Osteoarthritis of the joints: the treatment of folk remedies


  • We treat arthritic joints: folk remedies cabbage
  • Osteoarthritis of the joints: folk remedies based on elecampane
  • arthrosis Treatment of folk remedies of dandelion and burdock

  • Osteoarthritis of the joints treated with folk remedies, tipsDeforming arthrosis of the joints - a chronicdisease characterized by degenerative-dystrophic changes in the cartilage tissue of the joints and the stake, leading to the disruption of their function. The causes of osteoarthritis are still not fully known, and methods of treatment primarily consist of symptomatic means to reduce pain, inflammation of the arrest, to support metabolic processes in cartilaginous tissue. Traditional treatment of osteoarthritis of joints complements treatment of folk remedies that reduce the pill burden on the body and improve the effectiveness of the procedures. What are the folk remedies of deforming arthrosis can be taken independently at home? Here are some tried and tested recipes.

    We treat arthritic joints: folk remedies cabbage

    Cabbage - not only useful vegetable, it's pretty effective folk remedy for osteoarthritis of the joints.

    • Take a small head of cabbage. You get out of it cabbage juice With the help of juicers. Moisten them flap wool and wrap it affected joint. On top of the fabric, cover with plastic wrap and an additional joint. These packs will help get rid of the ache that accompanies arthritic joints. Treatment of folk remedies can help reduce swelling and inflammation, increase the mobility of joints.
    • Take a large cabbage leaf, brush histhe inside of honey and apply to the sore joint. Top compress wrap with cellophane and Insulate woolen cloth. If you make compresses regularly for a month, you can significantly improve the condition of the joint, and to stop arthritis. Treatment of folk remedies will eliminate the chemicals, or at least reduce their number.

    Osteoarthritis of the joints: folk remedies based on elecampane

    What are the folk remedies for osteoarthritis?Elecampane as a medicinal plant known sincethe time of Hippocrates. Biologically active substances of plants to improve the composition of the synovial fluid, help restore cartilage, joints affected with osteoarthritis. Treatment of folk remedies on the basis of elecampane allows you to stop the progression of the disease and increase joint mobility.

    • Take elecampane root (50 g), crush it,pour 130 ml of vodka and infuse it in a dark place for two weeks. Every day, at night, rub the affected joint and the resulting rubbing wrapped warm woolen cloth.
    • Take elecampane root, grind in a coffee grinder,Pour honey and leave in a dark place for 2 weeks. At night, apply on the affected part of the joint and covering it with a film and woolen cloth, leave for the night. This will help stop the arthritic joints. Additionally, you can take a folk remedy in, 1 teaspoon once a day. This will enhance the effect.

    arthrosis Treatment of folk remedies of dandelion and burdock

    We treat arthritic joints: folk remedies cabbageBiologically active substances contained inroot and dandelion flowers, a beneficial effect on metabolic processes in joint cartilage, slowing its destruction, contribute to the restoration and rejuvenation. Ingestion received infusions of dandelion and other folk remedies, arthrosis of the joints is useful also because it promotes the excretion of salts and normalization of mineral metabolism, one way or another affect the state of bones and joints.

    • Take freshly harvested or dried flowersdandelion, fill them half a bottle of dark glass and fill the brim with vodka. Steep for 30 days at room temperature, then strain. The resulting infusion use for rubbing and compresses the joint arthrosis. Treatment of folk remedies topically useful supplement intake infusion dandelions inside.
    • burdock leaves are well remember a rolling pin and attachto aching joints. Biologically active components within the plant improves metabolic processes in the joint output of salt, a beneficial effect on the composition of the synovial fluid and contribute to the restoration of cartilage.

    Remember not to use folk remediescan completely replace traditional therapy. Joint Osteoarthritis serious disease that requires complex treatment and control specialist. Therefore, before using our recommended recipes, is to consult with your doctor.

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