Acquired heart defects in children


  • Acquired heart defects — how
    in time notice signs of illness?
  • Complications
    Congenital heart defects
  • How
    treat congenital heart defects?

  • Acquired heart defects in children
    W. heart vices
    Newborn I
    children can be congenital and acquired. Parents are very distressed,
    When the doctor detects violations of the heart of their baby, but despair
    Not worth it — The possibilities of children's cardiology allow you to spend difficult today
    Medical manipulations with minimal risk for child health.

    Acquired heart defects — how
    in time notice signs of illness?

    W. heart disease
    Newborn or
    An older child can no longer manifest. Congenital defects
    hearts and abnormalities in the work of vessels cardiologists detect, as a rule, in the first
    Clock after birth. But acquired pathologies can not have a long time
    pronounced symptoms, so be very attentive to the behavior of their children,
    With the appearance of unusual behavior, crumbs immediately refer to
    To experts.

    The most common symptoms of heart defects are:

    • Shortness of breath arising after crying during
      chest sucking or any kid activity.
    • Listening to noise in the heart.
    • Swelling veins on the neck.
    • Cianoz skin face.
    • Temptation to swelling.
    • Cough.
    • Heartbeat.
    • Reduced child activity, fast

    Acquired villocks
    characterized by damage to the valve apparatus of the heart, as a rule, mitral
    (bivalve) located between the left ventricle and the left atrium.
    Stenosis and deficiency of the mitral valve — most frequent of congenital
    Pvs of heart.

    Congenital heart defects

    Acquired heart defects can wear complicated. Complications include:

    • Heart failure.
    • Pneumonia.
    • Edema extremities.
    • Failures in the heart rhythm.
    • Infarction.

    When only starts
    Forming heart disease, symptoms
    Diseases may be absent, and only regular preventive inspections from
    pediatricians will allow timely suspension. Be especially attentive,
    If the child often sick with angns, as the acquired heart defects in 70%
    Cases develop against the background of infectious endocarditis.

    treat congenital heart defects?

    How do congenital heart defects treat?
    The main and most effective
    The method of treating heart defects is an operation. Therapeutic methods
    use, as a rule, before preparation for surgical intervention, for
    Improving the health of the child and prevention of complications.

    Since most acquired
    defects arises against the background of chronic angins and rheumatism, parents are worth
    to pay increased attention to strengthening the child's immunity, timely
    treatment of LOR-pathologies and the prevention of infectious viral diseases.

    Try to protect the baby from
    stress and excessive physical exertion. Child food must be
    The most natural, containing all the necessary vitamins and trace elements.
    Follow the Doctor's recommendations, do not miss a cardiologist and
    Appointed Medical Procedures. It will help to quickly defeat the disease and return
    kid to active lifestyle.

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