— Air cluster in pleural cavity. Violation of sealing leads to
mild falling on exhalation, which prevents breathing, and may cause
Displacements of the organs of the mediastinum — The states threatening the life of the patient.

Pneumothorax and causes of its development

Depending on the cause of air penetration into pleural cavity distinguishes:

  • traumatic
    (as a result of the injury of the chest);
  • spontaneous
    pulmonary pleura);
  • Yatrogenic
    Pneumothorax (as a result of medical manipulations).

Spontaneous pneumothorax
It is a complication of various diseases such as tuberculosis, chronic
obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer. To the development of the yathedral pneumothorax
Pleewral cavity can cause puncture, catalyterization of the subclavian vein,
Endobronchial biopsy, Barotravma at IVL.

The presence of contact with the outer environment Pneumothorax is 3 species:

  • open;
  • closed;
  • valve.

With the pneumothorax closed, the pleural cavity is not reported to the external environment,
and the air caught in it does not change in volume.

Open pneumothorax message is available, as a result during inhalation air
It is suited to the pleural cavity, and in exhalation its excess comes out.

pneumothorax — The most dangerous option. In this case, there is a place of damage
The valve that opens, imparts the air on the breath and slaughters on
Exhale. With each breath between sheets of pleura and more air accumulates,
It presses the light to the root, shifts the mediastum, which is fraught with a violation
Heart activities. Stressful pneumothorax develops: Pressure in
pleural cavity exceeds atmospheric, valve ceases to function,
Spring healthy light.


After injury, the strong cough appear sharp, stitching pain in the affected
half the chest, the feeling of lack of air, breathing becomes frequent and
Deep. A person seeks to take a forced position (with a slope on
Sore side lying on a sick side). Half of the chest
lags behind in breathing, while healthy works hard. With penetrating
The injection of the chest can observe the aircraft in the subcutaneous tissue
(subcutaneous emphysema), when pressing attitudes on the skin (characteristic sound,

Help with pneumothorax and surgical treatment

Suspicion of pneumothorax needs to urgently cause ambulance brigade.
First aid turns out to be in place. Provides peace of the victim. Open
Pneumothorax needs to be translated into a closed, imposing hermetic bandage (from
Kleenki, plastic film).

Suspicion of valve pneumothorax, it is necessary to reduce the pressure in the pleural
cavity by her puncture. Punch is made by a medical needle after
Disinfection of the skin with alcohol on the top edge of the third edge at the point
Crossing with a line conducted from the middle of the clavicle to the nipple. Needle introduced
Perpendicular to the skin before hissing (the air enters the needle clearance). This
manipulation should not be carried out without having experience, but in cases of intense
pneumothorax puncture can save the life of the patient.

The closed pneumothorax in the hospital is reduced to drainage
pleural cavity with the help of the Bobrov apparatus. With an open traumatic
Pneumothorax shows an urgency defect for a lung defect, wounds
Breast wall. With spontaneous pneumothorax, it is resorted to thoracoscopy — Research
Pleural cavity through the puncture of the chest. She helps to discover
The cause of pneumothorax, for example, bulls in lung emphysema, sublum
Caverns with tuberculosis.

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