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  • About chloasma

    Chloasma - this dark spots occurring during pregnancy and some diseases of the female reproductive organs, worm infestations, etc.

    Mostly on the face appear symmetricallyarranged brown spots. They have different colors and different sizes, their irregular shape have clear boundaries. Sometimes, merging, spots reach a considerable size. There are pregnant chloasma, gynecological diseases, liver, and other traumatic.

    Brown spots can be very informative - eg spots around the mouth are usually an early sign of incipient polyposis of the gastrointestinal tract.

    What doctors advise

    chloasma Treatmentchloasma Treatment depends on the form of hyperpigmentationand on the reasons which caused it. Treatment is carried out, usually in conjunction with other specialists (endocrinologist, gynecologist, general practitioner). With the elimination of the symptoms of the underlying disease and fade dark spots often disappear without a trace. And then reappear when the next pregnancy or recurrent disease.

    To normalize the melanogenesis (pigmentformation) needed to saturate the body with vitamins, particularly ascorbic acid, it is also assignable by injection. Recommended use inside foliepoy acid (0.1 g), riboflavin (0.015 mg 3 times a day after meals) plus Aevitum. Pronounced effect was observed from the reception methionine (0.5 g three times a day), vitamin B2 (injection rate of 25) and B1 (injection rate 25-30).

    Local treatment of chloasma and depends on the natureprescription process, skin conditions and reactivity. You can use bleaching creams ( "Ahromin", "Meylan", "Euphorbia" and a host of other, represented the modern pharmacology and cosmetology), 30% pergidrolevuyu and 5% hydroquinone ointment (Vaseline on with lanolin).

    and proposed a number of To reduce pigmentationOther drugs, such as cream containing hydroquinone, hydrocortisone and vitamin A. In cosmetics are widely used peeling means: bodyagi, salicylic, lactic, hydrochloric acid, benzoic acid, mercury salts, special soaps. Showing cryotherapy liquid nitrogen, carbonic acid snow, chemical dermabrasion Z-chloroacetic acid and other methods of skin whitening.

    During the course of bleaching procedures shouldto comply with doctor's advice: Use a sunscreen with a high the SPF, to give up some contraceptives and drugs to protect the skin from the temperature difference, take a break in the salon treatments and mesotherapy. However, to get rid of stains forever, you must (as noted above) to remove the cause of hyperpigmentation. If hyperpigmentation caused by any internal disease, the fight would have stained all my life. And eliminating the disease, you can not sign up for whitening or exfoliating treatments - spots will be on their own.

    If the connection is set to chloasmaultraviolet rays, should be administered into the synthetic anti-malarial drugs with fotodesensibiliziruyuschim action - delagil (hingamin, rezohin), Plaquenil. It is prohibited to use some cosmetics, as Essential oils that are in them (especially bergamot), increase the skin's sensitivity to solar radiation, only photoprotective creams can be used.

    Independently treat pigmentation does not followhowever it is possible with the approval of a doctor removing stains at home, resorting to some very effective and, moreover, completely harmless folk remedies. However, be aware that not all traditional means of security. That's why the decision to clean the face of age spots with the help of folk remedies must be preceded by prior consultation with a doctor.

    It should not be too hard to deducespots, if they are poorly marked. Severe skin discoloration then itself be a cosmetic defect. Therefore, it is often sufficient to ensure that the chloasma pale and lost the sharp outlines.

    Advice to pregnant women

    The appearance of age spots due expectant motherswith increased production of some hormones and to reduce the production of others. Increased pigmentation in pregnancy in the language of physicians called chloasma pregnant. Perpetrators of the appearance of pigment spots - progesterone and estrogen. Most often appear on the face chloasma and are more prone to them brunettes. Large amounts of ultraviolet radiation increases the risk of disease. It is believed that a lack of folic acid also contributes to the emergence of chloasma.

    There are various methods of treatment andprevention of age spots in pregnant women. It is important to remember that as soon as your baby is born, chloasma disappear by themselves. Lightening spots using special drugs rarely lead to positive results. Remember that during pregnancy and after childbirth have to carefully choose the bleaching creams to remove age spots. Some of them contain harmful substances that can cause harm to the fetus or affect the quality of milk. You can wipe the stain with a weak solution perhydrol (3% solution of hydrogen peroxide), salicylic alcohol use bleaching creams with herbal extracts. During pregnancy, it is better not to bleach stains, and mask harmless decorative means - for example zaretushiruyte their creams. Be sure to use special equipment with a UV filter. Diversify the menu foods rich in folic acid: bread products with bran, salad, spinach, citrus, drink multivitamins, in composition of which there is folic acid.

    Sunbathing with greatcaution. During periods of high solar activity, try not to be in the sun. Once again the benefits of sunscreen lotions. Pick them based on individual characteristics. To avoid overheating, it is possible, wearing a hat covering the person. Try to drink more, better clean water without gas. After tanning lubricate the face and body moisturizer.

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