Afterpriced suffering: doctor's advice


  • The effect of alcohol on the body
  • So as not to bexicane
  • Helps stem
  • We are treated by hangover!
  • Proven: Alcohol is also useful for health, like sports

  • Afterpriced suffering: doctor's adviceSome drink like moose, and all at least hens. Don't envy them. Very low or very high sensitivity to ethanol - symptom of impending alcoholism. Most healthy people have an effect intoxication uniquely connected with blood alcohol concentration.

    The effect of alcohol on the body

    The body on which the main blow of the wrong lifestyle has a liver. Fatty food, alcohol, poor-quality products negatively affect this important body that cleans our body from all excesses. If after the holidays there was a severity in the right hypochondrium, nausea, the instability of the chair - help your liver recover. With frequent drinking alcohol, alcoholic liver cirrhosis occurs, especially those who had hepatitis or other liver diseases, cirrhosis develops a hundred times faster.

    Do not forget about the negative effect of alcohol, especially poor-quality, on the nervous system, t.E. There is a defeat of the central and peripheral nervous system, which may appear and manifest itself, even, after 2-3 days of the river. Recently, often alcohol causes very quickly, almost immediately, the defeat of the central and peripheral nervous system. Irreversible changes in the central nervous system, in some cases, for a year, cause death. And changes in the brain substance are found only after the study of cerebral pieces under a microscope, posthumously.

    Below described simple tips will help you avoid unpleasant sensations and even prevent the development of hepatitis. However, do not forget that any body has its own strength, and should not be overly carried away with alcohol and fatty food.

    If you drink slowly and alcohol will be absorbed into the blood not too fast, the liver will have time to cope with the work.

    Suction rate depends on what is filled with the stomach. Ideally, it would be necessary to fill it in advance, and nothing to do, but useful, slowly absorbed food.

    If you believe folk wisdom, it's best to eat something fat. But she should not believe: fat, of course, will replace the absorption of alcohol, but will create an additional liver load

    Getting ready for a serious banquet, it is best to fill the belly with complex carbohydrates (for example, potatoes, rice or spaghetti).

    During the celebration, it is better not chips and nuts. Salted, sharp food causes thirst, which, as a rule, begins to guess alcohol.

    Any alcoholic drink causes dehydration of the body. Water reserves need to fill.

    It is better to use the least strong substances and alternate them with fruit juices and mineral water. Juices are good because they contain vitamins. Their stock liver will spend in order to cope with alcohol. If it seems to you that morning it will be frowning, drink before bedtime another 2-3 glasses of water. Do not drink alcohol with carbonated drinks, they enhance the absorption of alcohol of the gastric mucosa due to bubbles. And weak alcohol intoxication can be neutralized by drinking a glass of milk or any ferocular product or drinking very strong tea.

