How to cure sleep apnea


  • apnea Treatment

  • apnea Treatment

    The ultimate goal of treatment of sleep apnea is the elimination of overnight stops breathing and restoration of healthy sleep patterns. How to cure asthma - a threat to the emergence of sleep apnea?

    General measures:
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    • Weight loss
    • Compliance with sleep hygiene
    • Reducing the consumption of alcoholic beverages, control of smoking
    • Disclaimer medications that can impair respiration processes of the night (eg, sedatives and opiates)
    • Refraining from eating the evening coffee, tea and drinks like "cola"

    Correction of body position during sleep

    An important rule - do not sleep on your back, as thisIt increases the risk of stopping breathing during sleep. This is achieved either by means of dressing for a night filled with, for example, newspapers, backpack, or with the help of sewing back into pajamas tennis balls.

    Nasal mask

    How to cure sleep apnea To discharge air hit theairways, nasal mask is required. This mask is a key element in the treatment stops breathing. The air flow from the unit gets through the system of hoses in the mask fixed on the head with a special cap or tape. Masks, equipped with a spherical joint, do not restrict the movement of the patient during sleep.

    Adaptations for exhalation</ H2>

    Prerequisite ongoing respiratorytherapy is a reliable removal of exhaled air with a high content of carbon dioxide. For this there are special arrangements for the exhalation, where with the help of the side holes, slots or special circular has guaranteed efficient removal of the exhaust gases. For maximum comfort, it is very important noiseless functioning devices.

    Hats and ribbons for the head

    The nasal mask is attached to the head by means of a locking system. Now these hats and ribbons offered different versions, colors and sizes, according to the shape of your head.

    Humidifier</ H2>

    Patients with sensitive, prone to rapiddrying of the nasal mucosa, need additional humidifier. Humidifiers saturated with water vapor the air flow, preventing the airways from drying out. Particularly effective wetting with a so-called warm air, in which there is additional heating of air saturated with water. This achieves a high humidity, compared with the cold air humidifiers. Selection is carried out in the humidifier each case individually.

    Jaw bus / orthoses</ H2>

    A small group of patients with obstructive sleep apnea also help special jaw tires or orthoses that several push forward the lower jaw.

    drug therapy

    Drug treatment drug theophylline amenable to only a few patients with mild sleep apnea.

    operative therapy</ H2>

    Some patients may benefit Maxillofacialor ENT surgery. When surgical intervention removed the tongue and part of the soft palate, stabilizing and expanding the throat. However, due to the rather low rate of success, this technique is not greater wide use in patients suffering from obstructive sleep apnea.

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