Unique and effective method of treating hemorrhoids


Unique and effective method of treating hemorrhoidsProctological diseases – This is usually pain, suffering and discomfort. However, contact a doctor does not rush to the doctor, postponing a visit for later. The fact is that the positive representations of the methods of treatment are outdated.
More recently, it was possible to get rid of this disease only with the help of the operation. Because great fear of suffering from hemorrhoids.

In fact, only 5-10% of patients need operations, the rest should receive outpatient assistance using non-operationary painless methods.

A special complex of minimally invasive, endoscopic and drug methodologies has been developed to remove hemorrhoidal nodes. The procedure takes a few minutes and the patient immediately feels relief.

Unique and effective method of treating hemorrhoidsOne of the first doctors we applied the methods of seamless connection of tissues – Candidate of Medical Sciences Jalagia Ruslan Arsenovich – Proctologist complex clinic, successfully conducts such treatment. To take advantage of these methods, patients from Italy, Israel, Germany, Croatia, USA, Cyprus and other countries go to the doctor today.

This method is based on a tissue seamless connection. The procedure is carried out outpatient, painless, complications are practically absent.

During treatment, the hemorrhoids patient leads a familiar lifestyle to him with small nutrition restrictions (alcohol, sharp and pickled) and lifting weights.

The method of seamless compound of tissues is divided into several techniques of non-operational removal of tissues: photocoagulation (laser or infrared) is the destruction of tissues under the action of heat, which comes from a light source illuminating this tissue; Splerosation of blood vessels - introduction into the clearance of the vessel of chemical preparations gluing its walls, after which the vessel is dissipated; The compression of the hemorrhoidal node, which interrupts blood circulation in the node (after which the node disappears without a trace)

The efficiency of non-functional removal hemorrhoids is very high!

The root causes of hemorrhoids are often chronic constipation associated with intestinal function disorders. To restore the intestinal motor function in a comprehensive clinic, a specially designed diet, reflexotherapy, phytotherapy, is also successfully applied. Thus, you have the opportunity to not only get rid of the effects of hemorrhoids (knots and cracks), but also prevent its development.

It is very important that when treating hemorrhoids during pregnancy, it is recommended to use a non-operation method. Mandatory in our clinic is that the treatment of hemorrhoids in pregnant women is carried out under the supervision of an experienced obstetrician gynecologist.

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