How to diagnose and treat pulmonary emphysema


  • Diagnosis of emphysema
  • emphysema Treatment

  • Diagnosis of emphysema

    How to diagnose and treat pulmonary emphysema Diagnosis and treatment of emphysema has been doctor-pulmonologist.

    In addition to inspection and auscultation (listening), for the diagnosis of pulmonary emphysema using:

    • X-ray examination of the lungs (pulmonary tissue characterized by inflation and increase of its lightness).
    • Computed tomography of the lungs most often used to diagnose and determine the exact location of the bulls.
    • A study of respiratory function - reveals the degree of impairment of lung function.

    emphysema Treatment

    • to give up smoking;
    • oxygen therapy (inhalation of air with high oxygen content);
    • breathing exercises;
    • adequate and thorough treatment of the disease, leading to emphysema (chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma).

    This improves the efficiency of the lungs, to suspend the development of respiratory and heart failure.

    When bullous emphysema recommend surgerytreatment. The essence of treatment - removal of the bull. These operations can be performed using a classical access with open chest and endoscopically (by means of special tools through punctures thorax). Endoscopic removal of bulls is preferable: significantly shorter recovery period after surgery, no scar on the chest.

    Timely removal of bulls prevents the development of severe complications such as pneumothorax (air into the pleural cavity due to rupture of bullae).

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