Bronchitis: Name one reason - different


  • Sinister, a long, discreet
  • Antibiotics and "woodcutter"
  • Chronic bronchitis is dangerous

  • Says head of the Department of Pulmonology of the Faculty
    Advanced Medical Medical University, MD, Professor Yuri

    - Past acute bronchitis will not pass: in addition to cough it brings
    temperature, malaise, muscle pain, joint pain, head - as you
    lucky. The cause of all these "pleasures" - a virus. Antibiotics are not virus
    operate, so drink them in acute bronchitis is useless! If the disease
    caught, no pill will not help: they can only remove
    symptoms - fever, headache. All you need to do - it's not
    interfere with the body to fight. So, it is necessary to lie down for a week in bed,
    hot drink, gargle and eat large doses askorbinki - 2
    g per day. From folk remedies best to help salt inhalation
    solutions or mineral water (mineral water, etc.) that promote
    active discharge of phlegm. Sitting, wrapped in a blanket over
    pan with cooked potato peel useless and do inhalations
    with oil solutions even harmful. If the "spit" acute bronchitis,
    overcoming yourself, go to work, it is likely that the infection
    falls below the treated and still have, only this time from the

    Remember, a cough - a symptom that is almost always
    It occurs in diseases of the respiratory tract, and to understand,
    what caused this time, is not possible. Do not waste your time on the game in
    doctor and call your doctor. If the temperature is kept for more than three days,
    again, call your doctor: most likely, the disease ceased to be harmless
    and require different treatment. This often happens to those who are ill
    chronic bronchitis, because infectious exacerbation of the disease
    can trigger as viruses and bacteria.

    Sinister, a long, discreet

    The widespread opinion that the chronic bronchitis - just
    finished the cure acute wrongly. In fact, it is an independent
    disease caused by pollutants - all harmful and summer, we
    breathe: cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes, industrial
    waste. If you breathe it day after day, slows the natural
    phlegm, breaks down the self-cleaning mechanism of bronchial infection is not
    He meets no resistance to them, and they are eventually damaged.

    Intrigue of chronic bronchitis in the fact that the disease develops
    years and a man about it for a long time does not suspect. Doctors divide these
    cyanotic patients puffy pink and puffing. The first cough,
    often carry infectious exacerbation and despite lower
    the level of oxygen in the blood, in general for a long time feel good.
    Pink puffing look like healthy people do not cough, but one
    neprekrasny time begin to suffer from terrible shortness of breath. Hard to tell,
    who are "lucky" more. Cyanotic puffy Diagnosis
    earlier, but rose puffing live 10 years longer.

    And antibiotics "


    Bronchitis: Name one reason - different
    Treat chronic bronchitis are slow and tedious - the success of the entire
    It depends on the discipline of the patient to whom the doctors individually
    pick up a lot of drugs for various actions (bronchodilators,
    expectorant, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulators). Sometimes
    resorting to therapeutic bronchoscopy, pumping out from the lungs accumulated
    phlegm. But often it is impossible to clean the light endoscope. In chronic
    bronchitis is very important to engage in physical therapy (emphasis - on
    exercises for the shoulder girdle), breathing exercises, massage
    chest, and in the morning and evening exercise universal "woodcutter":
    drinking a glass of water, sharply bend, as if prick several times
    firewood. Scientifically it is called "postural drainage."

    Disturbances occurring in mucosa in chronic bronchitis, to
    certain extent reversible. The epithelium of the smoker to part with
    bad habit, restored after 10 years. However, men,
    Women are more likely to suffer from this disease, they have developed their own
    paradoxical approach: to be treated ... and continue to smoke. If you can
    reduce the number of infectious exacerbations transferred during the year,
    of the drugs your doctor may be canceled. The disease will not go away
    (After all, chronic), but some of the symptoms will pass and disabled
    People no longer will.

    During acute infection it is very important to deliver the sputum
    analysis. If it indicates inflammation make determination on seeding
    microbial sensitivity to antibiotics. The choice of antibiotic or random
    broad-spectrum (that certainly there) may lead to
    the fact that people will spend on drink it in vain: and the microbe will not kill, and develop
    immunity of the organism to the antibiotic in the future.

    In recent years, actively offer innovative therapies
    chronic bronchitis - hypoxic and galaterapiyu. In some
    cases, they are really effective. However, replace the main
    complex treatment, they are not able to.

    Hypoxytherapy - is training "mountain air" when the patient
    breathing gas mixture with low oxygen content. It is believed that
    so the body adapts to the more difficult conditions for him.

    For galaterapii walls, floor, ceiling spread a special chamber
    salt, the salt is sprayed in the air spray. Inhalation of such air
    It promotes discharge of phlegm - and this is exactly what you need.

    Chronic bronchitis is dangerous

    • Accruing dyspnea at the slightest physical exertion.
    • Diffuse pneumosclerosis. Adhesions in the lungs unpleasant creaking, can cause pain and become the basis for the development of tumors.
    • Emphysema. Lung tissue is destroyed, the natural gas exchange is broken - and can not do without oxygen apparatus.
    • Respiratory failure. It remains only to "sit" on oxygen, conscious of the whole weight of his fortune.

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