Fitotherapy and Women's Libido


  • Natural herbs that enhance sexual attraction in women
  • Application of Galenic Preparations for Libido

  • According to recently conducted research,
    Women's libido weakens stress, overwork at work and some problems associated
    With the sexuality of a woman; Often, these factors affect the libido even stronger,
    What is the climacteric restructuring of the body. Only for this reason Galenovy (herbal)
    Food additives to enhance libido should be considered as a part of the holistic
    approach aimed at improving the quality of life. Relaxation, rational food
    and self-realization - these are the foundations of a healthy lifestyle, in which persists
    Strong sexual attraction.

    Before taking Galenov preparations
    To strengthen the libido, spend a thorough study to avoid possible
    side effects; And if you are already taking similar drugs that you need
    take care of health in general, as well as reduce the level of stress, inFitotherapy and Women's LibidoChe
    The effect of drugs will be weak.

    Natural herbs that enhance sexual attraction in women

    Anchors Steel TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS). Harkers are sharpening - the most common
    herbal medicine that is prescribed to enhance sex
    attraction of both women and men. Anchor's action is based on increasing development
    Luteinizing hormone (LH),
    Stimulating Increased Testosterone. Women with weakened libido often
    reduced testosterone level, so the increase in this hormone leads to
    Normalization of libido.

    Also receiving anchor
    contributes to maintaining the normal level of testosterone, which is very important for
    Preventing the development of men's secondary sexual signs. Anchor should be taken
    with caution because they have a number of side effects, in particular, cause
    tides in women of menopausal age (also due to the increase
    Development of luteinizing hormone, which supposedly enhances menopausal

    Damiana (TURNEA DiffUSA). This plant is widely used
    To strengthen the libido in men and women for several centuries.
    Like Anchor, Damiana promotes the level of testosterone. Exactly by
    It is based on its action as aphrodisiac.

    Shatavari (asparagus Kisterene) (Asparagus
    This plant is widely used in
    Ayurvedic practice and grows in the rainforest of India. «Shatavari» verbatim
    translated as «having 100 husbands». Ayurveda uses the root of the plant.
    Shatavari is the main rejuvenating plant for women, the same as
    Ashwaganda - for men.

    Shatari tones and rejuvenates first
    Female genitals. This is a famous antioxidant preventing
    Degenerative changes associated with aging. But also effective
    affects all other organs and organism systems: blood circulation,
    respiratory, digestive, reproductive. Usually applied when weakness
    Female bodies, impotence, infertility, menopacteric period. Nuts
    egg cells and increases their ability to fertilize. In addition, contributes
    Development of love.

    Wild yam (Dioscorea Villosa). Firtosotherly contained in Wild Yams tubers - peculiar
    Predecessors of sex hormones estrogen and progesterone. Scientists N
    may come to k
    Unified output as to whether the wild yams raises
    However, this plant really stimulates libido, increasing
    estrogen. In addition, wild yams reduces the likelihood of development
    Diseases and breast cancer in women post-climacteric age.

    Application of Galenic Preparations for Libido

    Plants reinforcing libido in women,
    Also useful for the treatment of some diseases and disorders, stress, premenstrual dryness syndrome in the vagina and symptoms of Klimaks. Experienced
    The phytotherapist will help you choose a suitable combination of herbs that will help not
    Only strengthen the sexual attraction, but also facilitate the symptoms of Klimaks.

    Herbal foods
    Supplements do not just enhance the sexual attraction, but also eliminate the cause of weakening
    libido and improve health status in general. Weakening and loss of sexual entry
    - common problem, but the reasons for this phenomenon are diverse. Before
    take any gallean drugs, be sure to go through medical
    Examination and consult the therapist.

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