What creaking joints


But, nevertheless, it is necessary to know the differences, since these diseases are treated differently.

arthritis - A group of diseases in which the primaryinflammation of the joint, sometimes one, often several. The reason - in violation of the work of immunity, the disease develops gradually, and the reason for its manifestation may be hypothermia, a harmless cold, stress.

There are arthritis at different ages, but mostheavy and dangerous - Rheumatoid - most often affects people in their most productive, from 30 to 50 years. Women suffer three times more often than men because female hormones increase inflammation. Arthritis joint is hot, swollen, stiff. If left untreated, it can bring to a disability within 1-2 years.

arthrosis - A group of diseases, too, but they start withchanges in joint tissues, often age or after injury. Gradually accumulate microtrauma of the cartilage lining the joint, there is pain, limited movement. And only then often there is inflammation. With arthrosis is also best to go to the doctor immediately, and not to self - then the chance of recovery is much higher.

Remove the pain - is half the battle

Of course, the main thing for the patient, the doctor helpedremove joint pain, sometimes unbearable. And for this purpose in the treatment of joint diseases is widely used non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) - long known diclofenac, ibuprofen and newer celecoxib, nimesulide. These drugs - a great boon for patients, but it is a mistake to think that they cure the disease. Treat and arthritis, arthrosis and completely different drugs - the so-called basic drugs.

For basic arthritis drugs are immunosuppressants - drugs that normalize the activity of the immune response (methotrexate, leflunomide, infliximab, rituximab).

For the treatment of arthrosis usedhondroprotektory, i.e. preparations comprising cartilage components (glucosamine, chondroitin), as well as herbal medicines - extracts of avocado and soya. Hyaluronic acid are introduced directly into the affected joint by injection.

Tips for everyday

With the onset of cold weather is often an aggravation of chronic diseases of the joints. What should I do to avoid this?

  • What creaking jointsThe most important thing - to strictly adhererecommendations of your doctor - says MD Dmitry Karateev. - In chronic diseases of the joints is important to regularly take medication, do not skip the visits to the doctor.
  • With the onset of autumn are more common respiratoryinfection. And any general inflammation can stimulate inflammation in the joints. So be careful, try not to get sick with colds, avoid contact with patients with infectious diseases.
  • Avoid hypothermia, keep joints warm.
  • But do not get carried away and warming procedures - they, too, can cause aggravation.
  • You can not move too little, but also excess physical exertion dangerous. The best way to solve the problem of load with your doctor.
  • It should be varied and balanced diet. But the recommendation to eat more foods with gelatin (like jelly, aspic, etc.) - this is from the myths, the state of the joints it has no effect.

Vitamins for knees

Patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis who needregularly take vitamin C, said Robert Davis, professor of physiology at Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine. If during the day to take around 500 mg, it is not too high, but enough to condition improved.

Try to eliminate from the diet of tomatoes,eggplant and pepper all species except black. There is evidence that they can cause an allergic reaction, that is, immune response, which is the basis of joint inflammation.

Reduce your consumption of vegetable oils andmargarine. Studies have shown that oils high in omega-6 fatty acids may increase joint inflammation. Two types of oils are low in omega-6: olive and rapeseed. They can be consumed in moderation. Include in your diet vegetable juices that reduce joint pain: carrot, celery, cabbage. However, first check with your doctor.

From the smallest to the oldest

It is believed that with joint problemsoccur in the elderly. This is not true. Arthritis, in particular rheumatoid, can strike at any age, even very young children. Younger and arthritis - Doctors attribute this to the fact that we work less physically, but often wrong load their joints while you exercise, weight lifting, etc. Injuries occur, then in the injured joint develops osteoarthritis.

Effective but expensive

Most new drugs are used to treatArthritis - the so-called biological (not to be confused with the biologically active food additives!). These high-tech and very expensive drugs acupressure on the molecules involved in causing inflammation.

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