• What Psychosomatics
  • Win an invisible disease

  • What Psychosomatics

    "All diseases of the nerves, only from syphilis
    fun! "No objection to this ordinary phrase may be many.
    Firstly, pleasure - not only syphilis
    Details tell you any venereal diseases, and secondly, psychosomatics,
    explained, not all diseases. Although the term "psychosomatic" soon
    celebrate two hundred years (it invented in 1818 by German physician
    Haynrot names), it is still great minds interpret it very differently.

    There are, of course, a set of psychosomatic diseases whose nature
    already (! almost) no doubt: ulcerative colitis, hyper- and hypotension,
    gastritis, asthma, anorexia nervosa.
    And there is a perception: "You are less nervous, and everything goes!". But few
    clearly he understands that from itself actually represent
    psychosomatic disease. Two of the most well-known concepts
    the origin of these "pleasures of life" - Franz Alexander's theory
    Sigmund Freud.

    Yes, Freud wrote not only about the "strawberry".
    His version of the origin of psychosomatic diseases, he called
    conversion. The word "conversion" usually refers to the conversion of
    something bad, outdated and unnecessary at this moment into something
    more current. Say, Swords into Plowshares. But the conversion of
    Freud said that, there is another: the transformation of the bad even
    over the worst: internal conflict, without permission, is transformed
    in these or other physiological symptoms.

    internal conflict - this is not a conflict of pickles and yogurt in your
    stomach, but the stomach is also located inside. This intrapsychic
    conflict, conflict of unconscious desires and prohibitions. For example, sometimes
    really want to throw out the Chief of the window, thrash secretary for husband
    her dyed head, drop everything and go to her aunt, in the wilderness, in Saratov ...
    But the desire is so taboo that they do not even realize. Human
    unable to understand what he really wants, but has
    permanent emotional discomfort. By moving from the area
    mental to physical, this dilemma is resolved, anxiety and
    anxiety go away.

    From the standpoint of Freud's, persons in the conversion of
    ill something not accidental, but in each particular symptom
    symbolized by something with which were related his experiences. So,
    for example, psychosomatic disturbances of vision and hearing, he explained
    reluctance to see and hear their surroundings.

    By the way, I
    observed at the time the girl who suffered terrible sore throat,
    while she is living with her mother in law. I was right or not, my colleague,
    It claimed that since expressed her unconscious desire to yell at
    this very in-law, but as soon as the "mother" ubyla to relocate to contiguous
    State, passed not only angina, but also long-term consequences
    taking antibiotics.

    With the advent of psychosomatic illness, people, oddly enough, is relieved.

    This happens for three reasons:

    • Firstly, as mentioned above, it is facilitated unconscious conflict;
    • Secondly,
      the disease makes it possible to receive various bonuses from the role of the patient (in the
      work hard not to go, tea brought to bed, and in general all round
    • Third, once it becomes clear sequence
      further action: glazik sees no - drip droplets ulcer colitis
      were drew - taking Almagel with diets heart naughty -
      validolchik eat.

    Win an invisible disease

    Picture perfect: people seem to
    in business - treated, internal conflict recedes into the background. But
    disease is absolutely not going to take place. Medication and treatment
    It gives a sense of gaining control over their lives, which was
    lost as a result of traumatic situation.

    Incidentally, often
    patients with psychosomatic diseases consciously satisfied
    Statement disruptions, especially in public situations. I well remember the young man,
    owner of peptic ulcer disease, which is a big tourist rally
    I took two hundred grams samogonchika bit and pepper, then midnight
    approximately two hundred people were busy running hurdles in the woods
    searching for at least one sober driver. And the rest of the night hard
    worried and remembered his mother and all the family of this young man in
    a variety of expressions.

    Of course, foolish young man gave it
    show not intentionally, but by chance his behavior can not be called. Can not
    I do not know the lady's finger, even a novice, that he would be in such a food
    behavior. And the pain he is experiencing something quite real. But the feeling
    own important health need, albeit at a subconscious
    level. Quite possibly the plague he would have played out itself, without the stimulus - very much like the boy everyone's attention.

    Theory of Franz
    Alexander (its traditional name "model vegetative neurosis"),
    in general, similar. The difference, perhaps, is that it gives smaller
    the value of the symbolic value of individual symptoms, but rather
    appeals to other factors. For example, genetic.

    saying, Alexander professes the principle of "where the thin, there and tear." For
    one characteristic is not too healthy cardiovascular system, in
    Other problematic place - the lungs. The first to suffer will be
    these bodies, regardless of the content of the internal conflict. FROM
    point of view of Alexander, not always the same disease weakens
    internal conflict, since it is not an expression of emotions. For example,
    increasing the pressure in a state of rage does not weaken the rage, and is
    only a physiological symptom of this emotion. If a person is often
    will be in a state of rage, the case could end up for him
    chronic hypertension.

    The debate about what should be considered psychosomatic,
    and that - no, not yet completed. Who is willing to consider all psychosomatic,
    except generic fever and dropsy in the knee. Someone thinks that
    Psychosomatics - largely a myth, like the placebo effect.

    the point of view of some authoritative experts and from psychology and from
    medicine, psychosomatics is even such a terrible illness like
    cancer. And, although it has a lot of evidence of any official
    medicine, let alone patients and their relatives are not willing to accept this
    point of view - is too terrible diagnosis.

    By the same Psychosomatics
    adopted treated as something frivolous. For something with which people
    He can handle himself, by willpower alone. Perhaps this is because,
    that the term "psychosomatic" is usually called a simulation, it is not at the root

    Psychosomatic disease - it is a disease in
    which is based on both physiological and psychological
    reasons, but it is a disease with all symptoms requiring
    medical intervention. Another thing is that only the traditional
    treatment of the disease does not take place, will continue to relapse (in fact,
    recurrent with adequate treatment, one of the hallmarks of
    Psychosomatics), so the most correct approach to psychosomatic
    diseases - simultaneously with the treatment to work on the problem with

    In general and can be protected from syphilis, and from
    nerves, and psychosomatic disorders. If you caught yourself on
    thoughts that cheer would not be so bad, see a psychologist,
    to understand the situation, and try to find their own
    stimulus and get rid of it, or, at worst, simply

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