Treatment of Mikosa

«Mycosis» - a harmless word can bring a lot of trouble. Peeling and becomes dry skin, cracks appear on it, which get down, then amazed nail plates of hands and feet. The concept is collective, since there are more than 500 species of pathogens of fungal infection. Therefore, the diseases are called differently: candidiasis, epidermofilation, deprived, pass.

«Mycosis» - harmless, at first glance, the word can bring a lot of trouble. Peeling and becomes dry skin, cracks appear on it, which get down, then amazed nail plates of hands and feet. We think you already realized that we are talking about such a disease like fungus. Just a scientifically called it «mycosis» (Ancient Greek. «Mykes» - mushroom). The concept is collective, since there are more than 500 species of pathogens of fungal infection. Therefore, diseases are called differently. The most common ones: candidiasis, rubred and epidermofiytium (Mycoses Stop and nails), eczema, deprived, pass, and so tormenting many dandruff. Our site will help to deal with how the fungus is taken in our body, and will tell how to deal with his integral impact.

Why mycosis everywhere?

Treatment of Mikosa
According to statistics, every fourth person on the planet suffers from one or another fungal disease. Where is the contamination? Everyone knows that the human body - the habitat of a large number of bacteria and fungi. They love themselves in harmony with our body, without having given us no hassle. But at one point everything can change, fungi can start incontrolled together and grow. There may be several reasons:

  • high sugar diet or other type of carbohydrate;
  • disorder of intestinal flora due to taking antibiotics or other drugs;
  • infected water or even air;
  • Reducing immunity.

Any of these reasons activates various types of fungi, which can lead to disease internal organs. Because of it, bronchitis, pneumonia, stomach candidiasis, intestines and vagina can develop, suffer from ENT organs (ear, throat, nose) - otitis, Phariromicosis, laryngomykosis. And another mass of other diseases where the pathogen is the fungal!

Well, most often the fungus is striking the skin, and then it gets to the nails. It is about this cunning fungus that we will talk in this article. So, infection occurs in different places (both public and houses) and from different people. Wet environment is needed for breeding and growing fungus. And where to take it? Right - in swimming pools, baths and shower. It is there you can pick up a fungus from an already infected person. And also - wet shoes, so often athletes and military are subject to infection.

Mikoza pathogens except «Love» to humidity, do not have discomfort and dry rooms. When an infected person loses skin scales or hair from the foci of damage, then the fungi do not die, they only wait «Sacrifice». And getting on the human skin, they again begin to grow and multiply. As a result - mycosis is provided to you!

In addition to the above public places, a person can become infected in the locker room of the fitness center, and in the hotel, and on the beach, and in manicure-pedicure salons, and even at home or friends. So do not use someone else's footwear, clothes and toiletries, do not go barefoot. Use antifungal sprays and aerosols for prevention. Wear comfortable shoes that will not provoke foot sweating.

It happens that infection occurs from the animal. For example, fungal hair damage. But it happens in very rare cases.

Who in the risk area?

Stop and nail fungus - the most common disease today. Nobody insured from him. Although if your immunity is in order, then you yourself will cope with mycosis. But maybe differently. It happens that entering into the struggle, the immune system can provoke allergies. And then the disease can proceed very hard.

Below is a list of what is leading to the infection of the fungus stop and nails:

  1. Blood Disturbance in Legs.
  2. Overweight - «friend» different diseases, including fungal infections.
  3. Different deformations and trauma stop.
  4. Wearing poor-quality shoes, and even worse - from synthetics.
  5. Diseases that reduce blood flow to the footsteps: Varicose, diabetes, Reino disease (limb vessels are reduced by a very long time, it leads to a decrease in blood supply to these regions).
  6. Young (exposed to microsporia - a ringless deprived) and an elderly age (micaosis of the skin and nails).
  7. Immunodeficiency states. This applies to HIV-infected and to people, long-term host Antibiotics, Corticosteroids (steroid hormones).

Signs fungus stop and nails

Treatment of Mikosa
The question immediately arises: can an ordinary person understand that she picked up a mushroom stop or nails? Of course, no, dry skin says not only about fungal diseases. Although the symptoms of infection with fungus stop the same type. The defeat begins with interpal folds, and does not cause any discomfort. Only one or more cracks appear, which you may not pay attention immediately. But when there is a further spread and the side surfaces of the stop are affected, here you will understand that something is wrong. Dryness, peeling, and then itch. And in frequent cases itching and burning is simply terrible. The skin becomes thicker, begins to blush and glitter. If you have never started treatment, bubbles with transparent liquid appear. They burst and cause the effect of wet skin, while causing unbearable pain and do not heal for a long time. Fight fungus can move to the feet and the back side of the foot. Disease progresses!

