Healing without scar and inflammation


  • Laser resurfacing of wrinkles and scars
  • Peeling for the treatment of oily skin

  • Laser resurfacing of wrinkles and scars

    Healing without scar and inflammationWrinkles and scars - the problem of "deep bedding". Accordingly, the need to solve them with technology, impacting not only on the superficial layer of skin (epidermis), but also in the deep (dermis). In aesthetic medicine uses high-energy lasers, which have different characteristics. Most modern laser systems allow you to adjust the depth of the impact and solve the problem separately taken locally. A laser beam "vaporize" the skin, which leads to a momentary very active cell division and formation of new healthy tissue. The laser also stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis. As with any invasive procedure, laser resurfacing requires competent rehabilitation. Typically, the recovery period is from 3 to 7 days. To process was faster appointed epithelizing funds. Doctors prefer drug "Egallohit", which is not only anti-inflammatory and healing properties, but also prevents the formation of scars. This is extremely important, since any intervention in the skin can lead to the formation of abnormal tissue. The risk can hit anyone, as this process is unpredictable. But now it can be avoided.

    Formula: high-energy laser + gel + qualified "Egallohit" = smooth smooth skin

    Peeling for the treatment of oily skin

    Healing without scar and inflammationThis old technique still holdsa leading position when it comes to oily skin and its inherent problems - acne, acne and post-acne spots stagnant. During the treatment of a variety of different concentrations of acid are used. Peels are superficial, exfoliating the stratum corneum and the median affecting the deeper layers of the epidermis.

    Deep peels are not considered, since they can lead to irreversible consequences. The main task of peeling - refresh the skin. It is a gradual process, so the course of several appointed
    procedures - their number depends on theindividual characteristics of the skin. The acids in addition to its direct purpose also have a positive effect on the pores and sebaceous ducts open and cleanse the skin. However, no matter how sparing any impact, it should be understood that the peel - it is a chemical burn, resulting in damage to the skin and as a consequence - to peeling for superficial peeling and the formation of scabs at the median. Therefore, special tools are appointed immediately after the first treatment for home use, which relieve the feeling of tightness and discomfort. This task is best to decide epiteliziruyutsya protivorubtsovy cream "Egallohit", which will insure the skin from the side effects and shorten recovery after any peeling.

    Formula: Acidic peeling + cream "Egallohit" = clear skin, narrow pores

    "Egallohit" - a means for comprehensive treatment of acne and post-acne symptom of proven effectiveness.

    • Reduces acne treatment time is 1.5 - 2 times.
    • It reduces the number of papules 3.5 times faster.
    • It suppresses the formation of atrophic scars.
    • It promotes the disappearance of a stable skin hyperpigmentation.
    • It normalizes the activity of sebaceous glands.

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