Medicine against osteoarthritis of the lumbar spine


  • What do we treat?
  • Features of medical treatment of osteoarthritis of the spine
  • Physiotherapy in spinal osteoarthritis

  • Medicine against osteoarthritis of the lumbar spineMorning stiffness, pain in the lower back and crunch whentorso backache and sciatica are familiar to many. Osteoarthritis of the lumbar spine - a chronic, progressive disease, with metabolic disturbances and destruction of the cartilage of the intervertebral discs, joint space narrowing of the intervertebral joints and limited mobility of the spine. To find an effective means against the lumbar osteoarthritis, it is necessary to know the mechanisms of its development and present, what exactly caused the symptoms.

    What do we treat?

    Osteoarthritis of the spine accompanied by malnutrition intervertebral cartilage, which explains the decrease in their stability in the usual loads of damage destruction.

    Chondrocyte damage results in the release of mediators inflammationAnd the development of arthritis and periarthritis, becomes an additional factor in the development of osteoarthritis.

    Inflammation, a violation of the anatomical relations and vertebral mobility, Impairment of nerve fibers leads to pain.

    The main directions of therapy against osteoarthritis of the spine

    • Relief of pain and inflammation by means of medical treatment of osteoarthritis.
    • Restoring the normal anatomy of the spine using manual therapy and physical therapy.
    • Increasing the mobility of the joints of the spine Therapeutic exercises with osteoarthritis.
    • Improved circulation and nutrition of intervertebral discs.
    • Restore cartilage and intervertebral discs of the articular surfaces of the vertebrae using chondroprotectors - drugs for the treatment of osteoarthritis.

    Features of medical treatment of osteoarthritis of the spine

    What are the treatments for osteoarthritisDrug treatment of spinal osteoarthritis carried out by the same rules as the treatment of arthrosis of any localization.

    For the relief of acute pain and reduce inflammation apply nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. they are important for the treatment of osteoarthritis as asymptomatic drugs (diclofenac, meloxicam, nimesulide) in acute, do not restore cartilage and have a fairly large number of side effects. , Medication is prescribed injections, parenteral administration of drugs is complemented by their external use in the form of ointments, gels, creams (Fastum-gel finalgel) In order to fight against the lumbar osteoarthritis to avoid the negative impact of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs on the gastrointestinal tract.

    When back pain caused by muscle spasm, it is recommended the use of muscle relaxants - agents for the treatment of osteoarthritis, relaxation of striated muscles (Mydocalmum, baclofen).

    Drug treatment of osteoarthritis in lumbarBetween its exacerbations involves the use chondroprotectors (stopartroz, alflutop, terafleks) capable coupled with physiotherapy for osteoarthritis have a pronounced therapeutic effect, especially in the early stages of disease development. Chondroprotectors effect is based on the ability to stimulate the recovery processes of cartilage, improve the condition of the intervertebral discs and articular cartilage. Hondroprotetory as preparations for the treatment of lumbar osteoarthritis, may be useful to the patient, provided their proper use.

    Physiotherapy in spinal osteoarthritis

    Drug treatment of osteoarthritis, methodsTherapeutic exercises, as well as massage, whilespondyloarthrosis aimed at enhancing the blood circulation in the problem area, improved nutrition of tissues of the joints, creating favorable conditions for the restoration of cartilage. Regular exercise help to increase the mobility of the intervertebral joints, the development of the back muscles, strengthening the muscular corset, holding the spine in an anatomically correct position and protects it from injury.

    A set of exercises with lumbar osteoarthritis include all kinds of circular movements the body, exercises with a hoop, swimming, football.

    Massage and manual therapy as waysnon-drug exposure to help restore the shape of the spine, weaken muscle contraction, activate blood circulation and metabolism in the joints. Physiotherapy has an additional analgesic, anti-inflammatory and stimulating effect on recovery processes of cartilage.

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