Manifestations and treatment of neurodermatitis


  • Manifestations of neurodermatitis
  • Treatment of neurodermatitis

  • Manifestations of neurodermatitis

    neurodermatitis Manifestations enough
    expressed with the diagnosis and usually no difficulties even novice
    dermatologist. The disease starts with an itch: begin to scratch the neck (back)
    forehead, cheeks, eyelids, the skin around the mouth, elbow and knee creases, the area
    buttocks. After some time redness appears at these locations,
    then, due to constant scratching, the skin coarsens - thickens and
    compacted. It soon becomes apparent, and the main feature
    neurodermatitis - the affected areas clearly emerges natural
    skin pattern.

    Characteristic for neurodermatitis itch that
    accompanied by constant scratching can infect the skin
    (Most often this happens with children).

    among experts about the nature of this complex disease are under way

    Here are the most common theory of development of neurodermatitis:

    • Manifestations and treatment of neurodermatitisHereditary predisposition. According to the majority
      researchers, family history of patients with neurodermatitis have 40-80%
      allergic diseases observed in relatives.
    • Multivalency. Many researchers pay attention to
      polyvalent (multiple) nature of allergies neurodermatitis.
      aggravation cause a variety of allergens - food, bacterial,
      medication and so on.
    • Violations of immunity. There are more messages that
      atopic dermatitis occurs on the background of a reduced immunological reactivity and
    • Non-immune factors. There is evidence that suffer with neurodermatitis
      function of blood coagulation system, endocrine function. The development of
      the disease also affects liver problems, failures in the work of the central and
      the autonomic nervous system.

    Forms from this disease are two:
    neurodermatitis limited and diffuse neurodermatitis. Limited
    neurodermatitis begins with itching, after which there are changes in the
    skin - redness, nodules and flakes. In the future, skin coarsens, figure
    It becomes underlined.

    Typically, lesions localized in the neck, the legs, the inner surface
    hip, elbow and knee on the folds, the genitals. Limited
    atopic dermatitis can be accompanied by itching of the whole body, insomnia and
    other neurotic disorders.

    In this form of the disease lesions cover more
    vast areas (in the face, neck, limbs and trunk). The skin
    these places pigmented, dry and flaky. atopic dermatitis
    accompanied by severe itching, until the appearance of deep scratches.
    In severe cases, the disease can spread to the entire
    skin covering.

    Suffering neurodermatitis should be wary of all
    which can cause skin rashes, - for example, detergents,
    which remove the natural sebum. It is not necessary to wear next to the skin
    synthetic or woolen clothes. Affected skin should be
    emollient oil lubricated several times a day. If skin rash
    inflamed, can not do without antibacterial agents (green fodder,
    example) and antibiotics. And then, and another is to appoint a doctor.

    Treatment of neurodermatitis

    neurodermatitis treatment with local
    corticosteroids (lotions, creams, ointments) - the
    effective way to keep the disease within.

    or moderately strong topical corticosteroids (hydrocortisone) do not give
    any side effects. But powerful corticosteroid ointment
    (Tselestoderm, etc.) Should be used a short time period.
    The most intensely absorbed corticosteroids on the face, elbows and
    knee bends, in other areas with thin skin. This means here ointment
    you need to apply a very thin layer. Ointments and creams applied usually not more than
    2 times a day, and only their prmenyaetsya recommended starting with
    half to two years.

    Antihistamines (tavegil, suprastin,
    Claritin, Zyrtec) are usually prescribed during an exacerbation.
    Immunomodulatory (viferon) and anti-anxiety drugs (Valeriana,
    motherwort) can be used as a preventive measure.

    With regard to physical methods of treatment,
    dermatologists recommend sessions cryomassage (liquid nitrogen)
    ultraviolet irradiation of the lesion therapeutic laser
    massage, sea baths.

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