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  • Classification deforming osteoratoroza Pathogenesis
  • Classification of osteoarthritis localization

  • Classification of osteoarthritis in the ICDRussian name "osteoarthritis" diseaseIt comes from novolatinskogo «osteoarthrosis». But the origins of the word lie in the ancient Greek language, where «στ ον??» Means bone, and «ρθρον?» - Joint. That is, it is obvious that the Greeks have invested in the name of the disease are the pathogenesis and clinical arthritis, thus underlining that the disease is accompanied by the "ossification" of the joints. Today, the concept of "osteoarthritis" There are two main synonym: deforming arthrosis, deforming osteoarthritis.

    Classification deforming osteoratoroza Pathogenesis

    Deforming arthrosis or osteoarthritis ICDIt classifies as primary and secondary. Primary osteoarthritis develops in the unaltered joints without previous injury or inflammation. The initial pathologic changes in the joint in the primary osteoarthritis are a reflection of the predominance of articular cartilage degeneration processes of synthesis processes. It should be noted that the destruction of cartilage, synovial inflammation, bone sclerosis epiphyseal bone - this is a consequence dystrophy, ie secondary processes.

    The essence of the pathogenesis and arthritis clinicsSecondary osteoarthritis in the InternationalClassification of Diseases - a disease that occurs on a background of already existing joint pathology, in violation of the congruence of the articular surfaces, often as a result of injury or inflammation. The boundary between primary and secondary osteoarthritis there a short time and is cleared by the second stage of the disease the disease when metabolic disturbances and mechanical destruction of cartilage begin to co-exist in parallel.

    A common cause of secondary osteoarthritis arearthritis. To emphasize the primacy of the inflammation of the synovial membrane of the joint, use another synonymous with primary osteoarthritis - arthrosis, arthritis. Given the fact that the disease somehow leads to bone and joint deformation widening also called osteoarthritis and arthrosis deformans.
    The disease, which develops against the background of joint injuries,as a complication of intra-articular and periarticular fractures, fractures of cartilage called posttraumatic osteartrozom, which is reflected in the ICD. Primary osteoarthritis of the clinical picture in this case is the uneven load on the cartilage and its subsequent degeneration.

    Since the root cause of osteoarthritis can be established is not always provided in the ICD terms "arthrosis, unspecified" polyarthrosis unspecified "and so on. D.

    Classification of osteoarthritis localization

    Depending on the prevalence of osteoarthritis of the process is:

    • generalized osteoarthritis or polyarthrosis;
    • localized arthrosis or individual joints.

    1Certain localized forms of osteoarthritis receivedtheir names. For example, the name "coxarthrosis" comes from the Latin "coxa" - hip and used to refer to hip osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis of the Greek «γ νυ?» - The knee and is synonymous with osteoarthritis of the knee.

    Osteoarthritis of other joints in the Internationalclassification of diseases referred to as arthritis indicating the exact localization of the pathological process, such as "arthrosis of first carpometacarpal joint," "arthritis of the shoulder joint." To avoid transferring the same type of multiple terms, considering that the joints in the human body set in ICD introduced the concept of "other arthritic joints."

    The International Classification of osteoarthritisalso includes some specific manifestations of disease. For example, the clinic deforming arthrosis of small joints of the hand is reflected in the ICD as "heberden nodes arthropathy", "Bouchard's nodes with arthropathy." Defeats paired joints have the word in the title, "two-way".

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