What is eczema?


  • Eczema affects personal relationships and family life
  • Eczema affect career development
  • Statistics
  • Effects of stress
  • What can be done?

    Eczema affects personal relationships and family life

    What is eczema?Symptoms of eczema include dryness, skin inflammation and intense itching.

    Many people who are not suffering from eczema, areit as a simple rash, but for millions of people eczema - a chronic disease, which prevents a full life. Sometimes eczema symptoms can be so mild that apparently nothing much. Often, however, the disease is severe to the point that interferes with sleep, go to work and do the usual chores

    • Eczema affects the family members and relatives;
    • Eczema affects the relationship with the sexual partner;
    • 43% of people suffering from eczema, painfully react to touch and shy of his body;
    • 85% - shy of her appearance;
    • Over the many teenagers who suffer from eczema, bullied because of their appearance;
    • Some people who suffer from eczema, the disease interferes with making friends.
    • Eczema affect career development

      • During the year, patients are forced to take sick leave because of the eczema on average, 2.5 days;
      • For every sixth adult patient's eczema was an obstacle for the development of their careers;
      • Every tenth adult patient feels that it is subjected to discrimination in the workplace;
      • 36% of patients over 14 years believed that eczema affects the concentration of their attention.

      Eczema is not contagious - it can not be transmitted fromperson to person. Many young people suffering from eczema, embarrassed look of their skin, constant itching and continuous, sometimes involuntary scratching. It is obvious that eczema is not posing a threat to life, of course, significantly affect its quality.


      Eczema (atopic dermatitis) - severea problem for millions of people, and the problem is not only physiological, but also psychological. As a rule, patients with eczema feel a sense of embarrassment and anxiety, lose confidence, suffer from low self-esteem, social isolation, marked sleep disturbances. For example, they force themselves to abandon the usual activities - for example, playing sports or participating in social activities.

      Here are some statistics:

      • 73% of adults suffering from eczema, worried about his appearance.
      • In acute illness 86% of patients avoided their usual occupations.
      • 51% of patients feel unhappy or depressed because of his illness.
      • The prospect of corticosteroid treatment are concerned 76% of patients.

      Effects of stress

      What is eczema?An important factor that provokes aggravation of eczema,It is stress. It adversely affects the nervous system, immune defense, hormonal regulation, and many other functions. However stressful wait for a man at every step, and one of the most important tasks of eczema - to try to fence themselves from such situations. This is - the key to success in treating your condition.

      Doctors recommend to arrange your life soto the inevitable periods in our time of stress interspersed with periods of relative calm life, and negative emotions were replaced necessarily positive.

      What can be done?

      • Choose a more peaceful route to work.
      • Try to choose a more relaxing activity.
      • Learn to control your emotional state.
      • Ask family members to help you around the house.
      • Try to avoid conflict situations.
      • Try to keep a diary.
      • You are not alone - try to find support and understanding for people with similar problems. For example, take part in the activities of communities of people suffering from eczema.

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