How to treat ankle osteoarthritis?


  • Basic principles of treatment of ankle arthrosis
  • Drug treatment of osteoarthritis of the ankle joint
  • Exercise therapy in osteoarthritis of the ankle

  • How to treat ankle osteoarthritis?The ankle joint is one of the most functionaland the most active of loaded in the locomotor apparatus of man. Discomfort, pain and limited mobility in the field almost immediately affect his walk on the ability to move and work, the expected load on the lower limbs. Osteoarthritis of the ankle joint - the most common problem that faced by orthopedic surgeon. That includes the treatment of osteoarthritis of the ankle? What are its features? A little bit about it.

    Basic principles of treatment of ankle arthrosis

    Treatment of osteoarthritis of the ankle joint - the processlaborious, treatment requires a special interest of the patient, his desire to scrupulously comply with all recommendations of the physician. Basic principles of treatment of osteoarthritis of the ankle joint, in fact, little different from the treatment of osteoarthritis and include the following.

    • Compliance with load mode on the joint use of crutches, wearing comfortable orthopedic shoes, special orthopedic insoles for correcting flatfoot or other foot defects.
    • Exercising with osteoarthritis of the ankle aimed at enhancing blood circulation, increase range of motion, strengthening ligaments, fixing the joint.
    • Physiotherapy.
    • Drug therapy, including "injections" into the joints.
    • Surgical correction of the joint to prevent the development of osteoarthritis, and as a solution to the problem of osteoarthritis in the final stage of the disease.
    • Spa treatment for the prevention of relapse and consolidate the effect as a result of intensive therapy and therapeutic exercises.

    Drug treatment of osteoarthritis of the ankle joint

    Drug treatment of osteoarthritis of the ankle jointDrug therapy in osteoarthritisankle - treatment, which implies both the removal of the acute symptoms of the disease, and the restoration of the destroyed cartilage in order to prevent further destruction of bone joints.

    When joint inflammation, synovitis development,the appearance of swelling in the ankle and permanent pain are usually prescribed non-steroidal glucocorticoid medications or drugs that have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. This therapy promotes rapid relief of acute and opens up opportunities for the use of other techniques. Therapeutic exercise and physiotherapy arthrosis in general and osteoarthritis of the ankle joint in particular is appointed for 4-5 hours, which contributes to the conservation of volume of movements in the joint.

    The "cold" period of the disease treatmentintended to prevent the destruction of cartilage and restore using drugs - chondroprotectors. Inside the joint entered the drug based on hyaluronic acid, qualitatively improving the joint fluid, cartilage nourishing, moisturizing it, restoring its firmness and elasticity, suspending arthritic ankle. Treatment hyaluronate possible in the absence of synovitis, in order to avoid inactivation of inflammatory enzymes.

    Exercise therapy in osteoarthritis of the ankle

    Exercise therapy in osteoarthritis of the ankleTreatment and prevention of ankle osteoarthritis is not possible without exercise. They are simple and accessible to everyone, for classes do not need to go to physical therapy office, they can be carried out entirely at home.

    Exercise 1st performed lying on your back with legs extended. Not straining, easily, with a minimum range of motion, alternately turning the foot over and on my own.

    Exercise 2nd called "rotation stops" and performed alternately in one and in the other direction.

    Exercise third - "walking, sitting on a chair," because it is done sitting on a chair, and stop motion reminiscent of walking.

    Class times recommended to increase the time from time, giving a total duration of up to 3 hours per day.

    Articular gymnastics with ankle arthrosisaimed at preventing atrophy of ligaments and muscles of the limbs, increase mobility and stimulate blood circulation in the joint. Simple exercises can perform even patients with osteoarthritis of grade 3, with the express limitation of joint mobility can use passive movements, manual therapy.

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