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  • Symptoms - symmetry, restraint and harmony ...
  • Treatment - Traditional
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  • Rheumatoid arthritis - it erosive joint damage - erosion formed on the articular surfaces, which gradually destroys the joints.

    Its causes are still not clear. Patients are usually associated with the onset of the disease colds, stress, sore throat, abortion and even a bad heredity. Indeed, rheumatoid arthritis often occurs in relatives. There are people from birth are prone to develop it. Today, however, doctors believe that the disease is caused by certain viruses, but what exactly is not known to science. Suffering from rheumatoid arthritis are not more than 2% of the people on the ground. And the women among them 3 times more than men.

    The disease can begin at any age. Rheumatoid arthritis occurs in young children and very old people, but most often affects the person in the most active and able-bodied period of life - from 20 to 40 years old. Each patient's disease is individually - some may develop over the years, other strikes quickly and aggressively. Unfortunately, particularly destructive rheumatoid arthritis develops in children.

    Symptoms - symmetry, restraint and harmony ...

    About Rheumatoid Arthritis Perhaps one of the main criteria by whichdisease can be determined, is symmetrical joint disease. Usually it is a healthy person suddenly, for no apparent reason inflame the small joints of the hands and feet, and at once on both sides. Joints ache, swell, swell. During the acute phase of the disease in the patient's temperature rises, like the flu, it may feel chills, weakness, lack of appetite. Often thanks to "colds" symptoms of a person for a long time did not go to the doctor, trying to be treated independently from ARI.

    As a result of chronic inflammation of the patientrheumatoid arthritis lose appetite and always lean. Unfortunately, fatigue - poor appetite, weakness unfounded, depressed mood - an essential companion and accompanying symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. The patient is disturbed protein metabolism, there is a thinning and deterioration of muscles (amyotrophy), located near the inflamed joint. Often, the disease involved and other vital organs.

    The third defining feature of rheumatoid arthritisIt can be called morning stiffness. Waking up, the person does not feel pain, but feels strange, but incredibly strong desire not to move at all. When expressed aggravation he could lie motionless hour, two or more, as long as the physical therapy will not take medication. Sometimes, morning stiffness can last until the evening. I confess that I have great respect for their patients. This courageous people, every day for them - the struggle with the pain. Although, as a rule, patients with rheumatoid arthritis, nervous and irritated, since the constant exhausting pain prevents them to live, change the mentality and character.

    Treatment - Traditional

    Rheumatoid arthritis should be treated andFortunately, any general practitioner knows how to help the patient. First we need to relieve the inflammation, which helps reduce pain, reduce temperature, fatigue and asthenia. Next, it is important to stop the destruction of the joints, help the patient to avoid the wheelchair.

    Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis with sufficient claritydeveloped. For removal of inflammation to the patient is prescribed a steroid (prednisone and similar to it) or nonsteroidal (Ortophenum, diclofenac, ibuprofen, and others.) Anti-inflammatory drugs. Unfortunately, removing the pain and inflammation, they do not address the underlying processes. To cope with the disease and halt the destruction of joint tissues helps to basic therapy, which includes aminohinolinovogo drugs (Plaquenil, delagil), sulfasalazine, methotrexate, the most widely used and new drug Arava.

    Treatment - Alternative

    For the majority of funds of alternative (folk)Medicine in Rheumatology negative attitude. Moreover, doctors warn about the harm caused by man himself, running around the healers and sorcerers. First of all, in the first place, the majority of people's money is absolutely useless, and relief that sometimes feels sick, is based solely on the effects of psychotherapy. And secondly, until the patient loses valuable time, the disease progresses. Joint problems a lot, and at the time, as any doctor knows exactly what the patient suffers and treats his sighting, witch doctor trying to save people from "something rheumatic." So that neither the physician nor the patient have no idea what they are fighting.

    But it is undeniable that the best means of folkMedicine may be taken classical medicine. Many applications, ointments and compresses really help relieve the pain. However, like any other heat used in traditional academic medicine. After all, most people's packs based on vodka, but because they are warming the affected area, relieve the pain a little bit drained - aspirated blood and lymph from the affected part. As for other methods, such as fasting or excessive treatment decoction of herbs, use of them is not much. Often, confusing rheumatoid arthritis with osteoarthritis, patients are trying to bring "salt", taking a decoction of maize stigmas or horsetail. In fact, for the "salt" take overgrown bone in osteoarthritis, which is, of course, no stigmas not withdraw. And if it fails, the person would just crumbled to pieces.

    Treatment - an innovative

    Boating patients on traditional healers ingeneral, it is understandable. Until recently, the conventional rheumatology patients did not indulge rosy hopes. Only a few years ago, there was an explosion of Rheumatology. fundamentally new drugs have been developed, the so-called "biological agents". It is certain substances that are struggling with the perpetrators of the inflammatory process. While this innovative therapy is used only in a few, highly specialized and well-equipped centers. Preparations are fairly expensive because the newly invented, difficult to manufacture, require clarification action and good clinical studies mechanisms. But today rheumatologists all over the world are confident that preparations for Anticytokine great future. It is hoped that the disease is rheumatoid arthritis will be able to reverse. Some scientists hope to completely cure an incurable disease earlier.

    No room for error

    As with any other disease, forrheumatoid arthritis to a great extent depends on the patient. Unfortunately, among them there is an often successful conviction of the possibility of self-treatment. "I have a chronic disease, doctors do not help, then I will be treated yourself" often argue such patients. However, it is for people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, you need to constantly keep in touch with the doctors, and to control the degree of inflammation. Because many drugs they take have side effects. For example, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can cause stomach ulcers and high blood pressure. Only a doctor can tell what medicine should be deleted and a start to apply instead.

    Often, patients with rheumatoid arthritis are tryingtreated with antibiotics alone. However, doctors do not have reliable information that the disease is amenable to such therapy and no doctor antibiotics as a treatment does not appoint. Himself sick so we should not give your body the extra load.

    Furthermore, one should not chase cheapness. Choose a cheaper drug can not be well cleaned and give more side effects on the already unnerved body. So the valuation of the treatment have to be negotiated with the doctor.

    And the last. It is always suffering from rheumatoid arthritis patients often go to healers or use newfangled, untested tools. A special trust for some reason are very ornate, exotic and non-standard methods of treatment. Of course, it is impossible to ban their use, but warn your doctor the use of any miracle powder, it is necessary.

    It's important to know!

    Physical activity is very important for patientsrheumatoid arthritis. It will help prevent the atrophy of muscle tissue and the formation of contractures (joint stiffness), will keep the motor functions. And in rheumatoid arthritis can give the load even through the pain. As diet, it is not fully developed. To support the body of the patient is recommended to take a sufficient amount of protein. And, struggling with malnutrition, is not limited to the fats and carbohydrate.

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