Plasmolifting - a new word in the treatment of diseases of the joints


Plasmolifting (Plasmolifting & Trade;)Plasmolifting lies in the injection of platelet autoplasma, which allows you to start the process of cellular update. During the procedure, the patient is closed from 9 ml to 36 ml (depending on the destination). The loss of such a minor amount of blood does not affect the patient's health and does not create obstacles to the full functioning of the body. Today, Plasmolifting method is used in different fields of medicine, including: dentistry, cosmetology, trichology, orthopedics and traumatology, sports medicine, urology and gynecology.

PLASMOLIFTING™ in orthopedics

Plasmolifting in orthopedics — This is an injection procedure for local stimulation of regenerative processes in tissues, ensuring the synergism of reducing reactions in the body. The method is aimed at accelerating the regenerative process in damaged areas. During the procedure, the injection form of autoplasms containing platelets, which in the form of injections is injected into the soft tissues surrounding the joint and directly into the body cavity. Injection autoplasms allow you to reduce the inflammatory process, stop pain and restore the volume of movements in the joint. Used in case of such diseases:

  • Arthritis and deforming arthrosis
  • bone resorption
  • painful spasms of muscles neck, back, legs
  • Osteochondrosis of the spine
  • Sports injuries
  • rehabilitation after operations, prosthetics or injuries.

Plasmolifting (Plasmolifting & Trade;)The effect achieved when using plasmolifting during treatment:

  • removal of muscle spasms;
  • elimination of pain;
  • restoration of the joint liquid;
  • improving the nutrition of the articular cartilage and accelerate its recovery;
  • activated blood circulation in the affected joint;
  • The pressure on the damaged bone tests is reduced and the distance between them increases;
  • The surrounding sick muscular joints are strengthened;
  • The meritation of the joint increases, a significant reduction in the rehabilitation period after injuries, operations and prosthetics.

This procedure is conducted by a doctor in a comprehensive clinic — Surgeon of the Higher Category Gritsenko Sergey Fedorovich.

Plasmolifting - a new word in the treatment of diseases of the joints

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