• Ringworm
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  • Ringworm

    Ringworm (mikrosporiya) - a contagious skina disease that causes the parasitic fungus Microsporum canis and Trichophyton tonsurans. It affects the skin, hair, nails sometimes. Among children - is the most common fungal disease.

    Fungal attack contribute to small skin injuries, violations
    immunity. The disease is transmitted by direct contact
    with sick animals (typically a dog or cat), or a human,
    as well as through household items containing the fungus spores.

    infected by skin affected hair, skin flakes
    from human or animal patient, preferably a stray. Infection
    from human possible both in direct contact with it, and in
    using his things (comb, hat, towel, etc.).
    The spread of the pathological process in the skin when a
    single focus may cause washing washcloth, sponge.

    What's happening?

    the moment of getting the fungus on the skin, hair and nails until the person
    First signs of the disease usually runs from 5 days to 6 weeks. The skin
    there are round and oval inflammatory spots (or 1 spot)
    covered with scales and crusts. Usually patients do not bother,
    except light itching.

    If it affects the scalp is formed large, rounded center of baldness, where hair is all broken off at the level of 4-8 mm and a cut would deprive. due
    what disease got its name "ringworm". Around
    it appear small foci, sometimes numerous.

    in people with weakened immune systems, and in the absence of treatment of the disease
    It can be complicated. This may increase the temperature increase
    lymph nodes, rash suppurate.

    Diagnosis and treatment of ringworm

    Ringworm is set when viewed from a dermatologist. For his
    confirm the doctor may use a special fluorescent
    lamp (Wood) - in its rays of the affected areas allowed the fungus
    green glow, as well as to take a few pieces of leather to study
    under a microscope.

    Modern means of fully heal
    ringworm. If there is a single chamber is used on the skin
    local treatment - 5-10% of the sulfur-salicylic or sulfur-tar ointment,
    2-5% alcoholic solution of iodine. When multiple skin lesions
    and scalp can be assigned to a course of antifungal

    The child is allowed in the children's group after
    the disappearance of the disease and obtaining three negative
    the results of the survey on the fungus.

    For the prevention of diseases
    you must avoid contact with stray animals and domestic cats
    and dogs are regularly inspected by a veterinarian. Sick people need
    strictly observe good personal hygiene.

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