Phytotherapy against erythrasma


  • "Magic" ointment
  • The use of fresh juice or medicated compresses
  • Lotions treatment preceded by a point
  • And inside

  • Erythrasma - the disease is very unpleasant, not becausethat physical inconvenience, but because it brings with it a moral discomfort. Well, who likes, when his body is covered with ugly brick-red spots. Of course various ointments and medicines offered by modern pharmacology, very effectively fight the disease, but there erythrasma prone to relapse. Therefore, in the treatment of this skin disease is not superfluous to use the tools offered by phytotherapy, to prepare medicated ointments and lotions are not a long time in terms of money cheaper cost. And this is important, because erythrasma treatment should be long and hard.

    Treatment of fungal skin diseases for whichIt applies erythrasma, carried drugs from plants with fungicidal activity - ointments, rubbing fresh juices, lotions from broth or infusions.

    "Magic" ointment

    Phytotherapy against erythrasmaHow to cook the ointment at home -to quickly, correctly and usefully? That's how. The powdered plant parts rubbed with petroleum jelly, lanolin, lard, butter or vegetable oil. It is preferable to prepare an ointment such as sunflower, flax, cotton, or any other vegetable oil as prepared in animal fat ointments perishable vegetable oil is the best basis for ointments: they are less exposed to damage and is well absorbed by the skin.

    For the treatment of erythrasma recommended to apply the following ointment:

    • pharmacy ointment Wilkinson;
    • tar ointment;
    • ointment of fresh grass sedum;
    • ointment of fresh grass toadflax: taken 2 of the chopped in a meat grinder herbs toadflax and 5 parts melted unsalted pork fat, is heated in the heat until the water evaporates and thoroughly mixed, or fruit juice mixed grass toadflax in half with butter (unsalted);
    • ointment of propolis: takes 100 grams of vegetable oil or petroleum jelly, and 100 g of propolis, the oil in the tin is heated, it falls chopped into small pieces and stir propolis, without removing from the heat, until complete dissolution;
    • ointment from celandine: ointment of powder grass Celandine mixed with petroleum jelly, or one of the fresh juice of celandine and 4 parts petroleum jelly, ointment for protection from damage added 0.25% carbolic acid.

    The use of fresh juice or medicated compresses

    Fresh juices are useful always and everywhere, even if itmedicinal plant juices. Another effective method of treatment erythrasma - it compresses. Freshly prepared juices herbs smachivyut cloth and apply to the affected area of ​​the skin. Compresses better to do at night and on top of the wrap is recommended to apply plastic film, it should be done in order to avoid the appearance of stains on underwear or clothing because some of the plants include colorants.

    Try to get rid of erythrasma using rubbing and compresses of freshly prepared juices of these plants:

    • juice of onion mixed with honey;
    • lemon juice fruit;
    • mandarin fruit juice;
    • Juice from the leaves or flowers of wild cherry;
    • Juice of celandine herbs and roots;
    • juice from flowers and herbs lumbago disclosed;
    • juice from rhizomes Potbelly yellow, diluted in half with boiled water.

    Lotions treatment preceded by a point

    Phytotherapy against erythrasmaWhat are gadgets? Gadgets - a blurring of the affected area of ​​skin decoction or infusion of herbs. And prepare such a decoction or infusion is not difficult. For the preparation of necessary pulverized crude drug dried. If you prepare a raw material for yourself, you should know that the leaves of herbs and flowers are ground into particles less than 5 mm, stems, bark, rhizome and roots - less than 3 mm, fruits and seeds no more than 1 mm.

    So, you want us to prepare the broth: 50 g of dry grinding agents pour 1 liter of cold water and bring to a boil (you can just pour boiling water), then boil on low heat for 10 minutes, then remove from the heat still insist 20 minutes and be sure to filter.

    The infusion for lotions prepared as follows: 50 g chopped dry grass relevant plants pour 1 liter of cold boiled water, insist the whole day, we filter all, the infusion is ready for use.

    Do not forget that for external use (as in our case) used stronger infusions or decoctions, than with them inside - about 2-3 times stronger.

    For the treatment of erythrasma id are used for lotions decoction of the following plants:

    • from rhizomes calamus;
    • from the leaves of the walnut;
    • grass celandine;
    • bark, fruits, leaves or bird cherry flowers.

    For the same purpose using cold infusion for lotions:

    • grass lumbago disclosed;
    • grass melampyrum nemorosum;
    • grass toadflax vulgaris.

    And inside

    From internal resources only decoction of herbs recommended in the treatment of cocklebur erythrasma folk medicine (but be careful - it is toxic, an overdose is dangerous!)

    The broth is prepared as follows: take 1 teaspoon of chopped dry grass cocklebur to 1 cup water, boil for 5 minutes, then to insist 20 minutes, drain. Drink 1-2 tablespoons before meals.

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