Atopic dermatitis: when the itching interferes with life


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Atopic dermatitis: when the itching interferes with lifeAtopic dermatitis - is the most commonskin disease of infancy and childhood. The number of children suffering from this disease is increasing every year. And heredity factor plays a key role in this regard. Referring to the statistics, if atopic is only one of the parents, the probability of occurrence of the disease in a child is 50-60%. However, if both parents are allergic pronounced with a penchant for skin diseases, the likelihood of the same illness in a child grows up to 85%.

Obviously, in this situation the most correctsolution is - to play in advance. Expectant mother during pregnancy should be excluded from the diet, most likely food allergens, such as honey, nuts, citrus. The same principle of power is necessary to adhere to the breastfeeding period to allergens could not influence the composition of milk, which will receive the child. If you have a nursing infant showed symptoms of atopic dermatitis, the nursing mother should go to a hypoallergenic diet, so as not to aggravate the situation.

Symptoms of atopic dermatitis

Young children tend to mainsymptoms of AD are characteristic redness, rash, peeling and swelling of the skin in the cheeks, neck, natural folds. Required symptom of the disease - a pronounced itching and scratching. With the progression of the disease and strengthen the dryness and peeling itching may increase and cause anxiety and nervousness (frequent crying, bad mood), sleep disturbance and appetite in children.

When the first symptoms and signs of the disease inthe child should immediately contact a doctor. In addition to consulting a pediatrician also required to enter into an allergist, dermatologist, the dietician. The symptoms of certain skin diseases too similar to each other, so that only a doctor can make the diagnosis, to differentiate one disease from another, and assign complex medication.

Systems approach

To treatment of atopic dermatitiswas the most effective, the system needs a comprehensive approach. As one of the causes of atopic dermatitis is an allergy, you should avoid contact with potential allergens, such as dust, pet dander, pollen, certain foods. Exacerbation of allergies will inevitably lead to an exacerbation of atopic dermatitis. It is especially important to follow these rules in remission.

In addition, atopic need special careskin that is prone to dryness, flaking and suffers from itching. To do this, choose the special dermatological cosmetics, combined with therapeutic drugs. Line cosmetics Emolium received a positive assessment Health Science Center RAMS children and the Center for Child Health and is recommended for skin care of children from birth. Special emulsion and special cream Emolium series - a modern emolentnye dermatological means for skin care in diseases occurring with increased dryness of the skin, including atopic dermatitis, as well as adjunctive therapy in the local application of topical glyukortikosteroidov. Tools to help in the treatment of disease, and has a prophylactic effect in remission. Special cream and a special emulsion can be used for the face and body. Thanks to the carefully selected set of active substances, means reduced visible-lipid layer of the skin and soften, attached epidermis elasticity and relieve itching. For the prevention of joining a secondary infection with severe itching and scratching, you can use tools triaktivnye Emolium that contain absolutely safe natural anti-anxiety components.

Correctly chosen treatment and a comprehensive daily skin care will help your child even in atopic dermatitis forget the itching and flaking and every day to be in a good mood!

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