    So as not to bexicane

    • Stimulation of developing enzymes of splitting alcohol in the body that burn alcohol. On the eve of the event, for 4 hours - 5 before the start, it is necessary to drink a small amount of alcohol. On average, gram 100-150 vodka or equivalent number of something else. The main thing is to give the body to feel the action of the alcohol and wait, when this action is over. Then you need to eat tight. After that, you can drink quite a lot - the body has already been prepared to cope with the alcohol attack. Alcoholic effect is neutralized!
    • The method is perfectly used with a huge amount of vodka and almost in the absence of a snack.
    • Slowing the action of alcohol due to the preliminary introduction into the body of a certain amount of oily food or other drugs.
    • The braking of exposure contributes to the adoption of 4-5 tablets of activated carbon per hour before alcohol consumption.
    • With similar purposes 40 to the use of alcohol, you can take on one tablet aspirin and Festal - to ensure normal operation of the stomach in overload conditions.
    • If normal dissolution occurs on an average of 8-10 minutes, then pre-sworded fat or oil (for example, oil sandwich and caviar, slice of sludge, pork or sturgeon), enveloping stomach walls, slow down the action of alcohol by 40-45 minutes. Remember! - Alcohol exposure slows down.
    • Tea. Before you go to visit, or in order not to bexicated, you need to drink 250 gr. Well-brewed with crumpled green or black tea with lemon (lemon in tea also neutralizes alcohol). After arriving home or a visit again to repeat tea drinking. Easy intoxication quickly passes.
    • Coffee black. Before the expected feast a cup of well-boiled black coffee with lemon juice or lemon sliced. After the feast, repeat the same procedure. Inxication will quickly pass.
    • Stimulates the development of enzymes of splitting alcohol in the body... I can only tell about this method personally, and he is known to many. But I will say only one thing, this method is very good when a lot of vodka, there is practically no snacks, and there was no possibility to first prepare for receiving a large amount of alcohol.
    • Several principles that avoid excessive intoxication:
    • Try to get into the stomach as fewer sigh oils as possible, that is, their concentration in drinks would be minimal.
    • Do not interfere with different, even if the most first-class drinks.
    • Degrees of drinking should increase.
    • Do not forget to bite.
    • Remember that the absorption of alcohol occurs not only through the walls of the stomach, but also in the mouth. And the most intense is happening, for example, in the oral cavity. So please contact cocktails and other., consumed through straw.
    • Do not delay alcohol in the mouth.
    • It is necessary to take into account the organism that is different from the normal state to change the parameters of the external environment. So, if you go out in a semi-man on fresh air in the cold time, then you can write even more from the air (up to the loss of consciousness).

    Helps stem

    • Mint, tincture. 20 drops of mint tincture on a glass of cold water. Drink all right away. Drinking quickly, and headaches and heaviness in the head are removed.
    • Ammonia. 5-6 drops of ammonia alcohol on a glass of cold water. Drink for 1 reception. Applied when cutting off a person who drank.
    • If the feast continues for a long time, and if you feel that I already scored my dose and even went over
    • take a break in alcohol reception
    • Dance
    • drink coffee or tea as described above
    • Get out and stroll through fresh air …

    Well, as always!!

    It seems that all the rules were observed, slowly drank and drove, and the morning is still a gloomy and unequal…

    We are treated by hangover!

    • We must drink more water, preferably mineral, with sodium and potassium ions. Sour drink help to revive «killed» stomach..
    • To restore the reserve of vitamins drink juices (orange, tomato, grapefruit - in them a lot of vitamin C).
    • Sing honey, fructose will speed up alcohol neutralization.
    • To help liver, accept N-acetylcysteine ​​tablet. Or eat the scrambled eggs - in the eggs of this substance quite a lot.
    • Accept Aspirin or Analgin, so as not to hurt a head. Paracetamol (Efferulgan and Other) is not worth drinking, because it will create an extra load on the liver.
    • Drink two cups of coffee or strong tea - it narrows the extended brain vessels and reduce the headache.
    • Abundant warm drinking with honey, hot bath or sauna swept the metabolism and the work of the kidneys and poisonous rubbish together with the liquid faster will leave your exhaust organism.
    • Several glasses of water on an empty stomach and a small dose of laxative and diuretic very help the devastation of the body, and at the same way and the fight against the hangover.
    • Immediately after the feast of drink 2-3 cups of strong green tea, and you will be fresh in the morning as a cucumber.

    One of the brief ways to exit hangover:

