Throw smoking easily and easily


  • Why we decide to throw?
  • Let's try to navigate
  • To each his own
  • «Otmazki»
  • But does it make sense?

  • Why we decide to throw?

    Throw smoking easily and easily
    Reasons may be the most different: repression began at work, and even in winter you have to go smoking on the street; Health has fallen – The attacks of the morning cough are suspiciously delayed; Appearance leaves much to be desired – The skin is tugged, the fingers are yellow, from the hair and mouth smells so that it is nasty... There are many options, and everyone has his own.

    That's just to realize common idea in practice it turns out not all and not immediately. At the same time, doctors in one voice argue that the overwhelming majority of smokers are able to throw themselves that physical dependence on nicotine is repeatedly less than from alcohol or drugs. This is the first complexity.

    And the complexity of the second is that methods and means that once and forever promise to get rid of tobacco dependence – The sea is flawed, and it cannot be oriented in it, even the person prepared in the actions of narcology. The choice of such that eyes are running out, in the head begins to be angry, and the hands automatically get another cigarette from the pack...

    Let's try to navigate

    The whole mass of the method of getting rid of tobacco dependence can be divided into three large groups.

    • First group Methods based on therapeutic suggestion in the broad sense of the word.
    • Second group Related to reflexology (acupuncture, electropuncture, migration, point massage and t.D.).
    • IN Third group Various drugs are included, both nicotin-changing and various other, allowing the body easier and faster to overcome Nicotinist abstine syndrome.

    Most often, experts create their own, copyright techniques combined from methods of all three groups. And the masters of their case «cocktail» Created for each patient separately.

    The only thing most doctors converges – need to smoke immediately. Just 30 minutes after the last tightening, the nicotine concentration in the blood drops, and if this moment is pulled out, the physical need for the next «dose» will go throughout three days.

    To each his own

    However, if everything was so simple, smokers around us were negligible. In fact, dependence on cigarettes is very and very individual. Let's try to figure out who and for what reasons smokes, and how to act to get rid of this habit.

    Nervous. This man smokes to calm down, get together with thoughts, take yourself in hand. Often smokes at night in bed. Most often for him are characteristic explosive or simply intense emotions, most of them – Negative. Choleric, melancholic or a terrible mixture of both. It may well be an extraordinary, creative personality.

    Throw smoking easily and easily
    What to do? Here you definitely need a doctor and the same individual «cocktail», which you need to carefully choose, takes all the ingredients. It is possible that medication correction will be required – at least soothing means. And, of course, will have to abandon alcohol, because in our body cigarettes and alcohol are interconnected, so to speak, at the genetic level. And for this type of personality, a glass of wine or a stack of vodka can be «trigger», which will launch the usual and fully automatic program of action (cigarette – lighter – tightening). A person may even first not notice that he smokes again.

    Pragmatist. Cigarette for him – it's only a view of the rest. He enjoys the process, often smokes cigars, cigarilli or tube, which tightly grow to imyzh – Remember Churchill or his countryman Sherlock Holmes. For pragmatics, the ritual component is important – Let's say afternoon coffee and cigarette or cigar and brandy. Most often it is a sanguine, volitional and decisive, endowed with a certain power: a businessman or politician.

    What to do? Doctors there is nothing to do. For such people, often the only authority is they themselves. The opinion of others, including doctors, does not play a decisive role. Neither hypnosis, nor needle, nor psychotherapy in this case will work, because a person is used to believe only. And it will be able to quit smoking only if this decision itself is. To push it to this step can, for example, a hobby with high physical exertion (Mountain-bike, mountaineering, alloy on mountain rivers and t.NS.).

    Dependent. He does not receive special pleasure from smoking. For dependent – This is a way to communicate. He begins to smoke for the company, and at a very early age. At work does not miss a single bunch, and not because he wants to smoke, but because it is necessary.

    What to do? Alone, such a person will not refuse cigarettes. A very long course of psychotherapy and psychological rehabilitation will be required (the process can delay for a couple of years). It is well amenable to hypnosis, reacts to all «horror stories» About smoking, an ideal target audience for anti-bacaco (social) advertising.

    Enamored. And in love, selflessly, to a piggy squeal. In a cigarette, of course. Smoking loves, pulls into the ranks of smokers almost from the first tightening. They are important to An Turzhzh – Beautiful lighters, shiny packs, various accessories. In the overwhelming majority of cases, such people turn out to be kinestics – That is, perceive the world around the tactile sensations, they all need to touch, swell, twist in their hands.

    What to do? Make a quit smoking such a person can only under the pistol and another threat of life and health. Can help drugs causing nausea attacks during smoking, physiotherapy, point massage, acupuncture – That is, the impact through the touch. It is very important to give some replacement to cigarettes – Although Sony PlayStation Portable, at least the newest «Fucking» Do not want a mobile phone, although the PDA with a stylus, at least any hobby, requiring work with hands. Otherwise, such a person will return to cigarettes again, especially if his work is connected with meetings and long-term sitting at the office desk – this is hell for kinestric.


    Number 1. Classical feminine «otmack» - I do not want to throw smoking, because I'm afraid to fat

    Throw smoking easily and easily
    Indeed, many cigarette refused to be broken literally in front of their eyes. That's just a refusal of smoking here nothing. Just over time, the sensitivity of taste receptors in the mouth is restored, and even the most common food begins to seem divinely delicious. How to resist here? So begins the reinforced absorption of all yummy within reach.

    Is it possible to avoid weight gain? Undoubtedly. You just need to constantly keep fresh fruit vegetables in the house, and it is them that thicker thirst for new taste. Especially good in this business sour berries like cranberries, only in winter find it is quite problematic. Some helps a small bottle of ordinary mineral water, which they are constantly carrying with them. There was a desire to smoke or approach the stall for the cake – stopped, drank a few sips, and you can go on.

    Number 2. «Otmack» Particularly advanced users: Smoking helps protect against illness Parkinson

    Indeed, there was such a study of American scientists. They even suggested that in tobacco contains some neuroprotector. Only to highlight it so far. Yes, it is not in pure form, but in a company with four thousand other components of tobacco smoke, for example, with cyanides, benzpirens, ammonia, cadmium and other certainly harmful substances. So the protective effect, if it is present, is reduced by the risk of developing a whole heap of diseases.

    But does it make sense?

    How the organism of the smokers reacts to the rejection of tobacco depends on the state of health, age and, most importantly, on which stage of the so-called nicotine syndrome, a man quit smoking. And yet, if you quit smoking, not «Doking» to death and incurable diseases, the body over time independently gets rid of the effects of poisoning of its tobacco smoke poison.

    Studies show that the pathological changes of respiratory organs, for example, the tobacco burning poisoning by poisoning are compensated on average within a year after a person quit smoking. Yes, and other indicators are gradually returned to normal.

    So if it turns out to refuse cigarette yourself – wonderful. Well, if not coming out – need to contact specialists, narcologist doctors, psychotherapists. Preferably, on the recommendations of their friends, colleagues, virtual acquaintances. And everything will definitely.

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