Prevention of lower limb osteoarthritis


  • Movement against arthrosis leg joints
  • Preventing injuries in fighting osteoarthritis leg joints
  • Normal weight in favor joint health

  • Nutrition and Prevention of deforming arthrosis

  • Prevention of lower limb osteoarthritisIt is deforming arthritis - a diseaseaccompanied by the destruction of joint cartilage degeneration and compensatory growth of the bone, leading to a narrowing of the joint space, deformation and limited mobility of the bone joints. Most often arthritis affects the joints of the lower extremities as the most loads throughout the human locomotor apparatus. Save your joints healthy will help you to simple measures of prevention of osteoarthritis, arising out of the main causes of disease.

    Movement against arthrosis leg joints

    The main risk factor is the age of osteoarthritis,and it is impossible to overcome at first glance. However, with regard to joint health is the main indicator does not figure in the passport, and the actual state of the bone joints and mobility.

    Walking, dancing, yoga, martial arts,swimming and many other types of physical activity, including the elements of the joint exercises, stretching exercises and the development of plastics contribute to the maintenance of blood circulation, provide adequate food joint tissues, prevent atrophy of tendons and muscles and retain the maximum amount of movement in the bone joint.

    Preventing injuries in fighting osteoarthritis leg joints

    Deforming arthrosis of the lower extremities oftendevelops after joint trauma, people professionally involved in sports, those whose work involves performing repetitive movements with heavy lifting, prolonged standing.

    Movement against arthrosis leg jointsReasonable limit stress on the joints protectfrom the injury of the articular cartilage, its premature wear and warn arthrosis feet. Choosing something for everyone, give preference to a safe sport, but during exercise, use the protection of the joints. Avoid sudden movements with the maximum amplitude of movements. If you have flat feet, always wear corrective orthotics. Comfortable low-heeled shoes to protect against arthrosis of small joints of the feet hitting the ankle and knee joints.
    Especially important is the prevention of osteoarthritis for those who have a genetic predisposition to the disease.

    Normal weight in favor joint health

    leg joints feel a tremendous burden,carrying the entire weight of the body. It is therefore not surprising that are too heavy burden becomes unbearable even for healthy bone joints. Articular cartilage is literally crushed body weight, cracks and begins to break down, exposing bone and stimulating the formation of osteophytes process. Obesity causes metabolic disorders in the body, which further exacerbates the arthrosis feet, quickly leading to the formation of contractures.

    Maintaining a healthy body weight - this isprevention of osteoarthritis of the lower extremities. Understanding this is especially important for women experiencing in the second half of life hormonal changes that affect the state of the whole organism, and in particular on the state of the musculoskeletal system.

    Nutrition and Prevention of deforming arthrosis

    Proper nutrition is important for all healthgood body condition and in particular joint. The diet should include adequate amounts of meat, fish, beneficial use of by-products containing a lot of collagen. You must be present fruits and vegetables, unrefined vegetable oils and dairy products.

    Warning arthrosis feet simple waysThe diet should help to maintain a normal body weight and the development of muscles and tendons that create a solid framework for the bone joints.

    In the state of articular cartilage disastrouseffect dehydration. To prevent arthritic leg joints important to drink plain water, up to 2 liters per day. At the same time, excessive fluid intake, combined with salty foods, water retention in the body and triggers swelling can lead to poor blood circulation in the area of ​​the joint and impaired cartilage nutrition. To cope with the situation will help a diet with restriction of salt.

    leg joints require constant care. Not supercool them, do not overload, protect from injury and you keep them healthy, flexible and young.

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