Bronchitis: a disease in which the best cough


  • Bronchitis?
  • Treatment of acute bronchitis
  • Treatment of chronic bronchitis

  • Bronchitis?

    Despite the fact that psychologicallythe phrase "acute bronchitis" sounds scary, in fact, deal with it, doctors are able to pretty good. Manifested acute bronchitis cough, fever, muscle pain, joint pain, headache and general malaise. In other words, your bronchi settled virus caused an inflammation.

    Treatment of acute bronchitis

    According to d. M. N., Professor Yuri Novikov, if the disease has already come, the main treatment consists in the removal of her acute symptoms: temperature, pain, etc. It is necessary to help the body to cope with the disease. For this week we must go to bed, the stripBronchitis: a disease in which the best coughamb throat, drink hot (but not intoxicating) is askorbinku.

    Good conduct inhalation alkaline mineral water that helps sputum discharge. But about the inhalation of potato skins or oily solutions better to forget, not to harm the body.

    Workaholics and those who consider themselves the ownerstrong health, before which depart every ailment, nevertheless advise postpone feats of labor to complete cure. Going to work with a cough and a temperature of the risk that the infection can "go down" and have already treated from pneumonia, and not at home and in the hospital.

    If you have not eased coughing or "improvised"removed temperature for 3 days, then it's time to call the clinic and call your doctor at home. It is possible that the disease flowed into a different phase, or it was joined by a second, which would require another treatment already.

    This, by the way, it often happens, when a sharpbronchitis provokes exacerbation of chronic bronchitis, which is caused not only viruses, but also bacteria. At the same time consider chronic bronchitis undertreated acute - wrong.

    In fact, it is an independent disease,caused by pollutants - all harmful, that we breathe in with the air: cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes, industrial waste. If you breathe it day after day, it slows the natural phlegm. Breaks self-cleaning mechanism of the bronchial tubes, the infection does not meet any resistance to them, and they end up damaged.

    A person can live in peace and for years unaware of his developing illness. And suddenly arose in the morning, suffocate from shortness of breath straight into the bathroom.

    Treatment of chronic bronchitis

    Treatment long, and its success depends on the halfdiscipline of the patient. The patient is forced to constantly take a bunch of different medicines (expectorants, bronchodilators, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulating agents), and sometimes resort to hardware remove phlegm from the bronchial tubes - therapeutic bronchoscopy.

    In chronic bronchitis it is very important to engage inphysical therapy (emphasis - on exercises for the shoulder girdle), breathing exercises, massage of the chest, and in the morning and in the evening - the universal exercise "woodcutter": after drinking half a cup of water, several times to bend sharply, as if prick firewood. Scientifically, it is called postural drainage.

    Do not think that once chronic bronchitis, theviolations in the mucosa will never recover. For example, epithelium recovering smoker after 10 years. Reversibly to a certain extent, and other damage. If it is possible to reduce the number of infectious exacerbations per year, part of the drugs your doctor may be canceled. The disease will not disappear, but will take some of the symptoms, and disabled people are gone.

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