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  • Where did they come from?
  • Chill against warts

  • Almost all are still benign tumors of the skin and mucous membranes caused by papilloma virus.

    Papilloma virus enters the body most oftenthrough small scratches, cuts, splinters. At this point there is common wart. Drinking it is usually indifferent, and yet it is a wart can be called a predecessor of almost all the other tumors, including cancer.

    Where did they come from?

    Interestingly, warts, papilloma,angiofi-bromine as it inherited. Appear in the offspring at about the same place where his parents were. Often, the virus comes into the body immediately after birth - literally from the first breath of a newborn. If the mother has warts, genital warts on the genitals, a child may be infected papilloma-virus, and then a serious illness - pas pillomatoz larynx, which with great difficulty, treated, and by the time of puberty (if the child dies before this age) passes throat cancer.

    Throughout a person's life the virus manifests itselfambiguously. First, it is common warts, juvenile warts, warts. The wart may disappear without treatment, because it serves as a "breeding factory" and storage of papillomas ma-virus for the time being. Do not hurry to rejoice, if after whispering, conspiracies or tying a piece of meat the wart disappeared. It only indicates that the papillomavirus in a huge number of sold it all over the body and then manifest itself in the most unexpected forms.

    What causes papilloma virus Often warts harness acids, pick,cut, but do not completely destroy almost never. And this is a serious prerequisite to the emergence of cancer in adulthood. Following the common wart, which appeared on the skin or mucous membranes, there are other manifestations of the papilloma virus. They are, in general, benign, until they become catastrophic lot.

    Intensify papilloma virus begins afterthe negative effects of the environment, with the weakening of immunity. Women during pregnancy in the restructuring of the body, metabolism change and, as a result, decrease in immunity after birth increases the incidence of papillomas.

    Characteristically, and warts, and nevus, and angiomabehave according to the rules of malignant tumors - are constantly growing, metastasize (child education). It is clear that the fight against all forms of papilloma viruses should be active, but to date related to the moles and warts is criminal disregard.

    Remove moles are afraid, and this is a logicalexplanation. Under the existing expectant management need only follow the birthmark and wait, when it will begin to grow rapidly, giving a lot of subsidiary entities, inflamed, starts to bleed. Only then doctors refer patients for resection of a mole, and that in many cases it is too late to do. Man dies from cancer that developed in a mole. Therefore, an association: remove the birthmark - immediately die. This proves once again that the papillomas, moles and other benign tumors need to be addressed proactively, without waiting for the cancer.

    Chill against warts

    But which method to choose? Until recently, it simply does not exist. Surgical excision traumatic, because after the cuts will necessarily scars, which are themselves in the presence of papilloma virus is a favorite place for the development of cancer. Surgical laser electrocoagulator do not differ from the scalpel by the result: Causes burns and as a result, scars, also remains a cosmetic defect. These methods can be used to get rid of one or two moles in a single operation - more people will not stand. A moles and warts in one person is a lot!

    Much better results are obtained by the method of radicalcryodestruction tool - the use of "space" cold to destroy cancer cells, and it is in the papilloma virus. Kriodestruk-tion is almost painless, bloodless, it does not involve a violation of the integrity of skin. Infection with AIDS and hepatitis can not be. For one procedure may be subjected to cryoablation several hundred tumors without adverse effects. Destruction, healing and rejection occur spontaneously without scarring.

    It should be noted that the application of those optionscryogenic method used in beauty salons (blurred vatochkoy dipped in liquid nitrogen), are unable to radically destroy the entire tumor along with it ranging papilloma viruses. Therefore, it is better to consult a doctor uses cryotherapy tool according to the rules adopted in oncology, has experience with cryosurgical instrument having an appropriate toolkit.

    It is necessary to emphasize another importantthe positive aspect of the treatment of "cosmic" cold - cryogenic method can improve human immunity, "sets up" the body against tumors. After the procedure reduces the number of cold-related diseases: angina, SARS, influenza, herpes disappears.

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