Osteoarthritis of the knee: the treatment of intra-articular injections


  • Osteoarthritis of the knee and "shots" of glucocorticoids
  • Osteoarthritis of the knee, treatment with hyaluronic acid

  • Osteoarthritis of the knee: the treatment of intra-articular injectionsDrug therapy occupies an important place inthe treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee. But when taken orally and intramuscular medication reaches "the point of the patient" not at once, not in full, losing some of its power, exerting a negative impact on other organs and systems. To optimize treatment, reduce the loss of efficacy and to avoid side effects in drug therapy using gonarthrosis intraarticular injection.

    At first "shots" in the joint used inas emergency aid to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and alleviate the patient's condition. But later they began to be used and other drugs recommended for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee. Treatment of intra-articular injections has become a new goal - the restoration of articular cartilage.

    Osteoarthritis of the knee and "shots" of glucocorticoids

    A reliable way how to treat osteoarthritis of the kneeThe most common variant of drugarthrosis therapy in general and in particular arthrosis of the knee - glucocorticoid treatment. Indeed, how to treat osteoarthritis of the knee joints without these drugs, if they help to quickly relieve inflammation and reduce pain in synovitis with swelling and swelling of the joint? However, frequent and long-term use of hormones can not only benefit, but also cause great harm.

    Such drugs as hydrocortisone, diprospan,kenalog, tseleston, flosteron relating to a group of hormonal agents, do not treat the joint, but only relieve symptoms. They do not improve the condition of the cartilage, does not restore his power, does not activate blood circulation in the area of ​​the knee. Their use is limited to a period of acute osteoarthritis when synovitis, pain and fluid in the joint cavity does not allow you to perform therapeutic exercise, manual therapy, physiotherapy.

    How to treat osteoarthritis of the knee with glucocorticoids?

    • Only with symptoms of synovitis, ie in the presence of inflammation.
    • Focusing on the effect of the first injection. The subsequent administration of the drug has less effect, the need for it is doubtful if there is no result from the first time.
    • Intra-articular injection in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis performed not more than 1 time in 10 days, based on the cumulative effect. A more frequent use of hormone increases the risk of side effects.

    Why "injections" hormones are dangerous?

    • Each injection increases the risk of joint infection.
    • Each injection - is an injury to the joint.
    • Frequent administration of hormones slows cartilage regeneration.
    • Side effects worsen the condition of patients in the presence of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, kidney failure, ulcers and many other diseases.

    Osteoarthritis of the knee, treatment with hyaluronic acid

    Osteoarthritis of the knee, treatment with hyaluronic acidHow to treat gonarthrosis way to restore cartilage and really feel the effect of the therapy?

    About 10 years ago, in the arsenal of drugs used by podiatrists, there hyaluronic acid preparations are very effective in osteoarthritis, including the knee.

    Hyaluronic acids such as giastatSynvisc, Austen fermatron, dyuralan called "liquid proteases", when injected into the joint cavity act as a "healthy" synovial fluid, the lubricating joint surface cartilage supply, enabling its restoration.

    Creating on the articular cartilage surface of a thinfilm, improving its sliding, hyaluronic acid protects cartilage from abrasion and damage. Penetrating into the cartilage and for bringing a water cure restores the "dry" cartilage, increases its elasticity and firmness.

    Prior to treat osteoarthritis of the kneehyaluronic acid, it is necessary to stop the inflammation. Such drugs are rapidly destroyed in the inflammation of the joints, which means that the effect can not be expected from the treatment.

    Treatment of osteoarthritis complicated with arthritis begin withthe appointment of NSAIDs and intra-articular administration of glucocorticoids, after the relief of inflammation is carried out with hyaluronic acid therapy.

    Inside hondroprotektory joints and administered, yet their effectiveness as compared with half the hyaluronic acid, and longer treatment.

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