Warts? Not your style!


Warts? Not your style!A pleasant impression of a person so easy to spoil. Actually, it is much easier to do it, rather than correct this situation. Excellent example — wart. Even if you consider it imperceptible, there is always a possibility that someone will notice. Not fatal, but unpleasant, not? And the feeling of squeamishness at the sight of a dense and rough skin neoplasm is quite substantiated. The fact is that its appearance is due to one of the types of human papilloma virus. This means that the emergence of warts is associated with its transfer, namely with touching the infected skin. This is not always happening, but only in cases of weakened immunity, which, unfortunately, is not yet rare. That is why people subconsciously avoid contact with infection, because it does not want anyone a few weeks after a handshake to detect a wart on the skin.

Previously, the process of getting rid of warts was quite complex and long. Folk recipes demanded almost ritual and not always pleasant manipulations — and, by the way, did not guarantee the disappearance of the wart. So, for example, raw meat ties — Obviously not the most hygienic procedure, and the herbal rims can cause contact dermatitis so popular among grandmothers.

Dermatological cabinets have significantly improved the methods of getting rid of warts. There are methods of removal of laser, electrocoagulation, cryodestruction — notable and requiring additional hiking to the doctor, and therefore temporary costs. However, one of these methods by virtue of its simplicity was successfully adapted for independent use.

Warts? Not your style!We are talking about cryotherapy, that is, removing cold. This method is based on the action of the new modern Wartner® Cryo. The temperature of the refrigerant at the time of the freezing of the wart reaches − 52°C, which is enough to effectively freeze infected fabric virus. Within 10-14 days, frozen fabrics are peeled, and new healthy skin is formed in their place.
An important advantage of Wartner® Cryo consists in easy use. The set, except for the flakcon with the refrigerant, includes a holder and 12 disposable applicators, each of which is designed for 1 procedure in order to avoid further spread of the virus. This means that the tool can be used for all family members, including children from 4 years, because it is completely hygienic.

To remove warts on hand, 20-second appliqués and 40 seconds — To remove on the feet and fingers. Then for two weeks after the procedure you will notice the desired effect. It is important to remember that large and old warts may require re-removal 10-14 days after the first procedure. If the wart has not disappeared after the 3rd application, you need to consult a doctor.

There are only 2 cases when instead of the home removal of warts with Wartner® Cryo needs to go to the dermatological office. First, to remove warts on the face, buttocks, chest, in the axillary and inguinal depressions, and secondly, if the warts suddenly and quickly changed the form, color and / or size. For the rest, much more common, situations are Wartner® Cryo. The main thing, do not forget to familiarize yourself with the instructions for use and in accuracy to follow it.

Let small imperfections never affect the opinion of the WAC!

Reg. Number: No. FSZ 2010/06221 from 28.06.2012

There are contraindications. Before use, read the instructions.

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