Spinal osteoarthritis: Disability is not for you!


  • You have arthritis? Your doctor recommends that spare back!
  • Osteochondrosis can be cured! Love hard!
  • To the treatment of osteoarthritis of the house it was effective ...
  • Osteoarthritis of the spine can be treated if a healthy lifestyle!

  • Spinal osteoarthritis: Disability is not for you! "The disease is easier to prevent than to cure!"- This fully applies to the vertebral arthrosis, doctor, for sure, I not just tell you this sacramental phrase when trying to convince you to lead a healthy lifestyle and be a little more active physically. "Nothing of any arthritis can be cured," you thought, ignoring the doctor's advice.

    Back pain is not long in coming. It came suddenly, when you tie shoelaces, come and change your attitude towards life. "Osteoarthritis, disability, wheelchair ..." series of gloomy thoughts were led to believe in the old adage, and you finally think about your health.

    Naturally, the time to visit the doctor youNo, you're a busy person, you best treatment of osteoarthritis pozvonchnika at home, and the doctor recommended you to a special set of exercises. Nothing is impossible! Start and remember what the rules must comply with the one who has had problems with his back, caused by spinal osteochondrosis and arthrosis. Disability is you do not joke!

    Of course, this exaggeration, in the initial stages ofvertebral arthrosis full disability is not threatened, but the life of this sore can change very abruptly. Forget about the fact that the symptoms of spinal osteoarthritis can be cured, they must be prevented! So it's time to think about prevention.

    You have arthritis? Your doctor recommends that spare back!

    To load on his back was a minimum, you need tothe maximum time to be in a comfortable position and periodically flexes muscles to maintain circulation and metabolic processes in the spine - this is one of the main conditions for the prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis in the home.

    • You do not stay long in the vertical position.
    • Do not make sudden movements, turns, tilts.
    • Most change the position of the body during work and leisure.
    • Try to keep your back straight.
    • Most kneads.

    Osteochondrosis can be cured! Love hard!

    Your bed should be semi-rigid, and the mattress follows every curve of the spine, in an ideal - a pillowtop mattress and pillow.

    Choose chairs and armchairs with a rigid curvedback, soft - not for you, press down your back against the back of a chair or armchair, keep straight, do not lower your head. Getting up out of bed or a chair or lean on your hands, work the muscles of the legs and buttocks, do not strain your back.

    To the treatment of osteoarthritis of the house it was effective ...

    Spinal arthritis can be cured!Do not lift weights! If you have osteoarthritis, any doctor would insist on it.

    • Make it a rule to exercise massage the back, do a little workout.
    • Do not lift more than 10 kg.
    • Do not lift gravity back muscles on the extended hands, first sit down, take a load to push yourself and then working leg muscles, rise.
    • When carrying heavy objects evenly distribute the load on two hands, as if the object alone, wear it in front of him, pressed to the body.
    • If you have back problems emerged, only to do hard labor in a corset or a special belt.
    • Give your back a rest, lie down, hung on the crossbar, stretch.
    • Weeding the beds, cleaning floors - the work to be performed on his knees.
    • Forget about shoes with high heels, wear comfortable shoes with orthopedic soles.

    Osteoarthritis of the spine can be treated if a healthy lifestyle!

    • Move more, you walk, swim, perform therapeutic exercises, they will create muscular system and the spine will save him from injury.
    • Take a contrast shower, tempers, it stimulates blood circulation and improves nutrition of cartilage.
    • Do not supercool, it is fraught with the development of autoimmune processes.
    • Avoid stress, they cause a spasm of the muscles and blood vessels, leading to a deterioration in the metabolism of cartilage.
    • Eat right, overweight - excess load on the spine, provoking the development of osteoarthritis, your doctor probably told you about it.
    • Do not smoke or drink alcohol, it exacerbates the metabolic disturbances in bone and cartilage tissue.

    As you can see, a little effort and symptoms of osteoarthritis and arthrosis of vertebral joints you can avoid!

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