What she wants: the rules of healthy skin without imperfections


What she wants: the rules of healthy skin without imperfectionsIs it possible — Beautiful skin from nature? Smooth, silky, shining and at the same time not brilliant... Sometimes each of us thinks that he does not hinder the perfect color of the face or soft skin of the hands, but many believe that this can be achieved only in two ways — Unlimited subscription for cosmetologist services or serious processing in Photoshop.

And here is not. In fact, of course, some disadvantages can be corrected only with professional help, but many problems are easily solved on their own. The main thing here — Constancy and complexity. Your skin — So the exact mechanism that she needs care is no less regular than the aircraft before the flight. Fortunately, to provide it, in contrast to the aircraft, maybe absolutely each. We offer 5 simple steps to help you come to a beautiful skin.

one. Cleansing and exfoliation

The first stage of any cosmetic care — Of course cleansing. For this, it is important to choose products that, on the one hand, well remove dust particles and fat from the surface of the skin, and on the other — Do not overcame it. The usual soap and gels for the soul often act too aggressively, leaving the skin with a shy, that's why it is better to immediately use soft tools — Bath oils or, for example, special foams. Well, do not forget about removing dead skin cells on time, — Together with dust they seriously worsen the complexion and the general condition of the skin. Scrub — Including, for example, coffee or oatmeal — It is possible to do at home by adding your favorite aromatic oil.

2. Moisturizing and nutrition

The skin is not enough that you use delicate cleansing agents. She necessarily requires additional moisturizing and nutritious. Do not neglect them after the shower and washing — The feeling of the depths will pass, and the skin will immediately become softer. It is also perfectly suitable oil — for example, natural coconut.

3. Protection against scars

What she wants: the rules of healthy skin without imperfectionsIt is believed that scars decorate a man. What will not come up with to console a person! Decoration of skin scars can only be called with a large stretch — Therefore, it is better to prevent their appearance at all.

If you were hurt or, for example, survived the operation, an excellent solution to prevent scar formation — These are funds based on silicone, such as gamma «Dermatik». It includes a transparent gel for small damage, for example, on the face, a transparent bandage for slightly large scars on the open parts of the body and the bandage on a tissue basis for large zones of damaged skin, which are under clothing.

The magical properties of silicone allow you to avoid increased moisture content from the surface of damaged skin, and the protection they provide allows you to restore the fabric without growing. That's why funds «Dermatik» Recommended for use immediately after wound healing. Next, the application scheme is simple: when using the dressings you need to wear them constantly with a break only to rinse them once a day, and put the gel twice a day if you choose on it. Within two months after the start of such silicone therapy, the scar is usually significantly reduced — At the same time you can continue to keep your usual way of life.

4. Sun protection

What she wants: the rules of healthy skin without imperfectionsRegardless of whether there is a scar on your skin or not, it needs constant protection against solar exposure. Yes, not only if you go south, but even in the city. Moreover, even in winter — due to reflected light. By the way, being indoors, you may notice that the side of the face turned to the window will become older, and therefore protection is required for those who do not like to be in air.

Depending on the amount of radiation, choose options with a protection factor from 15 to 50. All that is marked with SPF 100 symbol, most often has nothing to do with powerful protection. According to research, the effectiveness of the SPF 50 and 100 funds, if it differs, it is very slightly.

By the way, truly severe solar radiation penetrates even through clothes — so it's best to apply cream to the whole body.

five. Protection against inflammation

Finally, the real beach of adolescents, who sometimes makes itself felt in adulthood, — inflammation, not only on face, but also on the back, hips, chest... Here is the best answer — Dish. This is the only case when it is justified and really helps. Zinc-based or, let's say, tea tree perfectly coped with this task. Even if you think that no one will see the pimple on the shoulder, it is better to treat it with a drying and disinfecting drug. Without it, you will feel more confident!

What she wants: the rules of healthy skin without imperfections

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