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    Causes of eczema

    Eczema. We are treated at home by natural meansEssentially, atopic eczema isinflammation and irritation. it often is quite obvious external cause - for example, it may be a reaction to nickel, which is often added to cheap jewelery, watch bracelets, zippers, clips, etc. Cosmetics, perfume and hair dye can also be a source of potential.. allergens, and another large group of stimuli make fur, feathers, mold spores and dust.

    Sometimes people do not respond to differentplants, especially in bright sunlight, so that amateur gardeners who have sensitive skin should not forget about the possible danger. However, for many people suffering from eczema, external stimuli are not very important as compared to some of the internal factors.

    In the case of allergic eczema can oftentrace handed down from generation to generation, eczema, asthma or hay fever (all of these disorders are caused by increased reactivity of the body), and a more important role can play a variety of factors, including emotional distress in an individual pattern of eczema in different people, stress and intolerance of any food products.

    Determination of the particular combination of factorseach person is often a real detective story, and it is here qualified with its holistic approach to the patient can be invaluable.


    It is important to remember that the approach to treatmenteczema patient should be as flexible as possible. Perhaps you will want to switch from oil and change the way of their application, since the nature of the disease depends on a huge number of factors and the condition of the skin for some time can be improved by the action of the oil, and then a change of symptoms may require something different.

    Among the oils, the most beneficial effect on thethe skin should be called chamomile, geranium, lavender, lemon mint oil (often called a balm for the first part of its Latin name) and perhaps pink. Initially, to be applied no more than 1 percent dilution of these oils, they must be diluted with a light creams watery and very dry skin or weak bases may be used as the thicker creams and ointments or pure vegetable oil. First, these oils are applied separately to see how the skin reacts to each of them.

    Another method of use of essential oils for a sufficiently extensive lesions of the skin is to add them to cool compresses: start with 5 drops per 500 ml of water.

    Herbal Medicine

    In this disease there herbalismextremely effective, and is generally used as both internal means and external various applications. Apart from oil, already mentioned above, to reduce inflammation and accelerate healing of the skin is very useful creams and ointments with comfrey (Symphytum officinak) and calendula (Calendula officinalis).

    If a strong itching, often accompanied by eczema,one of the best herbs is chickweed, or wood louse (Stettaria media); We recommend cooking with fresh herbs cream or ointment; other than that, you can simply make a tincture, and when it cools down, put him compresses.

    If the skin vlazhnovatoy, the exact same way you can use extracts of Viola tricolor (Viola tricolor), red clover, and even nettle (Urtica dioica), it helps dry skin.

    Very good soothing and healingaction has biennial Oenothera oil (Oenothera biennis) - it can be applied to the skin either alone or added to the cream. In the traditional approach to eczema herbal treatment specialists are focusing on cleansing tissue, and it can bring very good results.

    Eczema. We are treated at home by natural meansAmong the herbs that have kroveochischayuschimi or"Alternative" properties, is called red clover and nettle, used to prepare infusions and Burdock (Arctium lappa) and curly dock (Rumex crispus), used in the form of decoctions. Two grass very successfully to help remove toxins from the body: it cleavers (Galium aparine), promotes the ejection of harmful substances through the kidneys, and dandelion root (Taraxacum officinale), a liver tonic, and acts as a mild laxative. The first of these should be consumed as a tincture, and the second - in the form of decoction.

    It can also be a mixture of the above mentioned herbs. However, you can not use them for more than three weeks, and if the skin condition worsens, it is necessary to reduce the dose by half.


    At the beginning of eczema treatment suggest a solution to take any of the following means.
    GRAPHITES: when wet, weeping skin, which form weakly attached scabs. The discharged liquid adhesive, and open under the skin scabs and sometimes even bleed. Eczema affected areas may be located anywhere, but most often they are behind the ears and on the face.

    RHUSTOX: when dry, with intense itching of eczema, which spots may appear on the hands and wrists. This small bubbles are often formed in the areas of reddened skin.

    SULPHUR: with hot, dry skin and irritating burning sensation. At the same time there is a strong itch, but scratching is very painful. Any kind of warming up (for example, a hot bath, or lying in bed) significantly aggravates irritation.


    Since many types of eczema unfavorable factor is stress, can bring great benefit to the study of one of the relaxation techniques.

    With regard to diet, many products mayIt is potentially dangerous, especially this applies to dairy products. If the patient suffers from eczema since childhood, it is often useful to exclude from the diet for up to three weeks of cow's milk, cheese and other dairy products. Another useful approach is to reduce the consumption of sugar, spices, coffee, tea and alcohol, as well as to minimize supplementation.

    Very useful to take vitamin B complex, sometimesIt may also require vitamin A (up to 5,000 units. a month). Oil biennial Oenothera can be taken both internally and externally; to maintain the desired level of fatty acids in the body.


    Specific dietary advice to you,of course, it can only give a professional, because the trigger or worsen your condition eczema are different kinds of food. If treatment by natural means will not lead to a radical improvement in skin condition within 6 - 8 weeks, you need to seek professional help.

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