Prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee: folk remedies and Gymnastics


Osteoarthritis of the knee: Exercises for preventionIt is deforming osteoarthritis easier to prevent,than cure - it is an indisputable fact. Once started pathological process alone will not stop. When the destruction of cartilage has begun to prevent the complete immobilization of the joint is only capable of correctly chosen treatment. Traditional and popular treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee, joint exercises, diet, intake of dietary supplements, as well as baths, mud, sea bathing - all it favorably affects the knees and does not allow the state to defeat the disease.

Osteoarthritis of the knee: Gymnastics and K0

Prevention of knee joint osteoarthritis involves measures to prevent the disease and prevent its relapse.

Do not allow the development of the disease can help:

  • physical activity;
  • control and normalization of weight;
  • prevention and treatment of injuries of the joints;
  • correcting "errors of nature" - flatfoot correction of the curvature of the extremities, congenital hip dislocation.

A set of exercises for the prevention of osteoarthritis of the kneeWe often hear that the physicalload "wear out" joints - it is fundamentally not true. It would be strange if the knee arthritis caused Complex morning exercise. On the contrary, exercise classes, help maintain joint mobility, strengthen muscles, improve coordination, prevent injuries and illnesses, not worse, and even better than the favorite all the "national treatment". Osteoarthritis of the knee, or rather its prevention in people with joint injuries, overweight, lack of physical fitness does not mean heavy loads, but dosed walking, cycling, swimming, special articular gymnastics will bring only benefits.

Walking is the main exercisehuman, and that it should become a favorite protivoartroznym "popular" means. Osteoarthritis of the knee limits the load on the joints up to 30-40 minutes, but during the day the patient should take place on foot up to 7 km.

What exercises enables arthrosisknee? A set of exercises to include in the first stretching and slow motion with increasing amplitude. In this case it is better not to engage in independent action, and seek advice from the doctor LFK. Specially designed for osteoarthritis of the knee joint exercises, including a competent set of exercises will help to increase the mobility of the knee, will stimulate blood circulation and favor the regeneration of cartilage.

Power arthrosis

Prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee: folk remedies and GymnasticsOverweight - a common problem for the body, butfor the knee joints is a killer factor. Suffice it to say that an increase in body weight by only adding 1 kg to 4 kg load to each knee joint. Normalization of weight helps to reduce the burden and prevent the gonarthrosis, in which case it becomes a spectacular gymnastics help.

Note, there is a special diet atarthrosis. Traditional dishes such as pig ears, feet, aspic, ie products containing collagen, certainly useful, but not enough to be the apotheosis of folk treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee. The power of patients with osteoarthritis must include complex products - calcium suppliers, vitamins B and C.

Osteoarthritis of the knee folk remedies

As a self-help with osteoarthritis of the kneeeffective rubbing ointments, compresses on the basis of medicinal herbs that improve blood circulation in the area of ​​the joint. Folk remedies are effective diversionary therapy during exacerbations, warm, helps relieve pain, relax muscles, ligaments, improve joint mobility, promote restoration of cartilage and remission of the disease.

There is no doubt in the use of therapeutic mud baths,sea ​​bathing, massage, outdoor exercise. Besides the direct impact on the joints, it helps to relieve tension, tune in to the healing that is very important for any disease, including deforming arthrosis.

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