Prevention of stretch marks during pregnancy


  • Pregnancy and stretching

    Pregnancy and stretching

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    Any woman, on your body, probably there are several stretch marks. Stretch marks -
    Normal part of the life of a woman, their appearance accompanies the period of sex
    maturation, physiological growth bursts when the pressure on the skin exceeds it
    tolerance and pregnancy. But if you are willing to say stretching decisive
    «No!», then you need to know about the ways of preventing stretch marks during
    pregnancy or other periods of sharp weight fluctuations.

    says saying, it is easier to warn you than cured. This pearl of folk wisdom
    You can successfully apply and in the case when it comes to prevention
    Stretch. As you, probably, it is known to eliminate stretch marks - the process of not easy
    and may take several months, and the result of treatment is not always
    satisfactory. There are effective creams and lotions for treatment
    stretch marks that are quite well coped with «Repair» Damaged skin,
    but they are not suiced, and they need to use them for a long time
    of time.

    If you do not want to worry about the treatment of stretch marks after pregnancy, take advantage
    The following useful tips. Chances to avoid further skin damage and
    The formation of scars will grow significantly, and already existing stretch marks will be less

    Make a skin care program. First
    Stage Preventing Stretching - Regular Skin Care. Not necessary
    sophisticated and make a deliberately impossible program that you are unlikely
    Will adhere to. Simple plan that you can easily perform each
    day will be much more efficient than a program including a number of complex
    procedures that you most likely will be carried out irregularly that hardly
    Provide the desired result.

    Prevention of stretch marks during pregnancyLimit the gain in weight. Although
    Prescription in weight during pregnancy is natural, it is very important
    Control the pace of this process. Remember that the skin has a natural
    tendency to stretch without damage to the skin. However, a sharp change in weight
    may result in skin coloring, which causes the formation of red-bluish
    scarov known as stretching. Therefore, it is so important to monitor weight gain
    during pregnancy and strive to limit it as much as possible.

    Do not forget about skin moisturizing. Sufficient
    Moisturizing the skin during pregnancy is a key element of any program
    Skin move. Since during pregnancy, the load on the skin of the belly increases,
    hips and buttocks, skin becomes more sensitive. Pregnant woman can
    Testing the sensation of itching and pressure, which indicates skin stretching. Exactly at
    This case, the use of high-quality cream or lotion to eliminate stretch marks
    can not only reduce some of these symptoms, but also improve
    Elasticity of skin.

    Massion Skin. TO
    regret, about massage often forget, and he can actually help in
    Preventing the formation of stretch marks. A small brush or massage glove slightly
    massage the skin of problem areas, t.E. on the stomach and hips. Massage improves blood circulation
    and stimulates blood flow to the skin, which helps to strengthen the skin fabric.

    Navigate to rational food and
    Take vitamins
    all efforts to preserve and even improve health during pregnancy
    -Positive changes will not wait to wait. First, and this is the most important, rational
    Food promotes the development of a strong and healthy child. Secondly, helps
    the body is to confront the stress that he is exposed during and after
    Pregnancy. The health of the body is both skin health. Balanced diet,
    enriched with vitamins and minerals appointed by the doctor will help preserve health
    and radiance skin.

    Regular fulfillment of these five useful skin care tips will help
    Prevent the formation of stretch marks during pregnancy. Obviously no one
    can not give you an absolute guarantee due to differences in the types and skin status, but
    The program of regular skin care will definitely help increase chances of
    victory in the fight with stretch marks. So, do not be afraid to pamper yourself, you

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