Spring distress: how to fight it?


"... Murmuring streams, cry rooks,
And the ice melts, and the heart melts.
And even stump in April day
Birches again become a dream "

M. Volpin

Spring distress: how to fight it?Spring is coming, everything revives and fillslife, and each of us is not alien to the desire for spring renewal. Without even realizing it, we experience a state of excitement, incredible lightness and thirst for activity. It seems that he would turn mountains, change everything around, it would be only health ...

Spring - quite a difficult period for the modern man, burdened with work and everyday chores. Stress lurks behind "every corner", lies in wait onworkplace in the face of strict chief and frivolous subordinates at home - in the guise of a loved child of conducting day and night playing computer games, the husband, who has been three months promises to repair the damaged lock on the door, or wife, that requires a new washing machine. You never know in life problems !? And then there was the rain and mud, the snow and ice, the cold and vitamin deficiencies. I woke chronic arthritis, aggravated ulcer, jumps pressure, and heart began to misbehave. Vacation is still far, but the strength and desire to work already on the wane. What here update, what spring would be live!

Stressful reaction, in essence, accommodatingus to the new conditions of existence, simultaneously with positive changes in the body causes "side" effects, called distress. According to the WHO, 45% of diseases develop precisely as distress syndrome.

During stress, we become nervous,intolerant of other people's shortcomings, often frustrating, rude, crying. We begin to annoy voiced children's voices, noise and even birdsong. In the store it’s the turn - it’s better to starve, a noisy party - it’s better to skip. Due to psychological incompleteness, absent-mindedness, forgetfulness occurs, working capacity decreases, and problems arise at work. We dream of getting to bed, lustfully imagining how, hugging our favorite pillow, we will fall into the arms of Morpheus. But it was not there! Obsessive thoughts keep us awake for a long time, and if we succeed, we wake up from a sudden rustling, creaking or nightmare. In the morning, the result - fatigue, headache, bad mood and fear of the next sleepless night.

We can not relax and relieve the loadday problems, they put pressure on our nervous system, bringing it into complete chaos. In addition to the deterioration of memory and a constant feeling of pressure in the temples there are heartburn, belching, heaviness in the stomach, constipation. Often disturb faults in heart, palpitations, and often disturbed sexual function. All this plunges us into a state of deep depression and does not live fully.

Why do we allow the stress to organize an orgy in our body? Why should we wait for the day when life will find only black paint and nothing is being done at the very beginning of the disorder?

Long ago, in the XI century, when the stress is alsothere, although they had different overtones, let people know that you can help your body with the help of medicinal potions, has a calming effect. Even then we noticed that a relaxation of body and soul can be achieved by eating infusions and decoctions of herbs and lemon balm, like her. Fortunately, one of the old recipes come down to us intact.

Maria Clementine Martin, novice of the monastery of the Order of Carmelites inBrussels, found a unique remedy for stress. Studying the potion recipes collected over the 100 years of the monastery’s existence, the nun gained considerable medical experience, which allowed her in 1826 he founded in Cologne a small production of distillates Medicinal plants. And now, thanks to the work indifferent to the suffering of others of women, we have the elixir "Klosterfrau MELISANA®" - environmentally friendly medicine that can bring spring in our soul battered by stress.

Spring distress: how to fight it?"Klosterfrau MELISANA" produced by German company "Maria Clementine Martin Klosterfrau" for all on the same ancient monasteryrecipe, but with the use of new high-performance technologies, the drug contains essential oils of 13 medicinal plants (one of which Melissa) received a unique method of steam distillation. Medicinal raw material is grown on the best plantations in the world, and the natural healing effects of herbs is not only preserved, but also magnified due to the unique technology of extraction of drugs from plants.

The product "Klosterfrau MELISANA®" has calming and relaxing effect, Due to the harmonization of the autonomic nervoussystem - the center of our body's regulation. By acting on the nervous system, it reduces irritability, anxiety, increases efficiency. But most importantly, "Klosterfrau MELISANA®" is a unique vegetable remedy for insomniaStress-induced. The body is able to rest and recuperate after a busy day. "Klosterfrau MELISANA®" completely destroys the basis of stress - chronic fatigue accumulated, therefore, increases resistance to mental stress.

For over 180 years, the drug "KlosterfrauMELISANA® "is the most popular in Germany, herbal remedies for stress and insomnia. Now, thanks to this drug, and we are able to meet the spring in a calm frame of mind. Elixir MELISANA freely, without a prescription sold in pharmacies, and available to anyone who experienced a bad change.

Do not wait for spring to cease to please you. Do not let stress rule you! Having bought the drug “Klosterfrau MELISANA®”, change your life for the better and find a spring mood full of optimism!

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