Older Marath, or Shenyl Dementia


  • Do you know what a sedenie dementia is or, as they are called, senile insanity?
  • How dementia develops and what to do relatives to the patient?

  • Older Marath, or Shenyl DementiaOften
    you have to hear dismissive speeches of immature teens, and sometimes
    quite adult people about their aging relatives, about their oddities
    behavior, inability to enjoy modern household appliances, about their
    clumsy and unsuitable for life. And sometimes it seems that their inaccurability,
    Insuitableness to modern life and many other oddities are nothing,
    how just unwillingness do everything properly. After all, it does not even come in
    head that all these disorders — Signs of progressive functional
    Brain diseases, disease — Shenyl dementia, which suffer over 35
    million. man in the world, and that sick old men need medical care and
    proper care, not your irritation and grumbling.

    Do you know what a senile dementia is
    Or, how to call it, senile insanity?

    Depending on the cause of development Dementia distinguish two basic Type of disease:Senilla Dementia (She is Street Dementia) or vascular dementia.

    Depending on the cause of the development of dementia, two main types of disease are distinguished: sedenie dementia and senile vascular dementia.

    Senile Dementia is customary to understand the acquired dementia, manifested
    persistent decrease in cognitive brain functions. Dementia disease is accompanied by violation
    cognitive activity, loss of learned skills and knowledge, lack
    Opportunities to acquire new, that is, essentially, senile dementia — This
    the decay of mental functions responsible for adapting a person in society, for
    his speech, actions, the ability to make decisions.

    senile dementia is not one, but several cognitive functions of the brain, then
    there is, for example, not just the memory falls, as with amnesia, and also violates
    Abstract thinking, perception of criticism, suffers, account, coordination
    movements. The personal qualities of a person change, and relatives often
    It seems that old men become inattentive, aggressive, cease
    show interest in grandchildren, to family problems and completely go into yourself

    Nobody is insured against dementia. It usually occurs in
    old age, but on the background of vascular or organic brain diseases
    can affect and younger people. The cause of seenile dementia is often
    It becomes a violation of the cerebral circulation (in 10-20% of cases) caused by
    atherosclerosis and finelyocopy strokes, against the background very common
    hypertensive disease. Atrophic dementia even more often
    Brain processes not related to circulatory impairment, for example, Alzheimer's disease (60% of cases), peak disease. Sometimes weakness occurs
    After the brain injuries, brain tumors, subdural hematomas and

    The primary dementia described above occurs in 90%
    cases, but there are also secondary senile dementia, the cause of which
    There may be infections, for example, meningitis, encephalitis, neurosofilis, scattered
    Sclerosis, renal failure, Cushing's disease, rough disorders
    thyroid gland. Dementia development promotes vitamin B12 deficiency, B3,
    thiamine, folic acid. Secondary dementia is 10% of all cases

    It is worth noting that Senylon
    Dementia —
    continuously progressive disease, which at the same time,
    Domain treatment. With adequate medical care and appropriate leaving the old man
    long retain activity and do not become a burden for a family.

    How does dementia develop and what to do
    Relatives of the patient?

    The memory is violated, the ability to learn is lost, weakens interest in
    Arrower. Man begins to avoid communicating with loved ones and friends,
    colleagues, refuses the usual classes and forms of leisure. Together with
    Those, the ability to independently disappears, the patient is completely
    able to serve himself and does not need permanent care. In this period
    It is especially important to pay attention to the emerging violations and turn on time
    to the doctor. This will allow for a long time to delay the development of the disease.

    On the
    The next stage of the development of seenile dementia is lost professional and domestic
    Skills, Social Skills. At the same time, the ability to
    Self-service in terms of hygiene and nutrition. Leave such a patient unattended
    Danger, constantly have to look after the elderly relative to
    Avoid an accident.

    incapacity — This is the last stage of development of dementia. Elderly man becomes a heavy burden for a family, he will not recognize others, does not pay
    attention to requests, not capable of the most simple actions, for example, can not
    Alone to eat, loses hygienic skills, does not control urination
    and defecation. Of course, considering the modern rhythm of life, relatives have to
    hire a nurse or define a patient in a specialized board.

    Conclusion I would like to note that the care of a man suffering from seden
    Dementia, primarily implies the respect of the personality of the patient. It does not follow
    annoyance and scold for inaccurability, inability to use household
    devices, inattention to requests — These are not a person's personal qualities, it is
    manifestations of disease. Try to keep respect and warm feelings for the patient,
    Together with competent treatment, this will allow for a long time to enjoy communication with
    loved ones.

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