How to Clean Blood

Blood - an important fluid of our body, which ensures the health of each organ. If there are some harmful substances and elements in the blood, it means there are serious problems, and it is not able to function as before, because the blood is responsible for the quality and level of performance.

If suddenly you have passed the tests and you have found signs of the blood content of unnecessary, harmful, and sometimes hazardous substances, you must immediately take action - to do «General cleaning» in its body.

Why blood should be cleaned?

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Blood quality depends on different factors. The healthier man, the better he has blood. If you fail, eat alcoholic drinks, smoke, have bad heredity, and, to all, do nothing, do nothing in order to facilitate the condition of the body, there is a great risk of spreading hazardous substances in blood.

The most basic factors carrying blood pollution:

  1. Smoking (tobacco smoke).
  2. Alcohol.
  3. Chronic diseases.
  4. Use of drugs.
  5. Junk food.
  6. Chemical compounds.
  7. Ecology.

As can be seen from the list, boast of clean, not contaminated with blood with our lives can units. But you should not panic. Currently, any of us can adequately exit this situation, the benefit that it is not so difficult to clean the blood at all, as it seems at first glance.

Cleansing blood under hospital

hemoglobin, blood, blood purification, vessels

Despite the fact that official medicine does not always support the folk methods for the treatment of one or another disease, the periodic cleaning of blood doctors consider the necessary procedure for each person. For example, what are the most famous advice on the whole world: to improve blood, you need to eat red products: grenades, beets, cranberries, cherry and t. D. But there is a mass of other ways.

Popular Folk Blood Purification Methods:

  1. Tea that not only cleans blood well, but in general, perfectly strengthens immunity, engaging in the fight with the most varied diseases. For the preparation of tea, it is necessary to: mix in equal number of rose hips and nine root (for example, 0.5 st. L.), and then pour herbs with water (5 l). Put on fire, wait until the water boils, make a slow fire and do not remove from the plane for three hours. After time add to the decoction of the Zverca (1. L.), souls (1 st. L.), Rosehip root (1 g), black tea (2 hours. L.). Leave on slow fire for another hour. This tea can be drunk at any time and in any quantity. What is noteworthy, the herbs from which you did this drink can be reused - it is enough to pour them with water (3 l) and boils on slow heat (2 hours).
  2. Excellent delicious and useful decoction that cleans blood! Calendula (50 g) Cook 30 minutes (in three liters of water). Stand at 8 o'clock, after - strain, pour Kalina's juice (2 st.) and honey (1 st.). Mix the decoction thoroughly, pour in tanks (for example, in bottles) and send to the fridge. This drink will need to drink on an empty stomach daily in the morning half a glass.
  3. This tincture, despite the fact that it tastes «not really», Fully vitamins. Taking this folk medicine, you will not only clean the blood, you add yourself strength and energy! All plants should be fresh! Take the half a cup of herbs: nettle, dandelion (and it is necessary to use all the plant - roots, leaves, flowers), add a wormwood and root of AIR on the tablespoon. Plants to twist on a meat grinder or cut off by a blender. Pour with vodka (0.5 l). Put on 10 days, looked, in a dark and warm place. After time to strain. The tincture must be drunk twice a day (on an empty stomach), previously divorced 1 hour. L. in 50 g of water.
  4. hemoglobin, blood, blood purification, vessels

  5. This balm not only cleans blood, it gives health and vigor, improves the heart of the heart and eliminates sclerosis. To prepare this miracle, will need 200 g of nettle and 0.75 liters of vodka. Grass put in a glass jar, pour vodka, tie gauze neck. One day to hold on the window, then - to keep eight days in a dark place. After time - strain. Drinking Balsa is needed twice a day: 1 h. L. in the morning on an empty stomach and 1 h. L. In the evening, immediately before bedtime.
  6. This blood purity collection is a well-known Chinese health improvement method, since it is perfectly removed from the blood and in general - from the body of radioactive and heavy metals. This decoction will especially be useful to those people who were irradiated with radiation. To make it make it mix: Powder Astragala, Purryaria (ready-made decoction), violet (manchuzhu), as well as the pay codon of large. Drink daily three weeks in a row stably once a year.
  7. Excellent remedy that cleans blood and vessels, and also gives youth to the body, improving its state from the inside. This recipe is called «Seven glasses», Because the seven components are used and they need to take one gland each. The composition looks like this: Wine «Cahors, juices from garlic, beets, carrots, radish and lemon, as well as honey. Mix everything well and send to the fridge. Drink three times a day before eating 1 st.L.
  8. Another good product is parsley, it perfectly cleans blood and benefits all the body. There are several recipes. Mono mix 1 h. L. these seeds and 0.5 l of water. Insist 10 hours, then strain and drink 0.5 cups three times a day. And you can mix 2 st. L. Dried roots and 1.5 glass of boiled water insist three hours, strain. Drink 1 st. L. Before each food intake. This treatment must be carried out over two weeks, but it is possible to extend it a little more, depending on the health of health.
  9. Another excellent blood purification agent - White Willow. 1 Art. L. bark pour boiling water and peak 10 minutes. Insist one hour, reconcile. Take three times a day on the hungry stomach of 2 st. L. It is necessary to undergo a full course of treatment to see the result - it is 10 days.

Be sure to be taken before the reception of any drug - even harmless with the appearance of horseradish herbs, be sure to consult with your attending physician!

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