Scientists recommend to treat the back and joints ALMAG. Live without pain


  • The device "ALMAG"

  • The device "ALMAG"

    Editors' MedKrug "gets a lot of letters from theirreaders to tell you more about the possibilities of the instrument "ALMAG" manufactured Elatomsky Instrument Factory. On the questions we asked to answer the chief of the medical department Ivanova AV

    - Alexei V., which treats disease "ALMAG"?

    - This is a disease and damagemusculoskeletal system and their consequences, osteochondrosis, arthritis and arthrosis, hypertension stage I-II, asthma, pancreatitis, biliary dyskinesia, peptic ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer, dermatitis, gynecological diseases, complications of diabetes, chronic non-specific lung disease and other common diseases.

    Scientists recommend to treat the back and joints ALMAG. Live without pain- The spectrum of diseases is very diverse. How did they treat "ALMAG"?

    - Traveling pulsed magnetic field ALMAG,acting on the tissue, causing improved blood circulation, stimulates the body's defenses, stimulates the metabolism. As a result disappears soreness and swelling, relieves inflammation. Against this background, the treatment of the effectiveness of drugs that can reduce the dose until the complete rejection of them.

    - For example, in atherosclerosis improves ALMAGblood circulation in the legs, reduces pain, reduces lameness. When varicose ALMAG strengthens vein walls and reduces the size of enlarged veins. Thrombosis ALMAG reduces blood clotting, promotes the partial dissolution of blood clots, reduces pain and swelling. Strength ALMAG is that doctors use it even for the treatment of venous ulcers, which are generally difficult to treat.

    - With the acquisition of ALMAG costs of medicines andor other treatment reduced the need for such expense is eliminated. Often one ALMAG treated as a family: husband - osteochondrosis, wife - varicose veins, mother-in-law - hypertension ... and each unit gives its characteristic "light; comfortable; indispensable; outsiders do not need help; I generally sleep only with him; I do not know how you ever managed without it. "

    - How to use the product?

    - Compact and simple techniqueALMAG applications allow you to use prescribed by a doctor, both in clinical and home environments. The treatment course is 10-20 procedures 1-2 times a day for 10-20 minutes.

    ALMAG is designed so that it is convenient to carry outtreatment to the patient (without assistance). Its four medical inductor, connected to each other in a flexible chain, it is easy to wrap around the joint, you can go back to them. ALMAG has on the body sparing effect and is used in almost any age. They can be treated even debilitated patients, the elderly and anyone who other treatment is contraindicated.

    Using them can be almost all members of the family for a long time (the life of the machine for intensive use at least 5 years).

    Like all medical means, there are contraindications, therefore before use, consult with a specialist.

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    ALMAG - a good doctor for you and your family, which is always at your fingertips!

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