    • Liquid restoration.
    • In the first 2 hours, drink to 1.5 liters of liquid (in any form other than synthetic carbonated drinks).
    • Next, take the diuretic decoction or the corresponding drugs. Diuretic effect possess, for example, strong tea or coffee.
    • During the day the fluid is higher than the norm.
  • Restoration of acid-alkaline balance.
    • In the first hour or two, take 3-5 g dissolved in the water of food soda.
    • Next, take alkaline mineral waters (taken into account in the total volume of drank liquid).
  • Restoration of electrolyte balance.
    • In the first 2-3 hours, take two or three tablets asparkama or Pangen, pre-soluble them in water.
    • Include in the food diet products rich in potassium, phosphorus and magnesium: seafood, fish, kuragu.
    • In the absence of Asparkama and Pangin, take a cucumber brine, sauer cabbage, sea cappist or a solution of a salt salt (3-4 g per 100 ml of water).
  • Bath or other hydroprocessors.
  • After the above events, it is advisable to do the following:
    • Tightly breakfast (low-fat meat, potatoes, vegetables, fermented milk products).
    • Take multivitamin preparations, ascorbic acid, Eleutherococcus tincture. During the day, sugar is desirable to replace honey.
    • Take two glycine tablets that improve the state of the nervous system.
    • Nice 1-2 hours.
    • During the day avoid tedious exercise and active sports.

    About not yet one, but simple output from the hangover, I can tell personally.

    In America (now the United States), indigenous residents (Indians) invented the method of combating a hangover, based on the principles of magic. In the tube of that bottle, which is guilty of the cataclysm, should stick 13 pins with black heads. Recipe dubious, but if the previous ones did not help, nothing else remains.

    Proven: Alcohol is also useful for health, like sports

    Scientists argue that small doses of alcohol are almost as effective in the prevention of heart disease, like sports. This is evidenced by the results of studies of the international team of scientists, published in the January issue of European Heart Journal, the official printed body of the European Cardiology Society.

    Medicas for 20 years have been observed for 12 thousand men and women and concluded that the moderate consumption of alcohol in itself significantly reduces the risk of developing heart disease.

    People who use one to 14 doses of alcohol (1 dose = 10 milliliters of pure alcohol) chances of obtaining heart disease 30% lower than those who lead an active lifestyle, but does not drink, reports RIA «news».

    At the same time, it turned out that exercising compared with the consumption of a small amount of alcohol is not much more efficient in the fight against heart disease: among non-alcohol people in adherents of an active way of life, the likelihood of problems with heart decreases by 31-33% compared with those Who is not engaged in sports.

    However, the most healthy were physically active people who do not refuse to use a small amount of alcoholic. According to the results of the study, this category has the risk of heart disease decreases by 50%.

    Scientists argue that consumption of a small amount of alcohol causes such an effect due to an increase in the number «Good» Cholesterol in the blood, as well as blood liquefaction, which reduces the risk of thrombosis.

    Alcohol can quickly reduce the risk of heart disease

    Nepteful middle-aged people can seriously reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, if they start drinking a small amount of alcohol daily. This conclusion came scientists from the University of South Carolina.

    According to the BBC, a four-year study, which was attended by 7.5 thousand people, showed that the risk of developing heart disease in people who began to drink moderately with age, turned out to be 38% lower than those who continued Move a completely sober way of life.

    None of those who participated in the experiment did not use alcohol before. At the same time, scientists have tried that the study is representative: the most diverse factors from the weight of patients should be taken into account before which lifestyle they led and in what conditions there were lived.

    After starting the study, 6% (about 450 people) began to drink a small amount of alcohol daily. In the beer equivalent for men, the daily amount of drunk should not exceed about 750 grams of light beer, and for women - 400 grams.

    Results of research published in «American Medical Journal», showed that people who drank exclusively felt. The head of the research team, Dr. Dana King, stated that he was surprised by the effect, and especially how quickly it was able to achieve it.

    True, at the same time, Dr. King said that the benefits of «Diets of a healthy heart» must be carefully analyzed on that harm that has alcohol to other organs. For example, take care of this way about the heart to people with a patient liver - clearly contraindicated.

    D.King also added that other alcohol precautions should be taken into account. «When we say seven portions of alcohol a week, we mean one portion a day, and not seven in a row on Saturday night», - said the head of the research team.

    At the same time, cardiologists warn that wine is not a panacea from cardiovascular diseases. In addition, despite several similar studies presented lately, the American Cardiology Association still does not recommend to start drinking people who have not previously used alcohol.

    In the last study, scientists did not notice the difference in mortality among different groups observed by them for four years.

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