Who discovered the lichen

    The name "shingles» (Lichen) known sinceHippocrates, under it combined many skin diseases, which are characterized by the formation of colored spots and peeling. In itself, the name "ringworm" is very conditional, because, for example, herpes popularly called herpes zoster, psoriasis - scaly, etc., but these skin diseases with a large stretch can be attributed to zoster.

    Different types of herpes are caused by the mosta variety of reasons - a fungus, a virus, but in many cases, reduced immunity - is one of the main precipitating factors. In this article, we will focus on the multi-colored, or as it is called, pityriasis versicolor.

    The causative agent of multi-colored lichen was described by G. Robin in 1853, and in 1951 M. Gordon singled round and oval forms of the pathogen in places eruptions multi-colored lichen, and within healthy skin, attributing it to the yeast-like fungi, and its rounded version of the proposed name Pityrosporum orbiculare.

    What contributes to the development of zoster

    chromophytosisPityriasis versicolor - a diseasespread everywhere, but most often it occurs in countries where elevated temperature and humidity. Ill persons of young age, disease registers and children.

    The risk of multi-colored lichen growspeople who suffer from excessive sweating, a specific chemical composition of sweat, favorable for the pathogen of skin pH, with concomitant diseases: endocrine disorders, chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and immune deficiency.

    In recent years, a clinically establishedgenetic predisposition to the development of multi-colored lichen. Often the disease develops in the presence of pulmonary tuberculosis, Hodgkin's disease, as these diseases are often accompanied by increased sweating.
    Transmission of the pathogen from the patient's multi-coloredringworm or carrier, for example, a total bed, or through shared with them clothes or underwear, in principle, possible. However, most people are carriers of the same fungi that are on the skin (in areas rich in sebaceous glands) and do not cause disease.

    What begins versicolor

    Pityriasis versicolor starts usually withthe appearance of a small, not very irritable and not overlooking the pink stain the skin surface. Sometimes the color may be yellow or coffee color. Gradually spot overgrown "brothers", they merge into a bizarre shape, forming a "geographic" pattern. Elements of multi-colored lichen placed on the skin of the chest, upper back, neck, shoulders.

    Against the background of tanned skin look more spotslight. The spots tend to merge to form large pockets, but can exist in isolation. Inflammatory phenomena are absent, there is little defurfuration.

    help doctors

    As mentioned above, the kinds of lichen - a lot,so do not try to treat a sudden manifested you weird spots or rashes. Because the symptoms of certain types of lichen are similar to symptoms of other diseases, contact your dermatologist to the process of self-run is not a true disease, and do not hurt yourself even more.

    For each type of lichen has its ownspecificity of treatment. Some can be treated with special anti-viral or anti-fungal ointments, others require a course of immune reconstitution, and some did go away. Therefore, if you have shingles, just follow the advice dermatologist, and do not try to treat yourself.

    How to recognize ringworm

    chromophytosisTo identify multi-colored lichen useda variety of methods, one of which is - iodine test Balser: lesions and surrounding areas of healthy skin smeared with 5% iodine tincture. Eruptions due to loosened horny layer stain intensity as compared with the surrounding healthy skin. Just do not try to put this test yourself as to diagnose the disease can only be a doctor.

    In the study using a Wood's lamp in defeat marked yellow glow.

    Microscopically in scales taken from lesions pityriasis versicolor and treated with a solution of 15-20% caustic (KOH), defined budding fungus cells and pseudomycelium.

    Another method of diagnosis - use of the environmentSaburo, which is formed after 3 weeks creamy white culture (cell colony growth on the environment), which has similarities with the yeast. Microscopic examination revealed budding cells of the fungus.

    Ointments "kill" the fungus

    If you choose among the many antifungaldrugs, widely represented in the modern Russian market, preference should be given to those who, at first, can accumulate in those layers of the skin, which develops fungal process, and secondly, do not penetrate into those layers, where the vital activity of fungi impossible.

    Generally, treatment is carried out multi-colored lichenlocal agents, and in severe cases with the use of systemic antifungals, which can significantly reduce the time of treatment and prevent the incidence of recurrence.

    But we should always remember that if you have foundfeatures of the disease, in any case do not try to treat yourself, and immediately go to the doctor, who will determine the accuracy of your diagnosis and prescribe the right treatment for you.

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