Osteoarthritis limbs as the reason for the transfer to another job


  • Osteoarthritis of the lower limbs: the treatment and disability
  • The diagnosis of osteoarthritis - a reason to change jobs

  • Osteoarthritis of the lower limbs: the treatment and disability Deforming osteoarthritis limbs -a chronic, progressive disease of the joints, usually requires a comprehensive, long-term and systematic treatment. The presence of the disease, leading to dysfunction of the joints, often causes partial or complete loss of ability to work, and a certificate of disability in this case is the reason for the reassignment or dismissal of the disability.

    Osteoarthritis of the lower limbs: the treatment and disability

    Treatment of osteoarthritis of the limbs and the accompanyingreactive synovitis is aimed at pain relief and stabilization of the pathological process, relapse prevention, prevention of destruction and restoration of function of the affected joints. In most cases, the disease is possible to pause at the initial stages, when the issue of disability certificates can not yet be considered. Proper and timely treatment is conservative, appointed immediately after the diagnosis of osteoarthritis, and including non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, glucocorticoids, helps to eliminate pain, reduce inflammation in reactive synovitis. The use of bio-stimulants chondroprotectors and helps to restore cartilage and increase joint mobility. Additionally, using physiotherapy (UHF, electrophoresis, phonophoresis, laser therapy, radiotherapy), are of great importance physical therapy and massage. Diagnosis deforming osteoarthritis is an indication for the annual spa treatment and destination of hydrogen sulfide, radon baths, mud applications and wraps.

    The diagnosis of osteoarthritis - a reason to change jobs The indication for surgery inarthrosis becomes significant impairment of joint function and not amenable to treatment of pain, which may be the real reason for the dismissal of a disability. Operations used today in osteoarthritis - it osteotomy, arthroplasty, arthrodesis and arthroplasty. Anyway, they are the reason for the issuance of a certificate of disability or incapacity, but its validity in this case depends on how rehabilitation will be carried out effectively.

    The term of temporary disability atdiagnosis of arthritis and reactive synovitis an average of 3 weeks, arthrosis grade 3, the breakthrough development of cysts and inflammation, he extended to 5-6 weeks. Surgical treatment, in particular osteotomy require leave from work for 6-8 months, while at the bilateral arthroplasty medical certificate shall be issued only for 2-3 months, followed by the direction of the medical and social expertise for help with the disability group.

    The diagnosis of osteoarthritis - a reason to change jobs

    Patients with deforming arthrosis is contraindicatedwork associated with significant physical stress and forced body position. The reason for the dismissal or transfer of the disability to another job can serve as the inevitable vibration, shaking, monotony and maintain a certain pace of work, the need for prolonged standing or walking. Adversely affect the course of osteoarthritis and are forced to look for another place for the employment of labor meteorological conditions that can cause inflammation and reactive synovitis.

    Osteoarthritis can cause disability or dismissal translationOsteoarthritis of the hip iscontraindication for work related to the stay on his feet, frequent torso vibration, forced working posture, low and high temperatures. An example in this case may be the work of the seller, a hairdresser, caster, miner, painter-plasterer, working conveyor.

    Dismissal of disability or transfer to anotherexpects the job who suffer osteoarthritis of the knee and running, for example, a waiter, driver, excavator, that is, those whose professional activity requires a prolonged stay on their feet pedaling and similar actions feet.

    Osteoarthritis of the ankle - a contraindication for the hard work on the legs with the lower limbs, at a remote location, place of work and the need to use public transport.

    Osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint is necessaryAvoid work requiring a large arm movements amplitude related to the lifting, handling and long-term retention of subjects, accompanied by vibration, shaking.

    Deforming arthrosis of the shoulder joint requiresnon-strenuous work-related stress and high amplitude movements of the elbow of the affected limb, which requires lifting, holding and movement of objects, monotonous movements, accompanied by vibration and shaking. For example, when the elbow osteoarthritis have to give up the profession painter - plasterer, fisherman, fitter, welder, violinist and cellist.

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