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    The inhabitant sometimes it seems that
    Suicide is the plot of the novel, something unreal, impossible,
    fictional. And he is very surprised when he learns that only according to
    official statistics, which in this point lames on both legs,
    Every year in major cities, the number of people who have committed to themselves as
    minimum, twice as bigger than those killed in road transport

    What is suicide (suicide), most of us know only
    Ponickel. The vast majority is confident that Suicide's problem
    - The problem is insignificant. Let's try to figure it out. Completed
    Suicide (that is, when a person dies due to suicide) -
    This is only the top of the iceberg, suicide attempts 10-20 times more,
    the number of people thinking about suicide as a way to solve their
    problems, even more - at least 100 times.

    In addition, every suicide leaves alive (on average) eight
    man of his loved ones, friends and relatives for whom his act
    - This is a real spiritual drama.

    There is an opinion that life is cumming up with suicide - this is
    Big delusion. In fact, their number among suicides is not
    exceeds 15-20%, that is, the remaining 85-80% people «Normal», but
    in the state of mental crisis or depression.

    Some believe that suicide is a manifestation of weakness. Thoughts about
    suicide is one of the symptoms of depression, and therefore say that
    suicide - a weakweight man, it's like saying that
    would be a sick influenza - a terrible lazy.

    It is believed that if a person talks about suicide, he never
    will not do. On the contrary, most often potential suicides, so or
    Otherwise, voiced their plans. Then relatives and friends are tormented
    a remorse of conscience that they did not follow, inadened, not listened...

    Causes of suicide

    Life - in itself stress,
    Almost every person was convinced of this on experience, many have experienced
    The feeling of hopelessness caused by the inability to overcome the severity

    These circumstances may be the family deadlocks
    relationship (with spouse, parents, children), difficulties associated with
    work, career and t. NS., In some cases, this is a housing issue, sometimes
    - dependence (ranging from the love and ending drug or
    Alcohol), finally, bodily disease, sexual problems and

    What is suicide
    When a person faces difficulties and obstacles, he, of course,
    Trying to decide them. But if all his efforts are in vain that
    then? Then he takes attempts to escape from problems, get out of the game.
    The easiest way it seems that suicide.

    But we think: in this case, I seem to solve the problem, but I can't
    get the result due to me because it will simply be no one
    get! Get away from the problem, get out of her press, you can only
    reoriented to something else. But in this all and snag,
    Since the strength of a person exhausted by the problem is no longer.

    Depression - the state of painful, characterized by the loss
    forces, feeling that nothing can be changed, the feeling that life is not
    succeeded and worthy only to be completed in the shortest
    Timing. Cure this depression, and a look at life will change dramatically.

    But it's so hard to understand that your thoughts are not your truth, but yours
    misleading the disease imposed on you. And so the person turns out to be in
    Closed Circle: On the one hand, life with its problems, on the other
    The parties, his own painful state, where to powerlessness
    Mix the ideas of meaningless existence.

    The man who was in this hell is actually from the last forces
    trying to fight for his life and manifests often true courage
    in confronting their own depression and their powerlessness. But, K
    regret, the forces are not equal here, and often turn around against the
    this man.

    Anxiety occurs, internal tension is enhanced, and at the peak of this
    Heart pain he makes the most senseless act in his life -

    Yes, what is really there is no point in the suicide, about life
    this can not be said. If someone says, then it is not him
    Says, and the reigning depression in it.

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