And what makes the fungus with nails? They fill up, acquire with time dirty gray. Begin to thicken, while becoming fragile and brittle. The edge of the nail is very uneven, he seemed to be released. In the end, the nail is simply destroyed. Such an empty relationship to your own health can lead to more serious problems. Some types of fungi synthesize poisonous substances, and as a result - toxins can accumulate in the body.

Ageless perspective, though?! It's time to treat it for a long time, but if you didn't take care of your health, mycles strongly advises not slow.

Traditional medicine comes to help

Treatment of Mikosa
What to treat this dirty fungus? The most important thing - before the start of treatment it is necessary to determine the type of fungus, as well as the sensitivity to antifungal drugs. Therefore, do not engage in self-medication - go to the doctor!

If the micaosis is detected in the early stages, then consider that you are lucky, he is treated for a week-other antifungal ointment. At the same time, ointments are effective for today, sprays and gels not only kill the fungus, but also delay in the nails for a long time, and often even improve the state of the nails.

There are antifungal varnishes for local treatment. They are applied only 1-2 times a week. If the disease is running, then the combined drugs are used, in them antifungal components plus components that soften the horns. This allows you to deal with nail seals.

If there are already cracks, erosion and ulcers on the skin of the foot, it is recommended to do warm feet baths in a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

Today there is a fairly wide selection of antifungal drugs, both local and systemic applications. We will tell only about several of them, aimed at the treatment of the most common types of fungus Stop and nails. Widely advertised lowland (outdoor cream). Apply it on the skin of the feet and nails, slightly rubbed (1-2 times a day). Lamizil - applied to the washed and dried skin of the foot and nails, rubbing (1 time / day, course - 1 week). Aongal (Iratenazole) - a wide spectrum medicine. The duration of treatment is from 2 to 6 weeks. Termicon - Applied also for treatment. Course - 1 week.

Side effects of new drugs are minimal. But this does not mean that it is not necessary to consult a doctor. Only the doctor will be able to choose an individual treatment scheme. In addition, when it comes to fungal lesion of the skin (including brushes and stop), experts prefer to use drugs that are applied to the lesion focus, and not accepted in the form of capsules and pills inside.

Treatment treatment, but you need to remember about the disinfection of everything, with which the fungus comes into contact. Need to handle floors, walls, bathroom equipment, personal belongings: shoes, lingerie, personal care products.

Home Treatment Treatment Mikosov

Treatment of Mikosa
If you are an opponent of traditional medicine, then in the early stages of the disease you can take advantage of the recipes of traditional medicine. Below the list of the most effective methods of treating the skin of the skin stop and nails.

  1. Garlic in combination with butter. Garlic rubbed and mixed with butter (one to one). Apply a mixture to the affected areas before recovery.
  2. Garlic, alcohol and distilled water. Squeeze the juice of garlic, mix with a 90-degree alcohol, add distilled water. Neatly lubricate infected areas before recovery.
  3. Grass Veronika. Boiling 2 stems of Veronica's herbs in 1 liter of water, about 5 minutes. When the decoction becomes warm, you need to make a foot bath (for 10-15 minutes). Course treatment - 10-15 baths.
  4. Sea salt. In order to make a bath from sea salt, you need to take 1 spoon of sea salt, dissolve it in 1 liter of water. Rinse the skin with a solution every day. Course - 10 days.
  5. Propolis. The affected places should be lubricated by 20-30% alcohol solution of propolis. Course - 3-4 weeks.
  6. Onion. Estropy bulb in Cashitz, put on the affected areas before recovery.
  7. Mint leaves with salt salt. Estropy, put between your fingers for about 1 hour. The procedure to repeat the fungus to disappear.
  8. Iodine. Twice a day to process the nails affected by the fungus 5% iodine. Burning will appear. If it is not very bothering, then everything is in order. If burning intensifies, lubricate not so often. Course - about 20 days.
  9. Lilac with alcohol. 10 g of lilac flowers pour 0,5 glasses of alcohol. Insist 10-15 days. Lubricate affected places before recovery.
  10. Water with soda and salt. Very useful cool baths with one tablespoon of drinking soda and salt. Keep legs in water until water cool down, after which we rinse them with clean water.

And a couple of recipes from Wise Vangu:

  • Swim strong coffee (not to throw out the sediment), to hold your arms or legs in coffee several times, depending on the lesion;
  • Lubricate sick places «milk» Any type of milk. The juice of this plant helps in the treatment and removal of non-healing ulcers, warts affected by a nail fungus, deprived.

What will happen if not treated? Forecast disappointing, because the micaosis is not cured by itself. It will spread further, hitting healthy skin sections. What will lead to the appearance of bacterial infections, will cause allergic diseases, up to development Bronchial asthma. Worst already available chronic diseases. And the most unpleasant - you will become a walking infection that affects not only unfamiliar people, but relatives and loved ones.

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