Neuroses in children. Symptoms of a gift from the parents?


  • Sleep disorders in children
  • Childhood fears
  • Eating disorders
  • Respiratory failure as a manifestation of neurosis
  • Violation of urination

  • Neuroses in children. Symptoms of a gift from the parents?It is believed that all adult psychologicalproblems are rooted in the "carefree" childhood. With neuroses, was born in the first years of life, the person sometimes has to fight my entire adult life. However, most of these conditions can be prevented.

    Neurosis - is reversible mental disorderactivity that occurs on a background of the impact of traumatic factors in the "weak" mentality. This plays a special role for the stimulus value of the individual child. Just note that neurosis - a functional disorder, which is not accompanied by damage to the nerve cells, which means that with timely treatment can forget about it forever. What are the most common neuroses in children, with which they are connected, and how to prevent the formation of neurotic disorders?

    Sleep disorders in children

    Sleep Disorders - the most frequent manifestationChild nervousness. A healthy child is experiencing the end of the day the natural fatigue, falling asleep quickly and sleep peacefully. The muscles of his face and body relaxed, he breathes his breath deeply and evenly. If any of the baby sleep a long time can not sleep, needs rocking, asks his mother to readbook, tell a story or just sit around. He can fall asleep pretty quickly, but in sleep tossing and turning in bed, moaning, sobbing, shudders and as a result - wakes up.

    If the child sleeps less laid and gets up earlier than usual, this should alsoattract attention. Lack of sleep affects the nervous system condition, leading to children neuroses. The symptoms: daytime sleepiness, lethargy, headache, confusion, irritability and anxiety, reduced performance.

    In the event of a violation of sleep plays an important roleevening activity of the child, what books he read, what TV watching, which games played. If the child goes to bed with an excited nervous system, restful sleep he can not see. Bright lights, loud music, loud conversations and quarrels in the house excite the child's psyche. The high temperature in the bedroom, uncomfortable, too soft or too firm bed, filled the stomach, itchy skin - all this prevents falling asleep, and then the child complains that his body aches, asks to drink, asking for a pot.

    An obvious for parents of sleep disorder in a child are night terrors. If a kid jumps out of bed in terror andbeads of sweat on his face, crying, screaming - it says that he is afraid of something. The cause of night terrors are very real stressful life situations, for example, parents quarrel or intimidation for the purpose of education.

    In some cases, parents have to deal with sleepwalking. The child gets out of bed, with his eyes closedbegins to walk and perform basic movements, then, if it is not put to bed, your own bed and sleep on, and in the morning does not remember anything about the incident.

    Lack of sleep leads to full developmentchildren's version of asthenia. The child begins to avoid peer society refuses entertainment becomes insecure, passive and whiny. Timely warning of sleep disorders can help prevent the development of neurosis.

    Childhood fears

    This is one of the manifestations of a neurotic state. The basis for the formation of fear is the lack of experience of the child, he sees the threat, where it is notIt underestimates the real danger. His "to death" may scare loud noises or sudden loss of balance - of children is very sensitive hearing aid. But the most important role in the emergence of neurosis plays intimidation on the part of adults, especially if it is close to people. Continuously traumatic situation gives rise to the formation of an anxiety disorder. From such a child will grow fearful, suspicious, indecisive, passive person in the future.

    Eating disorders

    Anorexia nervosa or simply, lack of appetite in the child, Often occurs in early childhood. One reason is purely physiological lack of saliva. In other cases, a guilty monotonous diet, in the third - specific diseases, such as helminthiasis, metabolic disorders, chronic diseases. Sometimes the roots of the problem is that child abuse before eating sweets. But the most common cause of failure of the child to eat is the force-feeding, especially if it is accompanied by threats and scandals. In some cases, it leads to vomiting reflex is fixed and then every meal is accompanied by a "fountain" of eaten meatballs and pasta.

    Vomiting may occur in a child as a response to stressful situations, such as separation from the mother or when frightened.

    In adolescents, anorexia has other origins. The desire to lose weight and look like a model on the cover of glossy magazines makes the girls to starve yourself and go up to extreme exhaustion. As the fullness they often regard the appearance of secondary sexual characteristics: breast augmentation, rounded hips. In this case it is necessary to conduct persistent conversation and even refer to a therapist.

    Respiratory failure as a manifestation of neurosis

    Neuroses in children. Symptoms of a gift from the parents?often have small children have to deal with nervous coughUsually it occurs after sufferingupper respiratory tract infection. In older children often have to see a deep breath, shortness of breath, which creates a feeling of lack of air. The primary disorder can be made on the basis of quite specific - a disease. But then, after curing under the influence of traumatic situation neurotic condition progresses.

    Violation of urination

    Frequent manifestation of child neurosis - urinary incontinence, Especially at night. The root causes of enuresis may be different, but when the child begins to feel ashamed of his "defect", to avoid contact, react badly to ridicule, he has a sense of inadequacy and the disease gets worse.

    About obsessional neurosis movements in children and socalled children's bad habits, we will explain in another article. In the meantime, I would like to emphasize that neuroses sick children with weak mentality, undermined by disease and poor living conditions. Often, the children of mothers who suffered from toxemia of pregnancy were born with signs of intrauterine infection, have suffered birth injuries, acute and often ill with chronic diseases. To grow from these people who are able to enjoy life, to create, to move science, work, parents should make every effort to fend the weak psyche of kids from injuries.

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