaction, in fact, adapting us to new conditions of existence, simultaneously with positive changes in the body causes «Side» Effects called Distress. According to WHO, 45% of diseases develop precisely as distress syndrome.

During stress, we become nervous, intolerable to other shortcomings, often we get drunk, webly, wech. We are starting to annoy calling children's voices, noise and even birds singing. In the store is a queue – Better rolling, noisy party – Better skip. Due to psychological disadvantage, absentia, forgetfulness, disassembledness is reduced, problems appear at work. We dream to get to bed, with lust representing how, hugging your favorite pillow, get into the arms of Morpheus. But it was not there! The obsessive thoughts do not fall asleep for a long time, and if it succeeds, we wake up from a sudden rustling, a screenshot or a nightmare. In the morning – Break, headache, bad mood and fear of next sleepless night.

We cannot relax and reset the cargo of day problems, they put on our nervous system, leading it to complete chaos. In addition to the worsening of memory and the constant sensation of pressure in the temples arise from heartburn, belching, gravity in the stomach, constipation. Often concern interruptions in the heart, heartbeat, and the sexual function is often disturbed. All this plunges us into a state of deep depression and does not allow to live full.

Why do we allow stress to arrange vakhanalia in our body? Why are we waiting for the day when life will find only black paints and do not take anything at the very beginning of the disorder?

Long ago, back in the XI century, when stresses also existed, although they had another attack, people knew that it was possible to help their body using medicinal drugs that have a soothing effect. Then then noticed that relaxation of the soul and body can be achieved by using infusions and decoctions Melissa and herbs like her. Fortunately, one of the vintage recipes reached us unchanged.

Maria Clementina Martin, The obedient of the monastery of the Order of Carmelite in Brussels, found a unique remedy for stress. Studying drug recipes collected over 100 years of existence of the monastery, the nun has accumulated a considerable experience of healing, which allowed her In 1826, to establish a small production of distillates in Cologne from medicinal plants. And today, thanks to the works of a woman who are not indifferent to someone's suffering of women, we have elixir «Klosterfrau Melusan®» – Environmentally friendly medicine that can bring spring into our battered soul stress.

Spring Distress: how to deal with him?«Klosterfrau Melusan» Manufactured by the German company «Maria Clementina Martin Klosterfrau» According to all the same anti-monastic recipe, but already using new highly efficient technologies, the drug contains essential oils from 13 medicinal plants (one of which Melissa) obtained by a unique method of steam distillation. Medicinal raw materials are grown on the best plantations of the world, and the natural therapeutic effect of herbs is not only preserved, but also is repeatedly enhanced by the unique technology for extracting valuable medicinal substances from plants.

A drug «Klosterfrau Melusan®» possessed reassuring and relaxing action, Due to the harmonization of the vegetative nervous system – Center for regulating our body. Affecting the nervous system, it reduces irritability, anxiety, increases efficiency. But the most important thing is that «Klosterfrau Melusan®» It is unique vegetable A tool from insomnia, caused by stress. The body gets the opportunity to fully relax and recover after a busy day. «Klosterfrau Melusan®» Fully destroys the basis of stress – Chronic accumulated fatigue, therefore, Increases mental stability.

For more than 180 years «Klosterfrau Melusan®» is the most popular plant in Germany from stress and insomnia. Now, thanks to this medicine, and we have the opportunity to meet the spring in the calm location of the Spirit. Elixir Melusan freely, without a doctor's prescription Sold in pharmacies and accessible to everyone who felt unpleasant changes.

Do not wait for spring to rearrange you. Do not allow stress to rule over you! Having bought the drug «Klosterfrau Melusan®», Change your life for the better and make complete optimism. Spring mood!

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